My ‘internet fast’

If you are an internet addict either due to your work or otherwise and feel that you can’t live without the same, what will happen if there is internet blackout? It may seem to be impossible today due to so many ways to get connected. In an era when the virtual world is the only reality and the real world got intertwined with the virtual world in such a way that it is almost impossible to separate the two, I decided to go on a unique fast. I called it – the internet fast.

I have abstained myself from using internet from any device for around 15 days just to find out how will one feel in such a scenario. My only idea was to reduce my internet usage in the long run as I was only wasting a lot of time on internet rather than using the same in other productive ways.

So if you are one addict and suddenly do not get internet connection for some reason, you may experience the following –

  1. You will realize how BIG a day really is, as it will be very difficult for me to pass each day.
  2. You will realize that writing on your wall may not be cool always (especially when you live in a rented apartment)
  3. You will know that you need handwriting training from children around you when you try to write diary instead of a blog.
  4. You will also know how many pens you have actually do not write any more.
  5. You may discover some of your hidden talents. (my cooking just got better J)
  6. You may discover that your neighbor’s wife is not only beautiful but cooks well too. 😉
  7. Beware! When you get to know about pt. 6 above, you may also discover that your neighbor is a martial arts expert. 😉
  8. You will discover that the sunset viewed from your apartment rooftop is more beautiful than those photos uploaded by your photographer friends. You will realize that the natural camera (eyes) is better compared to any man made machine.
  9. You will realize that the Saas-Bahu serials are not so bad after all. They have great capability of bringing out fun from extremely serious topics.
  10. You will have more respect for the people who are glued to the idiot box (TV) throughout the day as you will find value in those serials now.
  11. You will realize that some people do spend quality time in making these serials and make a living out of these. Don’t be surprised if you find alternate career opportunities, too. J
  12. You will realize that you used to be glued to the modern idiot box – the computer.
  13. You will discover that you have many unknown contacts in your mobile as you start going through your contact list and try calling them. You may not even remember why some of them are there.
  14. You will have more reasons to sleep for longer hours every day.
  15. The world will seem much bigger than it were in your internet days. You will realize you are actually not as big as you used to think in your virtual days.
  16. The printed physical books will be your new bed partners. You will realize that you have really good collection of books with you, but internet didn’t allow you to redeem their true value so far.
  17. You may realize that your home needs your attention too. You may end up cleaning a lot of things.