Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth

Human being and the Universe

Nature is a fantastic milieu of animal and other living creatures where the balance is always maintained by the eco system. Green plants and animals are bound by these unseen eco forces in a fantastic relation where both depend on each other to survive. This is the same relation that helped the animal kingdom fight all odds and survive for ages.


Darwin’s theory ‘Survival of the Fittest’ takes us back to the stone-age where the human species started a never ending process of learning how to survive the brute forces of nature. Human brain found out ways to surpass all challenges that the nature had for them, because, if the nature has thrown challenges to them, it has also given them solutions in different forms. This is how we have learnt the magical powers of plants and vegetation around us in curing dreaded diseases, one of the most threatening challenges to our survival. So if we take nature along with us we will have easy survival.


India had been a pioneer in extracting the natural wonders out of the leaves and plants around us and our Himalayas has given us plenty of those Ayurvedic wonders. We find the same in Ramayana, where Shri Hanuman had to bring whole of Gandhomadan to get the right herb to revive Lakshman.


The concept of Ayurveda

The concept of Ayurveda (‘Ayur’ = Life and ‘Veda’ = knowledge) is older than even Vedas and Upanishads. Ayurveda considers every Human being as a microcosm and every living and non living beings in universe comprises of five elements called Pancha Bhutas. After our death we all get mingled in these Pancha Bhutas. Anno or food is considered as the cause of all our ailments and also health. Hence, Ayurveda focuses on integrating the body, mind and spirit rather than focusing on any symptom of ailment and promotes overall wellness. So, Ayurvedic herbs, metals, massages and other products are used to promote wellness or cleansing of body and mind and restoring the balance between the human body and the Universe.

Common Benefits of Ayurveda

Since Ayurveda is a naturotherapy this uses the nature to cure us and hence does not have any side effects or ill effects. Since nature is the source of all proteins, vitamins and all other mineral resources required for development of our body, mind and soul, Ayurveda helps us get cured holistically.

Since these natural resources help us grow, ayurvedic treatment helps us grow in all aspects and no wonder why it improves our natural appetite. Once our appetite improves we consume more food and hence get more growth.

Since this treatment compliments our body system with the nature and works on detoxification of mind, body and soul, it is harmless and anti toxin.

Children and Ayurveda    

Children are the most coveted gifts to any parent and hence any parent would like to take utmost care to their own children. Every parent wants their child safe and secured in their personal life and wants them to grow in sound health and be in good health all through their life.

For proper growth and healthy and strong body every child needs proper nutrition. Nutrition can come through food in most of the times but there are certain types of nutrition that comes through other natural processes. Like intake of vitamin D or other minerals through skin or cleansing of body and mind from toxins through Ayurvedic massages.

Even though our internal system decides the overall well being of our body, our skin and eyes reflect what is going on inside our body. These are considered as mirrors to our body. Since Ayurveda considers overall well being and detoxification of our body and soul to ensure overall well being, apart from intake of Ayurvedic medicines, massages with Ayurvedic oils prove to be best for children in detoxification and intake of certain minerals and vitamins. All these are needed for proper growth of a child’s brain and bone strength.

A massage by an Ayrvedic oil like Dabur Lal Tail helps in a child’s growth as the oil massage improves blood circulation and bone strength. Also a thorough massage can improves sleeping patterns in children and adults alike. Presence of items like Ratanjyot helps protect skin infection as well.

These are natural growth factors and treatment that give a child necessary nutrition without any side effect. In earlier days mothers used the method of massaging with mustard or til or reri oil and used to keep the baby in sun for required vitamin D intake through sunlight. However, that practice is prohibited today due to the possibility of harmful ultraviolet rays harming the child. Availability of proper Ayurvedic massage oil that can give all the advantages without any ill effect if surely a boon for all parents. Once we have happy children, we will not only see their improved personal life but also an improved social life.


Children and Synthetic Products

Apart from ayurvedic massage children do need other things to use, for instance, shampoo, body lotion or shoes to wear. This is the market where we need processed products that will be free from artificial preservatives, synthetics, colorings, artificial fragrances etc. This is another growing market where traditional Ayurvedic knowledge can bring in wonders and this market is still to be explored completely in India.

There is a saying that ‘Morning shows the day’. When we provide the right growth factors at the initial days, coupled with nature,

Traditional Knowledge

we will be able to ensure complete nourishment and growth to our children and will have happy homes all around us.



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