Creating Immune India

Creating a stronger, healthier and more immune India is not an easy task. It requires a lot of brainstorming and path breaking strategies to implement before we can even think of a naturally strong and healthy nation. Even though it is true that we need a stronger young generation to build a stronger nation but to give birth of a stronger and more immune babies we need more immune parents (good genes) to help create those babies. So to have an immune India we need to have widespread health awareness among all Indian citizens.

For any activity in a country like India that reels under so much superstition achieving anything is a Herculean task. We need to have long term goals and try all different avenues to bring in healthy habits to the citizens.

Health and immunity

Nature is a great leveler. It created living and non living things for a purpose. Our eco-system maintains the equilibrium of natural existence and it is the nature that provides us with the solution to all our problems. However, it is the human beings that is continuously breaking the natural norms and equilibrium and creating danger for all other living creatures.

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Ancient Indian yogis have found out the natural secrets of survival in the practice of Ayurveda. Today the same techniques are shown by prominent international broadcasting channels as ‘Survival Strategies”. The trained daredevils who are mostly trainers of some national army go to any odd and difficult terrains in the world and show the viewers the tricks to survive the adverse forces of nature with the help of nature itself. This is nothing but that traditional knowledge that our yogis have provided over ages. To create a healthy and immune India we need to revive those best practices that our yogis have taught for years to survive even in most difficult conditions. 

Ayurveda tells us about integrating body, mind and spirit rather than focusing on individual ailments and win over nature. Knowledge of yoga teaches us to control our mind and body in adverse conditions.


However, in this era of open economy where multinationals with deep pockets are vying for consumer mind always, it is difficult to make a considerable dent in the mind of the masses. So getting mass attention for a niche sector like Ayurveda with limited budget is extremely difficult. So to promote good healthy practices in India that is core to creation of an immune India, we need to explore different avenues in innovative ways to reach the masses.

Sports, Consumerism and Health

Jagadhhatri Puja 2013_86

Different sporting events are biggest awareness creators in India. If any sports legend endorses a product the sale of that product increases manifold among the fan followers. However, no endorsement ever comes free of cost. But small budget Ayurveda industry can not sustain this publicity. Hence we need to bring in practices that their coaches adopt and guide them to remain fit in their daily life. Good habits, food habits, daily routine etc. Even though the sports-persons are celebrities, their coaches are not that famous. But every Indian who worship these sports-persons and want to be like them will definitely follow the good practices once they know what these sporting legends do. (Remember that ad with Sachin Tendulkar promoting eating egg everyday to be strong?)

There are simple vegetable juices or herbs that can provide more strength and stamina to them or keep them free of toxins. If these are brought in front of these fans those who want to be like their superheroes will follow suit.

Health through spirituality

Immune India 7

Religion and religious festivals are another two methods of spreading the awareness among Indians. Due to our superstitious nature many Indians follow different religious rituals and listen to what these religious gurus speak. Our festivals, where a lot of people assemble are another great method of propagating awareness and creating good habits. These are two avenues that are not that costly and these avenues need to be adopted to spread good healthy practices. Events like Durga Puja and various other pujas in Kolkata that attract huge crowd can be a good booster for these best practices. In an era of theme puja, the puja organizers look for interesting themes to celebrate and this is the easiest and cheapest method to make anything popular.

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Politics and politicians for health

Immune India 8

Apart from sports and religion, Indians are also moved by politicians and their political agendas. Different social groups have capability to move politicians and form their strategies. Already we have seen how the ‘sons of the soil’ theorists have gained popularity and gained ground in different states. These are the forces that can be used to create and form popular political agendas following Indian traditions and with a motive to promote Indianness.

Movies: the new religion, Actors: the new gods

For many Indians movies are religion and actors and superstars are the gods. These actors are not less than any athletes either. In today’s highly competitive movie industry actors too need to keep them fit and desirable to the masses. They do undergo yoga trainings or take herbal treatment free of any side effect. This is another media that appeals to the masses easily and effectively. To make any sizeable impact on the citizens we need to use movies and movie stars as well.

But this does come with a huge price tag. But creating a documentary may not be that costly. This documentary may be played during intervals. Celebrity endorsement or highlighting their life behind the reels is another method of sharing good practices.

Creating Brand India through traditions

Another popular method is to create brand India through this traditional knowledge and create worldwide popularity of this knowledge. Once we create global brands, this consumerist world is bound to accept these best practices. This will also help formulating different strategies to promote this industry.

Reaching one billion – not easy

Image_38  Immune India 6

India’s vast landscape and more than a billion populations is a major deterrent for making any activity reach all its citizens. Even if we can reach 70-80% of population in this way that can serve our purpose. Rest we need to depend on this educated population to spread through their word of mouth.

In short, it is not easy to create an Immune India. There is a lot of coordination needed in different fields. A lot of strategies need to be formed before we achieve a completely immune India but these strategies may help us reaching the masses but will never help in achieving the target of getting immune India.

The main problem being the reach of these products and also time to follow best practices like perform yoga on daily basis. Moreover, any such practice will need expert guidance for best results. Hence even though we can reach the masses they may not be able to follow these.

Creating immune India

Immune India 4

So we see that even if we break the hurdles of reaching one billion we will not be able to make them follow these practices due to many reasons. Most critical one is time constraint. In today’s difficult time, every individual is hard pressed for time and hence they will find it difficult to follow any practice unless they get some useful healthy habit for no loss of time. Health drinks and power tablets are solution for that. However, these come with side effects and may not be recommended for all.

The solution lies in products with no side effect and products that help achieve improved immune system with no time wastage. Dabur Chyawanprash is an easy solution for the same. Made from Ayurvedic herbs, this comes in various tasty flavors, and is a favorite for the children. This kind of products and awareness about their easy use will create an immune India. This will ensure that we have industrial growth and development keeping our world in mind. When that happens, we will grow healthy and strong as a nation.

Immune India 5


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