A non drinker’s experience with Bacardi Breezer

As a non drinker my knowledge of hard drinks is limited. My idea of an alcoholic beverage is when after a drink I feel my backyard is –

Ramoji 51

and my wife looks like –

Ramoji 35

Or when the animals around turns –

Ramoji 38

My dining table  –

Ramoji 26

When the trees in my backyard becomes –

Ramoji 64


Ramoji 66

and I become the happiest man in world-


I walk freely in air

Jagadhhatri Puja 2013_84

and feel like, I am in –

Ramoji 19

Come let me share my experience with my first alcoholic beverage Bacardi Breezer..

Ramoji 12

First, I had to choose the flavor from the six choices company is providing. I could choose three after a lot of deliberation based on my personal preference.  My choices were – Vibrant Blackberry Crush, Enchanting Cranberry and Delicious Orange.


To examine the best flavor out of the three and find out my choice is, I have tasted them in different conditions.

While reading English thrillers and novels –


With sweet romantic and patriotic Bengali poems –

Bacardi 4

Both of the above, added with different flavors of music

Bacardi 3

and while working on computers.

Bacardi 1

Apart from checking the flavor with different types of works of art, I have checked these with different tastes of side dishes, like I normally would like to do when I am free.

First I tried these flavors with and without Cashew nuts and a favorite Bengali snack chanachur


and then with spicy hot pop corn

Bacardi 9

..and categorically noted my experience under all different conditions-

Bacardi 8

Noted and re-validated each note a second time and given weighted average score to each flavor to check with flavor goes well with my mood and taste bud –

Bacardi 7

….and finally the test ended after three days of packed action-

Bacardi 10

My heart and soul goes to the orange flavor. Even though all three flavors are awesome, the orange flavor and its sparkling rejuvenating taste creates a special thrill within me. This feeling enhances when I am listening to some romantic music or reading  romantic poems. Blackberry crush however goes well when I had very spicy murder mysteries or some hot side dish like chanachur.

But my normal daily activity of blogging, net surfing or reading regular novels is complimented well with Orange flavor. This flavor gives me all round experience that could think of when I thought of hard drinks. The flavor that reminds me of freshness and creates new inspiration for me to create something new. Hence the Orange flavor wins –



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