Take a chill pill with Lenovo Yoga Tablet

I am an Engineer!

Because, there are plenty of Engineers nowadays I don’t call me an Engineer any more. I call myself an innovator, whose passion is innovation.

I have normal tablet PC that is good for some basic gaming experience with lot of limitations. I have always wondered how to get best tablet experience of a costly tablet with very nominal price. Well my Engineering brain came to my rescue.

Instead of going for a costlier tablet I have decided to modify my existing tablet with my innovative skills. So I decided to develop a prototype first.

I had my sleek computer monitor that came handy. I have decided to test the same under different conditions and check how my new idea will work in practice.

So I checked the monitor at diff angles and tested the resolution and effects on my eyes –

Tablet 1 Tablet 2 Tablet 3

Perfect!! This is what I was looking for. My innovation can bring in a new revolution. I patted my back.

The idea is nothing but to fit a stand like the computer monitor has in a tab –

Tablet 4

I thought of getting sleek legs for my tablet if this Design of Experiment is successful.

So, I have taken my new prototype to use in my dining area –

Tablet 5

Perfect!! This gives a sturdy stand and stands well on my glass dining table. This can also fit between two chairs when the family is taking dinner. There is enough space for water bottles and other food and beverages to be served.

Tablet 6

I checked it in my kitchen too. After all I may have to check some recipes ebook while cooking.

Tablet 7

The stand and the monitor fits on my kitchen floor well too. If the tab is smaller, it will definitely be wow. I patted my own back for saving so much money from buying an expensive tab and for thinking something innovative.

Lastly it was time to check on my bed. Many a times I want to chat with my friends while relaxing on my bed. So this is very important.

Tablet 8

This goes well with my pillows. I get an additional space to keep my neck. rather it would be neck rest while I chat with my friends. Looks like my innovation is successful. 🙂

I bring the monitor back to my study desk to check the final prototype and how it works on my study table with my books and a whole lot of other stuff being around..

I was just checking the same and about to conclude of using the prototype, then –


Tablet 9

The legs could not withstand the experimentation. The monitor toppled over its leg and splashed everything around. Luckily my water bottle was not open. It didn’t spill water but surely spilled the beans of my creative mind.

Probably I needed to think more on how to make it sleeker and effective. Till then I decided to use what is available in market. Looked like Lenovo has already thought about our need of using the tablet in different postures and created a Yoga Tablet.

I decided to take a chill pill and use Lenovo pill (tablet) instead –

Tablet 10


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