I am the Santa


Image from internet

He is my child and he is the soul!

Securing his future is my only goal!!

(Today) I don’t live for myself, I live for him!

Praying for him always, even in my dream!!

It’s not easy to plan out a future!

Especially when he is just beginning his life’s venture!!

He’s learning to speak and his primary lessons!

Time for me to select only the best options!!

Language is the key as he learns to speak!

I will make sure he masters the basics!!

A good language training as a gift for him to start!

Will improve his communication and will make him smart!!

Physical Health is the key to one’s success!

Need good stamina and ability to withstand stress!!

Enrollment in outdoor games and physical training!

Will complement his education and complete his learning!!

In today’s age we are  flooded with information!

We need to ensure their good assimilation!!

Gift of Infotainment / Kids channel will make his learning fun!

Will create a strong foundation and enable him to run (the race of life)!!

Learning becomes complete with each and every travel!

Co relation of books and real life happens at all level!!

Gifting holiday packages will add to his fun!

It will develop knowledge even on the run!!

A good tablet PC will be my last special gift!

Networking / learning while travel to make the paradigm shift!!

Networking / information / entertainment all the time!

That is how I will give him the benefits of this time!!

Today kids are intelligent and are born very smart!

Raising a kid and securing future has become an art!!

This art is indeed very tough!

Parents need training without being rough!!

My child will have a golden future and an exceptional life!

We will make it brighter, me and my wife!!



Recharge my hair – Recharge my life

I am a techie.

To be specific I am a manager in an IT firm.

To be more specific, I need to handle clients and handle senior management staff as well.

Those who think this is cool enough need to know the painful part of it.

I need to maintain myself properly all along I am in office.

People in white color job have this great challenge to keep themselves presentable all the time specially those who are in customer facing roles. I am lucky I am not in hotel industry though. ;P

My life and job is otherwise cool as thought by others around me except the road to it. Since I could never stand on the road to take a snap of the same, I have collected this image from internet to find a nearest match for my road to office.

Hair 1

Well you can imagine some more shops and people in it to just come to a nearly perfect image of the road I need to travel everyday to reach my office.

This is the only dissatisfaction I have in my work and this is not related to my boss, responsibilities or even office politics at all. Well, you can say this is somewhat related to my salary as I could have traveled in a car instead of my bike to evade this dust but well I hope that day comes soon.

It is purely a matter of govt. and maintenance of roads but this road can damage my career for good and this is the sole reason I am scared.

For maintaining my clothes, I always keep an extra pair of clothes with me and change after I reach office and hence my clothes are not a problem for me. But the problem is something else.

My hair.


I wish I could sport a bald look to save myself from this crisis as like one of my friends. He not only looks smart but he is very famous among the girls too. ;P –

Hair 4

But unfortunately for Bengalis, bald head means someone’s death in the family and hence I can’t have that look. L

So I have no option but to keep my hair and to look good and presentable – I need to keep some good amount of it.

….and with journey back home my hair becomes dull and dead when I reach home at night. Obviously my wife does not like it. I look completely like a daily wage laborer. This takes a complete toll on my personal life as well.

So, for me recharging my hair becomes very important every day, to save my career and my personal life as well. Both these components complete my life without which my life has no meaning.

The Strings of Life

Hair 2

                                           I am fast losing my hair,

I am f***ing growing old!

                                           I wish I could take care

                    ..and save myself from being bald!!

                                          Aging is a process so natural

yet we all hate the obvious!

                                          As if we have the right to be immortal

..and defy the natural process!!

                                         We probably can’t stop aging

              …and can’t stop the hair from falling!

                                         But we can do a lot managing

                                  how we age gracefully and still be appealing!!

                                          With my face controlling my charm

                           and hair being integrated into the same!

                                         I feel that there is no harm

                            in trying to be young and win the game!!

                                         With little bit of care to protect those strings

                    I wish I could give a new life to them!

                                         All for the beautiful life that brings

            a cheerful and everlasting fame!!


Social Mobile Apps For Voters

Media has now become global and social too!

(Now) we can do whatever we wish to do!!

Thanks to the media now everything is easy!

Today social mobile apps keep ourselves busy!!

Internet, smartphones and growing number of apps!

Keep us connected and bridge all the gaps!!

This is what comes to us as a technology boon!

We’ll motivate the voters in the election coming soon!!

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype and Google Plus!

WhatsApp or WeChat are all of high class!!

We can reach thousands and then millions!

Network and reach out to strangers and become friends!!

Each in the group shares their idea of voting!

While we bring political leaders in online meetings!!

All share videos and blogs on why they would vote!

Prizes are given from most famous quotes!!

Conference, Chatting and online competition!

Keeps all engaged and increases motivation!!

On the D’-Day of voting after people cast their votes!

Tweet their experience of casting the ballot!!

Every hour most interesting tweets win fabulous gifts!

This is how mobile apps can bring in paradigm shift!!


Social Mobile Apps: A new way to mobilize voters

Social Mobile Apps 2Ever since I have thought of using social mobile apps to mobilize and inspire voters to cast their votes for 2014 general election, I have been scratching my head. There are unlimited mobile apps used for social networking and this can be through anything. Even apps offering foodie information or blood donor details do connect people and can be construed as social mobile app.

For the purpose of this post I have considered only a few apps that can be used to mobilize India’s youth. We need to keep the following constraints in mind –

  1. We can only reach those voters through social media app who own a smartphone, and
  2. The reach will further narrow down when we consider people who use social apps. Because not all smartphone users use these apps.
  3. Since this is related to voting, we will also need to consider only the people who are more than or equal to 18 years of age.

According to this report (http://wearesocial.net/blog/2013/03/nielsens-mobile-consumer-report/) in India 81% population owns a mobile and out of these users only 10% own a smartphone. Out of the smartphone users only 29% use social networking on their smartphones. Now, if we consider voters (> 18 years of age who own a smartphone) we will know that the number will be miniscule.

Since the target is to mobilize India’s youth for voting, we understand that if we stick to the social mobile apps in the conventional way we will end up in reaching a very few of the intended audience. So we need to think of innovative ways to mobilize youth using these apps so that the message reaches the intended audience.

According to this report 97% Indian internet users use Facebook.

Social Mobile Apps 3

Hence, from this trend we need to include top two social networking apps

  1. Facebook (or FB Messenger)
  2. Google Hangout
  3. Twitter

We will not include LinkedIn as this is mainly for professional networking.

We will then include the following apps –

  1. Skype
  2. You Tube
  3. WhatsApp
  4. WeChat

The above six apps will serve the purpose of being “mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive” to reach the intended audience using innovative campaign.

Note – even though the last two applications are similar in working, we need to include both of them as majority of Indian users are divided between these two applications.

The campaign design

FB Community Page

The very basic start for this campaign would be to create a FB page for the same where the FB users can like and be a member. All these users will be able to see all updates on the page and also will be able to comment on each post and share on their personal networks, thus creating a snowball effect.

Celebs Speak

Rope in celebrities from different walks in life and let them talk about importance of casting one’s vote or to give their message on voting. This will definitely have an impact among India’s youth and the fan following.

All these messages and videos will be uploaded on the specific You Tube channel created only for this purpose and also these will be uploaded on the FB page for fan following and sharing.

F2F with Political Leaders Through Skype Conferencing

Political leaders from various political parties will be called for F2F interviews with the voters through moderated Skype conferencing. This will help voters to get their queries clarified about the reason to vote for them or their specific agenda.

All these videos will be uploaded on You Tube channel.

For this purpose, we need to setup Skype kiosks at different cities so that ordinary people can participate –

Social Mobile Apps 4

Social Mobile Apps 5

This campaign should create enough excitement and give voters reason to cast their votes for their preferred candidates.

Conference Using WhatsApp or WeChat

These conferences may be used to update and communicate within close groups only to propagate important messages about the main campaign.

These close group chats will also ensure keeping the excitement alive.

Contests to engage the voters

We will design innovative contests like this to keep the voters engaged –

Social Mobile Apps 1

Design innovative icons on voting

Or may be a blogging contest where the voters write short posts about why they want to vote with exciting prizes for the best reasons given or stories written.

All through the election days we will run twitter contest for best tweets on this occasion using a specific hashtag.

Campaign for the D-Day

On the Election Day in different constituencies the voters who cast their votes, come out and send their message to others who are yet to cast their vote on twitter using a specific hashtag.

A few best messages win surprise gifts.

So this is how I will use different mobile social apps to motivate and mobilize voters to cast vote and also to ensure that they actually cast their vote.

*Images from Internet

Playing Santa to my child

I am very clear about how to plan my child’s future and already articulated earlier.

Now if I am asked to choose five gifts for my four year old child so that those gifts help him in building his future, I would like to choose the following –

1. Lifetime subscription to some physical training classes

Health is the primary requirement for any child to succeed. No weak and sick person can be successful. Hence prime requirement for anyone to be successful is health and that needs to be a daily habit. It can only become a habit when it is practiced early. So it is important for me to start this good habit early. No matter what he becomes in future, this habit will take him miles.

2. Travel packages to places of interests

World is a stage to learn and learning can also be fun. Travel is one such activity that makes learning more fun and there is no specific thing to learn. When we travel to any place before our travel we do a lot of research online to get the knowledge. Then we travel there to experience their culture, cuisine, language, festivals and what not. When we come back with that memory we share our knowledge and experience through our blogs thus develops good writing habit too. Altogether, traveling is a great learning experience in itself. It becomes even more fruitful when we travel to historic places of interest. That generates interest in kids and helps them learn more effectively what they read in their textbooks.

3. Enrollment in Language classes

Not only English, Hindi and the mother tongue but to be a successful person one needs to be good in different languages. Childhood is the best time to learn new languages. I will start with making him learn Hindi and English well till at least age 10 and then teach some other Indian and foreign languages.

Today, we work in cross cultural environment where people from any country / location may work with us. This helps us in future in mingling with our coworkers and understand their culture and be an effective team player, the most important parameter for any successful person.

4. A good tablet PC

Our present life is nothing if we don’t have a net life. Internet can be a great learning experience in itself and a child with access to e-books and different online learning portals can do wonders in personal life. This needs to be mixed with fun of gaming and other forms of entertainment that is not possible without internet. Tablet will ensure that the kid gets internet on the go and have access to great e-books and online portals may be even when he is traveling.

5. Subscription to some good kids / infotainment channels

Television is not only entertainment but there are many channels that are used as infotainment channels today. These channels can shape a child’s future as these bring in whole lot of information at doorstep almost at almost negligible cost. Also these deliver programs of international standards and hence create value for a child’s life which is otherwise very difficult to deliver.

I don’t want my kid to do anything to stand first in his class or have any special preparation for that. I understand the race for life is much longer than on year and much wider than the span of his class. He needs perseverance rather than haste. These five unique gifts will create a strong enough base for him so that he can build his future on that base. These will ensure his fun filled childhood and a secure future too. These will eventually take him to a great height in his life.

My day with a tablet

I have already shown why it is important for me to have a tablet with its legs, legs to stand, legs to sit and legs to lean back.

My everyday life is not complete without these things –

  1. My online activities (blogging, chatting, networking etc)
  2. My reading
  3. My cooking (I am a cooking freak)
  4. My eating
  5. Working and
  6. Relaxing

And for all these activities I would like to have my hands free most of the time. So I have already shown in my previous article how in different of my daily jobs the tablet will be used.

The following properties are very important for me in a tablet so that I can do all the above jobs efficiently –

1. Design

A sleek design and a big display screen are required. Sleek design is to show that I am trendy and also to make sure that the tablet fits all places that I intend to use it. For instance in kitchen while cooking some new dish I may need to talk to my mom, now if the tablet is not sleek it will not fit in the small cooking area or on my dining table. Also a good grip is very essential for me coupled with light weight so that I can read e-books or my draft blogs after creating them.

2. Heat Resistance

Since the tablet will be used in kitchen area, near the oven it needs to be heat resistant to some extent. The display should not be blurred with heat or oily smoke.

3. Screen

Not only the resolution that matters but allowing use of oily / dirty fingers at times for navigation as I may need to check online recipes while cooking and hence my fingers may be dirty then. Also the resolution is very important to me for easy viewing.

4. Camera

For me both front and back camera matters as I may have to do photography and also at times video conferencing with mom on recipes. After all I don’t want to look bad to my mom, too. 🙂

5. Battery Life

Any Indian looks for mileage in a car before buying it. Similarly long battery life and less need of frequent charging is always a plus point for me. I hate frequent charging my gadgets.


Well just to be doubly sure that I don’t break my tablet with over-enthusiasm of using it, I need a sturdy design so that it doesn’t break or become dysfunctional even after a fall of three feet at least (that is the height of my kitchen sink :)).

7. Audio

For obvious reasons if the audio quality of a gadget is bad I don’t like the same. Also the speaker should be on front side so that when the gadget is lying on a surface the audio is clearly audible. For the gadgets where the audio speakers are at the backside, many a times the audio quality is hindered when the device is kept on the floor. Anything around 80-90 DB is fine.

8. Good locking for the stand

Since I like the design with a stand, the locking of the stand at the angles suitable for my eyes should be good. Else when we try to make it stand it may fall, creating more embarrassment.

9. User Interface

I want the user interface of my tablet should be so useful as to detect the mode very easily and change its positions accordingly. Also the applications that I don’t use should be hidden under some button and be visible only when I need them. I don’t want unnecessary application cluttering my workspace. Customization of user interface should also be available.

10. Use of MS office

I want to use MS Office on my tablet, at least, MS Word and MS Excel so that I can write my stuff while on the go.

11. Streaming

I want smooth display and playing of HD videos. For that the processor and the Ram need to be adequate to adjust to live streaming of videos smoothly. More inbuilt memory is better for me, at least 32 GB.

12. Apps

I want my tablet to be bundled with all the standard applications and also with good antivirus software that can be updated online.

13. Value for money

Of course I look for a product that is value for money. Do I still need to say more about it?