My day with a tablet

I have already shown why it is important for me to have a tablet with its legs, legs to stand, legs to sit and legs to lean back.

My everyday life is not complete without these things –

  1. My online activities (blogging, chatting, networking etc)
  2. My reading
  3. My cooking (I am a cooking freak)
  4. My eating
  5. Working and
  6. Relaxing

And for all these activities I would like to have my hands free most of the time. So I have already shown in my previous article how in different of my daily jobs the tablet will be used.

The following properties are very important for me in a tablet so that I can do all the above jobs efficiently –

1. Design

A sleek design and a big display screen are required. Sleek design is to show that I am trendy and also to make sure that the tablet fits all places that I intend to use it. For instance in kitchen while cooking some new dish I may need to talk to my mom, now if the tablet is not sleek it will not fit in the small cooking area or on my dining table. Also a good grip is very essential for me coupled with light weight so that I can read e-books or my draft blogs after creating them.

2. Heat Resistance

Since the tablet will be used in kitchen area, near the oven it needs to be heat resistant to some extent. The display should not be blurred with heat or oily smoke.

3. Screen

Not only the resolution that matters but allowing use of oily / dirty fingers at times for navigation as I may need to check online recipes while cooking and hence my fingers may be dirty then. Also the resolution is very important to me for easy viewing.

4. Camera

For me both front and back camera matters as I may have to do photography and also at times video conferencing with mom on recipes. After all I don’t want to look bad to my mom, too. 🙂

5. Battery Life

Any Indian looks for mileage in a car before buying it. Similarly long battery life and less need of frequent charging is always a plus point for me. I hate frequent charging my gadgets.


Well just to be doubly sure that I don’t break my tablet with over-enthusiasm of using it, I need a sturdy design so that it doesn’t break or become dysfunctional even after a fall of three feet at least (that is the height of my kitchen sink :)).

7. Audio

For obvious reasons if the audio quality of a gadget is bad I don’t like the same. Also the speaker should be on front side so that when the gadget is lying on a surface the audio is clearly audible. For the gadgets where the audio speakers are at the backside, many a times the audio quality is hindered when the device is kept on the floor. Anything around 80-90 DB is fine.

8. Good locking for the stand

Since I like the design with a stand, the locking of the stand at the angles suitable for my eyes should be good. Else when we try to make it stand it may fall, creating more embarrassment.

9. User Interface

I want the user interface of my tablet should be so useful as to detect the mode very easily and change its positions accordingly. Also the applications that I don’t use should be hidden under some button and be visible only when I need them. I don’t want unnecessary application cluttering my workspace. Customization of user interface should also be available.

10. Use of MS office

I want to use MS Office on my tablet, at least, MS Word and MS Excel so that I can write my stuff while on the go.

11. Streaming

I want smooth display and playing of HD videos. For that the processor and the Ram need to be adequate to adjust to live streaming of videos smoothly. More inbuilt memory is better for me, at least 32 GB.

12. Apps

I want my tablet to be bundled with all the standard applications and also with good antivirus software that can be updated online.

13. Value for money

Of course I look for a product that is value for money. Do I still need to say more about it?


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