Playing Santa to my child

I am very clear about how to plan my child’s future and already articulated earlier.

Now if I am asked to choose five gifts for my four year old child so that those gifts help him in building his future, I would like to choose the following –

1. Lifetime subscription to some physical training classes

Health is the primary requirement for any child to succeed. No weak and sick person can be successful. Hence prime requirement for anyone to be successful is health and that needs to be a daily habit. It can only become a habit when it is practiced early. So it is important for me to start this good habit early. No matter what he becomes in future, this habit will take him miles.

2. Travel packages to places of interests

World is a stage to learn and learning can also be fun. Travel is one such activity that makes learning more fun and there is no specific thing to learn. When we travel to any place before our travel we do a lot of research online to get the knowledge. Then we travel there to experience their culture, cuisine, language, festivals and what not. When we come back with that memory we share our knowledge and experience through our blogs thus develops good writing habit too. Altogether, traveling is a great learning experience in itself. It becomes even more fruitful when we travel to historic places of interest. That generates interest in kids and helps them learn more effectively what they read in their textbooks.

3. Enrollment in Language classes

Not only English, Hindi and the mother tongue but to be a successful person one needs to be good in different languages. Childhood is the best time to learn new languages. I will start with making him learn Hindi and English well till at least age 10 and then teach some other Indian and foreign languages.

Today, we work in cross cultural environment where people from any country / location may work with us. This helps us in future in mingling with our coworkers and understand their culture and be an effective team player, the most important parameter for any successful person.

4. A good tablet PC

Our present life is nothing if we don’t have a net life. Internet can be a great learning experience in itself and a child with access to e-books and different online learning portals can do wonders in personal life. This needs to be mixed with fun of gaming and other forms of entertainment that is not possible without internet. Tablet will ensure that the kid gets internet on the go and have access to great e-books and online portals may be even when he is traveling.

5. Subscription to some good kids / infotainment channels

Television is not only entertainment but there are many channels that are used as infotainment channels today. These channels can shape a child’s future as these bring in whole lot of information at doorstep almost at almost negligible cost. Also these deliver programs of international standards and hence create value for a child’s life which is otherwise very difficult to deliver.

I don’t want my kid to do anything to stand first in his class or have any special preparation for that. I understand the race for life is much longer than on year and much wider than the span of his class. He needs perseverance rather than haste. These five unique gifts will create a strong enough base for him so that he can build his future on that base. These will ensure his fun filled childhood and a secure future too. These will eventually take him to a great height in his life.


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