Social Mobile Apps: A new way to mobilize voters

Social Mobile Apps 2Ever since I have thought of using social mobile apps to mobilize and inspire voters to cast their votes for 2014 general election, I have been scratching my head. There are unlimited mobile apps used for social networking and this can be through anything. Even apps offering foodie information or blood donor details do connect people and can be construed as social mobile app.

For the purpose of this post I have considered only a few apps that can be used to mobilize India’s youth. We need to keep the following constraints in mind –

  1. We can only reach those voters through social media app who own a smartphone, and
  2. The reach will further narrow down when we consider people who use social apps. Because not all smartphone users use these apps.
  3. Since this is related to voting, we will also need to consider only the people who are more than or equal to 18 years of age.

According to this report ( in India 81% population owns a mobile and out of these users only 10% own a smartphone. Out of the smartphone users only 29% use social networking on their smartphones. Now, if we consider voters (> 18 years of age who own a smartphone) we will know that the number will be miniscule.

Since the target is to mobilize India’s youth for voting, we understand that if we stick to the social mobile apps in the conventional way we will end up in reaching a very few of the intended audience. So we need to think of innovative ways to mobilize youth using these apps so that the message reaches the intended audience.

According to this report 97% Indian internet users use Facebook.

Social Mobile Apps 3

Hence, from this trend we need to include top two social networking apps

  1. Facebook (or FB Messenger)
  2. Google Hangout
  3. Twitter

We will not include LinkedIn as this is mainly for professional networking.

We will then include the following apps –

  1. Skype
  2. You Tube
  3. WhatsApp
  4. WeChat

The above six apps will serve the purpose of being “mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive” to reach the intended audience using innovative campaign.

Note – even though the last two applications are similar in working, we need to include both of them as majority of Indian users are divided between these two applications.

The campaign design

FB Community Page

The very basic start for this campaign would be to create a FB page for the same where the FB users can like and be a member. All these users will be able to see all updates on the page and also will be able to comment on each post and share on their personal networks, thus creating a snowball effect.

Celebs Speak

Rope in celebrities from different walks in life and let them talk about importance of casting one’s vote or to give their message on voting. This will definitely have an impact among India’s youth and the fan following.

All these messages and videos will be uploaded on the specific You Tube channel created only for this purpose and also these will be uploaded on the FB page for fan following and sharing.

F2F with Political Leaders Through Skype Conferencing

Political leaders from various political parties will be called for F2F interviews with the voters through moderated Skype conferencing. This will help voters to get their queries clarified about the reason to vote for them or their specific agenda.

All these videos will be uploaded on You Tube channel.

For this purpose, we need to setup Skype kiosks at different cities so that ordinary people can participate –

Social Mobile Apps 4

Social Mobile Apps 5

This campaign should create enough excitement and give voters reason to cast their votes for their preferred candidates.

Conference Using WhatsApp or WeChat

These conferences may be used to update and communicate within close groups only to propagate important messages about the main campaign.

These close group chats will also ensure keeping the excitement alive.

Contests to engage the voters

We will design innovative contests like this to keep the voters engaged –

Social Mobile Apps 1

Design innovative icons on voting

Or may be a blogging contest where the voters write short posts about why they want to vote with exciting prizes for the best reasons given or stories written.

All through the election days we will run twitter contest for best tweets on this occasion using a specific hashtag.

Campaign for the D-Day

On the Election Day in different constituencies the voters who cast their votes, come out and send their message to others who are yet to cast their vote on twitter using a specific hashtag.

A few best messages win surprise gifts.

So this is how I will use different mobile social apps to motivate and mobilize voters to cast vote and also to ensure that they actually cast their vote.

*Images from Internet


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