Recharge my hair – Recharge my life

I am a techie.

To be specific I am a manager in an IT firm.

To be more specific, I need to handle clients and handle senior management staff as well.

Those who think this is cool enough need to know the painful part of it.

I need to maintain myself properly all along I am in office.

People in white color job have this great challenge to keep themselves presentable all the time specially those who are in customer facing roles. I am lucky I am not in hotel industry though. ;P

My life and job is otherwise cool as thought by others around me except the road to it. Since I could never stand on the road to take a snap of the same, I have collected this image from internet to find a nearest match for my road to office.

Hair 1

Well you can imagine some more shops and people in it to just come to a nearly perfect image of the road I need to travel everyday to reach my office.

This is the only dissatisfaction I have in my work and this is not related to my boss, responsibilities or even office politics at all. Well, you can say this is somewhat related to my salary as I could have traveled in a car instead of my bike to evade this dust but well I hope that day comes soon.

It is purely a matter of govt. and maintenance of roads but this road can damage my career for good and this is the sole reason I am scared.

For maintaining my clothes, I always keep an extra pair of clothes with me and change after I reach office and hence my clothes are not a problem for me. But the problem is something else.

My hair.


I wish I could sport a bald look to save myself from this crisis as like one of my friends. He not only looks smart but he is very famous among the girls too. ;P –

Hair 4

But unfortunately for Bengalis, bald head means someone’s death in the family and hence I can’t have that look. L

So I have no option but to keep my hair and to look good and presentable – I need to keep some good amount of it.

….and with journey back home my hair becomes dull and dead when I reach home at night. Obviously my wife does not like it. I look completely like a daily wage laborer. This takes a complete toll on my personal life as well.

So, for me recharging my hair becomes very important every day, to save my career and my personal life as well. Both these components complete my life without which my life has no meaning.


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