Social Mobile Apps For Voters

Media has now become global and social too!

(Now) we can do whatever we wish to do!!

Thanks to the media now everything is easy!

Today social mobile apps keep ourselves busy!!

Internet, smartphones and growing number of apps!

Keep us connected and bridge all the gaps!!

This is what comes to us as a technology boon!

We’ll motivate the voters in the election coming soon!!

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype and Google Plus!

WhatsApp or WeChat are all of high class!!

We can reach thousands and then millions!

Network and reach out to strangers and become friends!!

Each in the group shares their idea of voting!

While we bring political leaders in online meetings!!

All share videos and blogs on why they would vote!

Prizes are given from most famous quotes!!

Conference, Chatting and online competition!

Keeps all engaged and increases motivation!!

On the D’-Day of voting after people cast their votes!

Tweet their experience of casting the ballot!!

Every hour most interesting tweets win fabulous gifts!

This is how mobile apps can bring in paradigm shift!!



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