The Strings of Life

Hair 2

                                           I am fast losing my hair,

I am f***ing growing old!

                                           I wish I could take care

                    ..and save myself from being bald!!

                                          Aging is a process so natural

yet we all hate the obvious!

                                          As if we have the right to be immortal

..and defy the natural process!!

                                         We probably can’t stop aging

              …and can’t stop the hair from falling!

                                         But we can do a lot managing

                                  how we age gracefully and still be appealing!!

                                          With my face controlling my charm

                           and hair being integrated into the same!

                                         I feel that there is no harm

                            in trying to be young and win the game!!

                                         With little bit of care to protect those strings

                    I wish I could give a new life to them!

                                         All for the beautiful life that brings

            a cheerful and everlasting fame!!



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