I am the Santa


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He is my child and he is the soul!

Securing his future is my only goal!!

(Today) I don’t live for myself, I live for him!

Praying for him always, even in my dream!!

It’s not easy to plan out a future!

Especially when he is just beginning his life’s venture!!

He’s learning to speak and his primary lessons!

Time for me to select only the best options!!

Language is the key as he learns to speak!

I will make sure he masters the basics!!

A good language training as a gift for him to start!

Will improve his communication and will make him smart!!

Physical Health is the key to one’s success!

Need good stamina and ability to withstand stress!!

Enrollment in outdoor games and physical training!

Will complement his education and complete his learning!!

In today’s age we are  flooded with information!

We need to ensure their good assimilation!!

Gift of Infotainment / Kids channel will make his learning fun!

Will create a strong foundation and enable him to run (the race of life)!!

Learning becomes complete with each and every travel!

Co relation of books and real life happens at all level!!

Gifting holiday packages will add to his fun!

It will develop knowledge even on the run!!

A good tablet PC will be my last special gift!

Networking / learning while travel to make the paradigm shift!!

Networking / information / entertainment all the time!

That is how I will give him the benefits of this time!!

Today kids are intelligent and are born very smart!

Raising a kid and securing future has become an art!!

This art is indeed very tough!

Parents need training without being rough!!

My child will have a golden future and an exceptional life!

We will make it brighter, me and my wife!!



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