Study International Political Economy at LSE

The subject to study / specialize

There is a lot of subjects that I can choose from especially when the study destination is UK. There are a lot of finest universities that delivers world class education in UK.

When it comes to the choice of a course I have always been interested in social work. I have always been interested by human development and understanding different factors responsible for Human Development in developing countries like India. From the Human Development Report (HDR) prepared every year by UNDP we come to know about the factors but to achieve some fruitful result out of those factors we need deeper understanding of politics and economics.

As a human rights activist myself, India’s poor performance in terms of Human Development and Gender Equality always amazed me. Even though in many of my earlier analyses I have shown that the real factors of human development is never considered and improved upon to create the perceived difference to the society in India, I need deeper knowledge to create and suggest proper roadmap for our government and social organizations to create that infrastructure. A situation that develops a confidence amongst the citizens of a better and secure future rather than creating only gender biased laws in the name of women empowerment and creating more gender bias in the society.

The study of International Political Economy enables us in understanding the social scenario better and enables us to form effective solutions for development of a country. Hence this course becomes important for me to study to achieve a bigger goal for the country and to me as a visionary.

Choice of the University

When it comes to the choice of University for the subject of International Politics or Economy, London becomes the first choice because of its leadership in global economy and strategic role in international politics. There can be no other better city than London in the globe to study the subject.

London School of Economics (henceforth mentioned as LSE) is known for its global leadership in economic and political courses and does not need any introduction. So when my choice of the course is on international politics and economy, LSE becomes the default choice and I don’t feel any need to check any other course offered by any other University.

The Course Details

This link below gives us more details about the course –

London School of Economics

IPE is the study of world’s dynamic and reciprocal interaction between the wealth and power. This course helps one in understanding the reciprocal relation how world’s economy governs the political decisions and how politics govern our economic choices. It is like the study to understand how International capital markets shaped politics of certain Latin American countries such as Brazil or to understand how Germany’s political situation influenced their economic decisions in Greece.

The course structure comprises of much more historical components in its analysis rather than being mathematical. The course structure and material is more international and interdisciplinary in nature than their M.Sc. in Politics degree.

The course contains understanding of older as well as newer models of political theories to understand the political economic situation. Analysis of historical events and their impact on the political scenario and also on the special factors such as environment, climate change and diplomacy etc. are discussed. This course also discusses the events shaping budgetary policy, fiscal policy, and monetary policy of a country and so on.

Students from various backgrounds such as the humanities departments like Sociology, Anthropology or Management to Engineering graduates can take up this course. The main objective is to create a good mix of students who can create value for others. This is another unique value proposition of this course that attracts me more.


There is no doubt that the masters in Politics and Economics is a unique combination offered best by the London School of Economics. This is the best course to understand in depth different socio economic conditions of a country like India. This course is a must complete course for a social worker like me who wants to develop his country and bother about social reforms the most.

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2. Images from Indiblogger and LSE websites