I was then an eighth grader. Study in a co-ed school. Since I was never very tall and healthy I used to look younger compared to my class. No girls used to befriend me and I was also scared of talking to them, fearing that they would make me their little brother instead.

Our class monitor Shailesh was a very senior student of the school. He used to compulsorily fail at least twice in each class. Since the school was a small municipal school they have never bothered to expel him from the school. Instead he was made our class monitor  y our teacher.

As it always happens with these adult rogues who are called class monitors, he used to boss over all of us, especially over Manoj, Montu and Krinal. He was very stubborn and whimsical. He used to maintain strict punctuality for other students. He thought only he knew what discipline meant. We used to feel that he thinks he is more powerful than our teachers too. We all used to hate him but never had courage to say anything as he was very close to our teachers for his strict discipline and because he has won many medal in athletics for our school.

Serious 7

Did you beat Montu??

One day when we were all sitting in the class waiting for our teacher suddenly we saw headmaster Binodbabu coming. Without any introduction he directly asked Shailesh –

–          Did you beat Montu?

–          Yes sir. – He confessed.

–          But why? Did he abuse you?

–          No

–          Did he beat you?

–          No sir

–          Did he frighten you?

–          No sir, he was talking like a fool.

–          Does that mean you will beat him so that he starts bleeding?? – Binodbabu scolded him and also asked him to stand outside the class holding his ears.

All of us who wanted to teach Shailesh a lesson for months were very amused. But I could not understand why he had to beat Montu as Montu was a very simple and down to earth boy. So in the evening I went to Shailesh’s house. –

–          Hey dude, what happened? Why you had to beat Montu? I asked.

In reply, he has taken out a painting and shown it to me and said –

–          For this

–          This? Why he wanted to steal or snatch it anyway?

–          No man..he was commenting like a fool.

Since I was good in studies, I thought let me see the painting and encourage Shailesh so that he forgets the incidence with Montu and the punishment of Binodbabu.

I looked at the painting thoroughly and said –

–          Wow, this is really nice painting dude. So what is it? A man chasing a few rabbits in front of a hut?

–          No, no. This is my painting of Kurukshetra war. These are not rabbit boss, these are horses. – he said

–          Oh ok..but why there are so many trees? Are these the weapons? And why the sun is black in your painting?

–          No man. These are not trees? They are arrows aimed at Arjun and that is not Sun, it is Sri Krishna’s Chakra – he replied.

–          Okay, I understand. Then why you have so many dogs running in the sky? Are these some kinds of weapons too? – I asked.

–          Oh no..they are not dogs. They are angels. They are all observing the war from heaven. They are little far off so I have given them a perspective, you will not understand all that. – He said

Probably I will really not understand. But I couldn’t stop asking another question.

–         Why is that black dressed woman running behind Arjun with a stick? – I asked?

–         Oh, you are sick man! He started screaming. That is not a woman that is black smoke billowing out of war field.

I did not understand that thoroughly and so wanted to give him some better suggestion.

I said, “You know what, I think you can rename this as “Draupadi’s Bastraharan”. That black woman can be Draupadi, you just need to give her some good sari. The dogs in the sky can be angels viewing the sin from heaven, Krishna with the sun sorry with his Chakra can be Mama Sakuni showing victory sign, the rabbits running can be Nokul and Sahadeb running to call Bheem and Arjun in your painting can represent Duryodhan, with raised hands he is snatching her sari. It will be awesome dude.”

He said – ‘Bastraharan!!” haan…you want to see Bastraharan?? He pounced on me to strip me of my clothes with these words.

I ran away and said hurriedly – “Ok, ok, dude, take it easy..Don’t make it Bastraharan if you don’t like, change it to “Love story of Raja Dusmanto” instead. You have the trees, I mean the arrows that can be easily made into trees. Those rabbits can be deer running in the forest. Krishna and Arjun can be Raja Dusmanto and his friend. That smoke can be Shakuntala in Raja’s mind, so little dark, unclear. Those angels in the sky can represent birds in sky.”

I have not even stopped this when he almost suddenly started beating me. ‘You idiot, you all are fools, nincompoops”. He caught me by my collar.

I was very astonished by his anger. Immediately I have detached myself from his clutches and said angrily, – “See man, if you don’t like my idea, you can make it something else too. Say, “Sri Ramchandra’s Rajyabhishek”. The chariot of Arjun can be the throne where Arjun is actually Dasaratha giving bow and arrow to Ramachandra who is none other than Sri Krishna in your painting. The rabbits, I mean horses can be onlookers, those trees I mean arrows aimed at Arjun can be buildings. Angels are already observing”

I was about to say how he needed to change that black dressed woman or smoke billowing from the Warfield when he took out a stick and started beating me. I somehow escaped by running. Next day I complained to our Headmaster against him.

You guys tell me, what my fault was if I thought of him as a good friend of mine and wanted to give him some friendly suggestions. How could he be so rude and nasty with his friends? Don’t you guys think I did the right thing by complaining to Headmaster? If you guys get any answer to this, please let me know. I am still thinking…


Disclaimer- The image used is not mine. It is linked to the source.


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