The City Life

Malayasia 5

When the sun rises in the east

when it blossoms in my backyard

the cuckoos in the neighbor’s den,

or those early morning prayers – wakes me up everyday!!

I start running fast and quick,

because I need to win the race of life

I need to earn enough money and reputation for my family and wife!!

I am a slave to the capitalist world.

I don’t exist for myself today,

I don’t exist for myself anymore

In fact, I don’t know if I exist at all!!

Go Further

The boring black and white days and a routine life –

is what I have today.

I am happy as long as this help secure my future.

The future that I am not sure of

I will probably be a slave always.

Today the inner ‘I’ is slow-poisoned

he cries and asks for time from me.

He demands passion, sympathy

but I am bound by my slavery to the whole world except that inner ‘I’.

It was not supposed to be like this.

‘Me’and my soul was together once but

we have gone far apart now.

We look at each other from a distance

and I wonder if we were together at all.

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When I feel it is far too late

When the separation becomes unbearable,

I walk around for peace and space –

that can take away from the hustle of city life.

The space that can isolate me

from the drudgery of the material world.

This place is not far off – I don’t need to go miles to win my space.

It is there in my backyard –

the pristine lake that kisses the horizon

the lake that welcomes the morning walkers, evening storks and lonely me at nights.

I sit there in silence and watch thousands of nature’s wonders around

I start talking to my soul.

We fall in love with each other one more time.

We know as my slavery to the capitalism is needed

so is the rejuvenation in isolation.

I fall in love with life once again!!


* Image is not mine and linked to the source


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