Now a bank account in a jiffy

Have you ever worried about your balance? –

Or have you ever faced any embarrassment by introducing any friend to someone else?

Or did you feel that most of the time you end up buying extra stuff than you need –

Or got thrashed for liking something?

Introducing an innovative banking solution Jifi from Kotak Mahindra Bank and the some of the cool features you get are –

  1. Zero initial balance requirement
  2. Only a Facebook account to register
  3. Twitter account to transact
  4. Referring friends and getting rewarded for that
  5. Be loyal and get more rewards
  6. Use it while on the go
  7. Watch your monetary profile and get about 30 reports for better decision making
  8. Platinum subscription free for 1 yr
  9. Referral point and transactional points that can be converted into money

So now, you don’t need to –

  1. Worry about money for opening a bank account
  2. Worry about referring your friends to Jifi
  3. Worry about extra purchase online or
  4. Worry about liking something and spreading the news.

In a recent mega launch event by Kotak Mahindra Bank and Indiblogger bloggers from three cities Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore came together and had a gala release of this new application.


Bloggers @ The Biere Club Bangalore

The event was thought about in a unique way.  A cocktail lunch attended by the bloggers where the Kotak officials had the launch from Mumbai while Delhi and Bangalore audience watched that on video conferencing. Followed by this were Twitter contests, Twitter promotions and QA session by the Kotak officials. Many bloggers opened their Jifi account from their mobile.


Kotak Mahindra officials answering questions

There were some other cool giveaways in some other contests where almost all bloggers present in the venue had got something.

IMG-20140323-00028 IMG-20140323-00026

In the end bloggers collected their T-shirts and headed home with a beautiful experience.

This is my #JifiIsHere experience at Bangalore. 🙂


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