My IPL fever

In a cricket crazy nation like India we can have only one religion that can bind the whole country, Cricket. When cricketing action like IPL is in progress, no matter whether one is an avid follower of any other game, one will switch over to cricket for those action packed days. It is money, business excitement and most importantly entertainment.

With 20-20 format in place and with world’s best players vying for the top spot cricket can never be so exciting except the fantastic audience it has got. Cricket fans keep the craze going for long time even after the game is over. Even if the game is missed there are always people or friends around to share those exciting moments, give meaningful insight, analysis and many a times forecast as well.

When I was a student and when the cricket websites was not so popular we had only option of TV broadcast or radio commentary to depend on. Even though TV broadcasts have been fantastic since 1991 and I did enjoy 1983 world cup win the best the modern T20 format, colourful representation of everything, on field entertainment, highlights, graphics, analysis, key moments and a lot of different ways of representing the game  makes the game a complete funtainment package.

In  my childhood we did not have a TV set in our home. So I used to go to my neighbour’s house to watch cricket matches. My neighbour was never interested but still she used to put on the TV set for me. The power cut times used to be most trying times. But CESC could never switch off the power for longer than ten / fifteen minutes. The locals would create a big ruckus otherwise. But radio was the biggest leveller for us during the power off times. Instantly I used to switch over to radio and get hooked to the match.

Problem becomes when your mother sees you watching a cricket match during exams. That is the reason most of the families don’t buy a TV set after all, to take care of child’s education. So I have developed a skill of doing my homework while watching the match. Many tasks like doing maths, writing essays, preparing some craftwork or may be painting can be done while watching a cricket match. Depending on convenience I used mute / unmute the channel to keep my concentrations level switching between tasks. This is how I have developed a great multitasking ability at the childhood itself. This multitasking ability is of immense help to me in today’s corporate world. For many of us it is the USP and our companies like us for this ability.

In modern corporate life when we are mostly in offices throughout the day and the matches are not restricted only to weekends we need to be more flexible to adjust to our working schedule. Thanks to my job in IT sector and unlimited access to internet

Flexible, like don’t missing a ball while in a training –


Or while in a board meeting-


After all my boss does not know what I actually do when I am very busy in preparing the analytics for projects –


Luckily I do not need to prepare analytics for the cricket matches too as has brought such cool features for us. Their website gives cool updated analytics at every point in time –

Cricket 1


This kind of presentation of data not only enhances top of the mind recall of stats it also tells us some never to be thought of stats, like what the social media trends about IPL, How many total runs were scored from boundaries alone, how many dot balls, the longest sixer etc.


Truly speaking even I can’t think of following cricket like this. I learnt new ways of following cricket from the Starsports website.

This is the reason I keep doing crazy stuff to follow every ball of IPL. Be it while in a meeting, while doing my project analysis or while in training.

Well don’t inform my company about it. May be my boss will come to know this anyway as he is also crazy  for following IPL….and somehow, somewhere he will also find out this blog and nail me down. Probably he will come to know why in project documents there were names of Watson or Dubey instead of his name as approver. He will also realize why I have mentioned the customer as “Super Kings” and our vendors as “Daredevils” in my project management documents. Well I don’t want him to be Gambhir and thinking of Dhonifying me.  Let him feel cool and like Royals of Rajasthan. Hope you guys will not inform him about my crazyness for IPL.