Connect with carconnect

Recently I came across a new platform for car lovers called carconnect. This website connects the car lovers and allows them to share their experiences with their own cars.

To start with they have a very innovative design of home page with category clouds –


The best part of this design is many folds –

  1. From Car Experience point of view
  • Type of car – we know which type of car is owned by the people sharing the platform. This in a way tells us the popular brand. For example, from the picture above we know Maruti and Hyundai are two most popular car companies.
  • Various car experiences – We also come to know various other experiences of different types of cars. For example, we know about audio systems in different cars or car experience in adventure trips ( though these links didn’t work for me, hope the website has plans to make them work)
  1. Long Drive Perspective
  • Long drive destinations from a city – We come to know long drive experiences from a particular city. So we come to know about different long-drive destinations from a particular city and can choose from. From the cloud design we also know which city is more popular in this aspect.
  • Car Experience – We also come to know the car brand that is best for a long drive as different people share their long drive experiences.

Apart from this kind of intelligent presentation of experiences I have liked two other features of the site –

1. ‘Compare Cars’ feature


The ‘Compare Cars’ section gives a unique experience to the user. We can compare two different cars of different model, make and class. It could be better if we could get the comparison instantly instead of sending the same by email in two days.

This report gives user reviews, car specifications, descriptions and different features in one place.

2. Car News section


The ‘car news’ section gives interesting and valuable new information about cars. This is very informative to the car lovers especially when they can gather more information about the cars of their choice and take important decisions based on that.


3. ‘New Launches’ section


This section gives information about new launches. However, I felt this section is incomplete and should contain more information than it contains today.

Chat Room is another good feature of the website where the car owners can talk to each other, however I could never talk to anyone as always I was the only one to be there.

Our Dezire

As always as a car lover I want more from this site. I would like if these features are included in this website too –

  1. Old car price – Many car lovers go for second hand cars and want to have idea about market and price of second hand cars. Since this website is a place for the car lovers to meet it will be a good idea to have this included.
  2. Classifieds Section – a classified section for buying / selling second hand cars. Since the owners directly meet here this can be a great place to exchange such information or fix such deals.
  3. Review Section – This website currently have long drive review experience shared in blog form. However, if this site itself can provide a platform to review (star rating) for different category of cars directly from the car owners that will be great.
  4. Idea Forum– Many a times as a new user of a product we need advice from experts. Since this website links car experts many new owners will also like to get advice from the experts. An idea forum will add more value to the visitors.

I hope that will evolve and will become a great place for the car lovers like me to join and exchange ideas and experiences.


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