The Perfect Meal

A perfect meal is like an orgasm where both the partners derive maximum pleasure through all their senses. We use all our senses to enjoy a sumptuous meal like we do for sex. A perfect meal is not only pampering of the taste buds of the person enjoying the meal, it is a confluence of heavenly feeling of all his senses. It is also a great achievement for the chef in question.

Preparation of food for someone is not only an art, it involves science of understanding human psychology and pampering all senses of an individual. The aroma of the dish compliments the taste and foretells us of the awesomeness of the dish. The visual presentation, colour and aesthetics of the dish creates the much needed craving for the food. The first touch of the food with our tongue gives us the first feeling of its temperature that suits us. Then comes the taste buds to tell us how awesome the dish is.

If you think a perfect dish is limited only to those sensory perceptions described above you will be wrong. A perfect meal goes beyond our sensory world and creates a feeling in our mind about the love and dedication of the chef for us (the taster). We feel the warmth of our mother in it, we feel the love and dedication of our partner in it. A perfect meal can bring out the components of much needed relationships in the fore by all its characteristics. So it may not be costly or decorative or too tasty a perfect meal presented with love and care can bring in all heavenly feelings even without costly ingredients or costly crockery.

For me a perfect meal is a daily meal that I can afford, cook and feel safe eating. It is something that can create awesomeness in all my senses and fills my days with happiness.

For me a perfect meal is a something that I can eat in the afternoon time as I eat sumptuous meals in afternoon and eat light at night.
My perfect meal is either veg or non-veg with essential component of rice in it. It may be either Biriyani or Peas Pulao. I don’t like too many dishes together so my side dish choice will be limited to one or two. For veg I prefer baby corn whereas for non veg I prefer chicken. With this I will like to have some chips with cheesy dips as side dish. A drink orange juice or a mocktail of different sweet, sour combination drinks is a perfect fit for me to satiate my thirst. In the end the meal will end with delicious curd rice and a desert, either some soufflés or ice creame.

The Briyani or Pulao in the meal brings the much needed component of filling the stomach and creating the feeling of a lunch in my tongue as well as in mind. The aroma of Briyani creates a shahi mood and an expectation of shahi feeling afterwards. The selected glassware from Borosil creates the much needed hunger and interest in the food served.

Chicken and baby corn dishes bring much needed spicy feeling as my taste buds crave for more. But it is not only the taste buds my brain cells wait for this much needed protein to keep themselves active throughout the day. My muscles get power and strength.

Chips, frankies with cheesy dip creates a crispy and crunchy chatpata taste in my mouth just to bring in variety.

Juice served in Borosil jugs keeps my hunger juices flowing and satisfying the thirst. As all these spices create a hot sensation in my body and mind the juice or mocktail extinguishes my thirst in addition to leaving a heavenly taste in my mouth. The sweet – sour combination of mocktails just compliments the spicy hot taste of Biriyani and chicken.

But with all spicy food going inside there is every possibility that my stomach will try to take revenge. So Curd Rice in the last plate brings the much relief for my stomach and helps me digest the food and keep my stomach ready for the next meal.

Last but not the least the desert completes the meal, creates the lasting impression of the food. Any bad desert alone can ruin the taste of whole meal as it can enhance the value of the meal. it is like those last two drops your body fluid or that last thrust in your love making that takes to the epitome of pleasure and help achieving orgasm.

A desert is like the cuddle between the couples after a great sex that keeps the experience alive in our subconscious for a longer time, because like a great sex a perfect meal is also eternal in the mind of the taster.

The value of my perfect meal can thus be further enhanced by presenting the food in Borosil glassware with elegant design, durable properties, and aesthetics to create the much needed value for my senses and beyond. The value that can help create new experience with food which does not become just a daily habit because of the presence of such great artwrok.

It goes beyond being only a lunch or dinner. It becomes a part of my everlasting memory that can’t be erased even by time.


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