My phone with super power

What if my mobile had unique powers? I could have used it to see what others can’t see today and do things what others can’t do. That could have helped me in what I am best in doing – fighting the evil.

In today’s world fighting the evil never happens on battlefields, it happens at the intellectual level and countries can be won by controlling the economy, education and minds of the people. At a time when our minds can be controlled (Read – Beware! your mind is being controlled) and a whole nation can be hypnotized (How a nation can be hypnotized) we need some superpower to counter these evil forces.

To fight this intellectual battle I need to have clear vision and hence a power to generate new thought waves to counter these forces. So I want my phone to gain insight into the new developments around. Internet has already connected our minds globally and made the whole world available in our grip and only clever people can utilize this to their benefit to accomplish their goals.

So I want to give my phone a superpower to see the developments around in analytical way. So that it does not look at a crime only from the superficial angle but gets into the mind of the criminal to understand the root cause of the same. So that we understand whether it is lack civic sense that is increasing the crime or is that a basic fault in us that is driving us to this blackhole. This requires good study of different subjects including medicine, psychology, criminology and stuff and I do not have time for doing it alone.

So I want to fit my mobile with a superpower analytical tool that derives information out of news items. It checks the crime records, criminal psychology, political agenda and checks for similar global events of the past and predicts a future that is in store for us.

The camera of my mobile should be so powerful that it can read the minds of the criminals by scanning their brains through photos and depict what went in their minds that have made them criminal in the first place. My superpower phone will read the social developments and read the minds of those who are controlling our thought process from behind the scenes. So it can detect the criminal even when he is seemingly a good person and a social worker.

Once this superpower given to my phone sees through every crime happening around, it enables me to take preventive measures for the same. Since punishing criminals is only attacking the symptom and never addressing the root cause my phone will analyze the corrective action and provide possible solutions. This helps me and social organisations to bring in change and reduce crime rate. Helps the govt. to counter terrorism and focus on development of the nation.

But driving this change will never be easy. It is always easier said than done. My phone will help me in doing the same. It will tell me step by step process of how to accomplish my goals and how to counter all criticism and prohibitive forces. So that it prevents the crime from happening and identifying the criminals before they can commit any crime. In this way the superpower given to my phone will not only secure my future but will secure future of our generations to come.



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