My Black Desire

What is the colour of desire? Is it colourful like a rainbow or is it black. I will say it is like a blackhole which attracts more and more material substances and get even bigger in size. Thus I have termed it my black desire.

Black is said to have no colour in it or absence of all colours. Thus desire itself is not colourful, it adds colour as it adds objects to it and become colourful.  Black is thus universal, black is thus desirable, black is thus thought provoking, alluring.

In this way some exclusive objects in black become a part of my desire. They become my black fantasy.

First black item that I want to posses is a black sedan. Car is the symbol of masculinity, women desire men with big and sporty car. They fantasize a man’s personality through his car. The car that is different from others, that prominent in the middle of a bunch of other cars, the car that stands out in crowd. This car will silently speak volume about my personality, my class, my prominence in the society.

Second item that compliments my black desire is a sleek design, rectangle shape black ceramic watch.  The Swatch model is best in this class and it fits my class too. It shows the strata I belong to, it keeps me ahead of time, it keeps me at par with the new generation. The black beauty keeps itself tagged to my wrist – forever.

Third item of my desire is zed black satin executive shirt and fitting trousers. This will keep my upmarket look intact and will give much needed push in the image makeover. I will prefer a black shirt striped in black. This gives more classy look with an impression of premium lifestyle.

A man is known for the gadgets he posses. A classy i-phone 6 that keeps the world with me on the move is my black desire item #4. It goes well with my background, my work and my necessity to be connected with the world always. This gives me the much needed feeling of security and growth as I am connected to my share market, my financial world and I can run business from anywhere in the world. It makes life complete.

The fifth item in my list is not mine. It’s her. Her black satin night dress. She looks nightilicious in this dress. Her skin becomes brighter in this black dress, her cleavage becomes more prominent through this, every part of her well crafted heavenly body becomes luscious to me. One black dress brings many colourful nights in my life and gives me much needed enthusiasm to live on. She becomes my inspiration, the black dress makes her more desirable and brings out her persona more than anything else.


Add Zest to my life

Life is short, make full use of it.

Every day our life is becoming shorter so we should try to take more out of it. In the words of Munnabhai..Double mazaa lene ka..

This awesome experience that is called zest, the awesomeness in life that is called zest, the feeling of love and belongingness called zest, the feeling of self actualization that is called zest spruces up my life. There are many ingredients to zest up my life and here are a few.

# Zest Factor 1 – Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Be it physical beauty or that of nature. The number 1 zest factor in my life is my child. She is the one who brings zest in my life every day. Her smile brings me sunshine even in a cloudy day, her immature words bring me zest of amazement, her playful nature brings me joy, her little peck gives me world of happiness. She is my daughter, she is my queen she is my heart. My number one reason to live on and explore more. I explore new world as she hugs me when I come back home from office or gives me a good night kiss. The whole world becomes beautiful, the mundane and age old house becomes the most scenic resort of the world.

#Zest Factor 2 – Life is beautiful because we have innovation in life. Every innovation brings new life to me. Every innovation gives me more reason to live on, every innovation creates a new dimension of life to me every day. Thus my innovations keep me going, keeps my life on. My zest factor #2 is my blog or articles. Today I have five blogs on different genres, one of which is international. These blogs and challenging articles creates new world of recognition for me.  All my articles are about exploring different facets of human development and human rights. These articles help many sufferers internationally thus giving me one more reason to live on. This adds up zest in my life to live for others who needs help. My blog brings that zest to me.

#Zest Factor 3It is all about creating new excitement over small things. It’s all about having fun in difficult situations, it’s all about taking up all challenges with a big smile, it is all about feeling surrounded by friends who will be there to help me when needed. My friends many of whom I don’t even know create this experience for me. They give me support on my blog, provide me necessary guidance when in distress, help me find out solutions to problems of life and bring in necessary excitement to live on. They are my zest factor 3.

#Zest Factor 4The blue sky, Aquamarine sea-line, Deep black forest or dead black sea. All of these create a sense of amazement in me. They create new questions of life and also resolves many queries. The human lives associated with these shows the different facets of life and culture-the diversity of the world that makes each of us unique, unique in our own way. Every day in such natural wilderness bring new experience in my life. Added to this is the presence of my near and dear ones that completes the zest. They all zest up my life in their own way.

#Zest Factor 5 – We can’t love or feel loved in empty stomach. Thus it is very important that our stomach is zested up too. At least for me it is very important. Food, delicious food, variety of food brings the ecstatic feeling in me. In short the right food served with love and care not only satisfies my hunger but also bring much needed zeal to explore more. It provides me more strength to travel, more strength to explore. A good food that satisfies all senses in me, a good food that arouses the feeling of exploring more brings the sense of awesomeness. It completes zest to live on and explore more. I feel complete with these around me.  They zest up my life.



Fragrance on the move

In my quest of finding the awesome fragrance that moves me I have started looking for that around me. First thing was to travel around my house and inside my house to find that fragrance that moves me.

I wake up in the morning and get that awesome smell that tickles my taste buds. This is the same fragrance that awakens me in the morning and I long for this smell that creates hunger in me. I went to the kitchen and I saw my mother cooking the awesome dish “Gajar ka Halwa’. …ummmmm yammie indeed. I name this fragrance as “the fragrance of a mother’s skills”.

I can’t have a grub without my mother completing her morning puja. She will offer the halwa to the god first and then it will be given to us. My mom asks me to get some flowers from my backyard. I visit the garden that brings the awesome fragrance of those blossoming flowers. Those Lilies, Champa, Magnolia, Rajnigandha brings heaven closer to our home. I feel as if I am in the Garden of Eden. I go around plucking flowers for my mom for her puja offerings. I call this fragrance as ‘The smell of heaven’.

Now Ria wakes up. She is the sweetheart of our home, my beloved daughter who wants to join us to the temple. She wants to be a part of our fun. She comes and jumps into my lap. A drowsy Ria hugs me tight. Her kiss in the morning brings the heavenly feelings. Her fragrance of the baby is the awesome signature fragrance of a baby. I term it as “the fragrance of innocence”. Though this fragrance is not very easy to find nowadays and it can only be found in our homes and do not need to travel anywhere.

Before we go to the temple to offer our puja we need to have bath and wear clean clothes. We open the almirah to get clean clothes. The fragrance of new clothes and cleaned ones bring new freshness to our lives. The fragrance of naphthalene mixed with various clothes brings the ‘fragrance of newness’ to us.

We wear fresh clothes and bring those flowers and other offerings to my mom. We now go to the nearby temple to offer puja. The fragrant candles, agarbattis and Chandan on the temple along with myriad other heavenly fragrances create an awesome environment. In a word this brings god near us. I call it the “the fragrance of the almighty”. We offer our prayers and puja and come back home for breakfast.

After the breakfast with my family I go to the nearby library for my studies. Take my daughter Ria along with me so that she gets the habit of reading. This is the time to make our daughter study and study myself. The fragrance of new books brings the awesome flavour of collective and shared knowledge of the universe. Ria gets more enthusiastic about studies. She smells the books every time she is given one. This is the awesome “fragrance of knowledge” for us.

Thus in my daily public life as I travel to different places around as I get such awesome unforgettable experience called fragrance. Many of these bring heaven closure to us. We like all of these fragrances and think these can be truly universal.

But before I conclude I wanted to share one more awesome fragrance that is universally liked by all. That is the fragrance of newly printed currency notes as it is withdrawn from ATMs or received as salary. The fragrance is liked not because of its smell but because it also brings the much needed feeling of security in us. It is “the fragrance of security” to us.

Magical ride with a royal touch

For a long time I have been longing to see the land of royal families of India. Rajasthan. The reason this state attracts tourists from all over the globe the same reason it attracted me for years. But I could never get a chance to visit the state.

Suddenly an opportunity came to me like magic. It was during a Dusserah time when I got one week leave from my work. Nowadays even my leisure is governed by my work and family’s convenience.

Rajasthan had always been very costly for the average middle class Indians. The land that has attracted maximum foreign tourists over the years has always been a place of desire to many Indians including me and my parents. So I was convinced about the right time to travel to Rajasthan I have quickly chalked down a plan and booked the air tickets fast.

When I searched the internet for booking air ticket, I found a lot of sites giving different offers. It was so difficult. Finally I came across the website A website that gives me the best rates available online after comparing prices from different websites.


I had to choose the best option suiting my requirement and it was so easy. The website gives best possible rates of flights and I have chosen the Jet Airways option.  Since my parents will travel from Kolkata by Train I had to book tickets only for me and I got the best deal there.

After flight tickets my need was to book car for hire for all ten days. I searched the website and they have a section for car hire as well. –


One an average the car came with a price tag of Rs 2000 per day. It was ok for me and I did not want to explore other options.

Since we need to travel to a lot of places in every city in Rajasthan I have no other option but to have a car at my disposal. Since the booking was for ten days I got some discount on overall package.

Then my challenge was to book hotels in different cities. My plan was to visit Jaipur, Ajmer, Chittaurgarh, Udaipur and Jodhpur. So it was critical for me to book hotels there as my understanding was that it would be very costly.

To my surprise the first hotel I booked in Jaipur was Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur that came up with an amazing price tag of just Rs. 13, 141 per night for two rooms.


I knew that Jaipur hotels will be costly so I booked a place with a good rating from the travelers. I have also opted only for three nights and planned the fourth day for sight seeing In Jaipur but get a transfer to my next destination Ajmer. My night stay plan was at Ajmer. Hotel Regal came a price tag of Rs. 2417 only.  By this time the website had become my friend as I started seeing a great value of getting easy discounts for every booking I make through this website. At Regal I got the best deal from MakeMytrip –


I had to have a stopover at Chittaurgarh as well as there are a lot of places to be seen. My parents are old so I had no option but to choose a hotel there. Also I wanted to avoid one more night stay at Udaipur which is costlier compared to Chittaur. The price was very comfortable 2600 per night –


Hotel Dev Nivas had good rating as I found good value for my money by booking there.

Rajasthan has many things to offer. The royal palaces spread across the state offers unique value for all travelers but all of them come with a higher price tag. Udaipur too is no exception. Since I needed two rooms I could not go for a highly rated hotel here. I have chosen a simple hotel called Mewar Inn as that was within my budget.


Udaipur has so many thing to offer us I could not still reduce my stay there from three days. But it is worth staying. The magical monuments of Udaipur and the city market gave us enough solace and reason to stay longer there. Skycanner had really been useful for me in selecting the right choice of hotel and the best deal at that city.

My last destination Jodhpur was another costly destination. I have chosen Hem Guest House near Mehrangarh fort. I heard a lot about the fort and wanted to stay lose by. Apart from the cost being a major factor for choosing the same –


Overall my ten days tour plan with all major sightseeing completed came to around One Lakh Rupees –


What I liked about this experience of website and its easy search feature is that it could give me some amazing discounts in booking my entire itinerary.

To experience any new destination to the fullest it is imperative that we make a great cost effective plan that can help us in enjoying the destination as well as acquire great value from the experience of life.



Carniball with my superpower mobile

Carniball with mobile

–          “bem-vindo ao Brasil”  (Welcome to Brazil)

–          Obrigado (Thanks)

–          que maneira é estádio (Which way is stadium?)

–          dessa maneira (that way)

If you are wondering what has been happening so far and what nonsense I have been writing, I just told you my experience about my visit to Brasil with my superpower mobile phone.

You got it right, I have empowered my mobile with a special power. Under this my mobile has got a superpower eye (that you call camera today) that can scan into minds of people and tell me what the other person thinking. This also gives it a power to decode different languages including that of animals.

I was always dreaming about travelling to the nation of carnivals- Brazil. I found no better time than 2014 FIFA world cup to visit them and experience the unforgettable. Before I travelled there many have cautioned me about the crime rate and high prices there but hardly anyone has cautioned me about their language problem.

As I am travelling during the World cup the security system was pretty tight and so far I didn’t find anything wrong there. But the language was a real barrier so far. Before I set out for the world tour I realized this could be a problem and so I have equipped my mobile with a superpower beforehand. This has become real helpful for me.

Even though no one may be explicit in mentioning but In Brazil the biggest problem is language. They understand only Portuguese and it is very difficult to communicate in English or French. With my knowledge of only English, Hindi and Bengali I would have been in real soup if I had not empowered my mobile phone with special mind reading and language decoding power.

–          Quem você apoiar? (who do you support?)

–          Apoio Brasil (I support Brazil)

–          Brasil ótimo! Quem é seu melhor jogador? (Brazil Great!! Who is your favourite player?)

–          Leo Messi

–          Messi? Mas ele é da Argentina (Messi? but he is from Argentina)

–          Então o que? Eu amo o futebol não indivíduos (So what? I love football not individuals)

I met Farnando a hardcore Neymar and Brazil fan in front of Arena Pantanal ground where a match between Chile and Australia was being played. He didn’t get ticket for his favourite match so he came to watch Chileans play. Seeing me speaking in his language we became friends very easily and gave company to each other to enjoy an awesome match. After all both of us love Football more than any specific team.

–          Wie ist dein Name? (what is your name?)

–          Ich bin Partha. Was ist ur name? (I am Partha, what about you?)

–          Ich bin Maria. (I am Maria)

Maria met me at the coffee bar in Rio. She came from Germany to support her team. Wearing a bikini she was looking pretty in her skimpy dress. In India such beauties are not to be seen easily. We were engaged in talking over a cup of coffee. She has come alone from Dusseldorf to support her team.

It is no more a problem for me to communicate with these foreigners since I have an all powerful mobile that translates every language spoken to me. It also translates my English in their languages. People around who came all the way from different countries that hardly understood English and hence were having challenges in making friends in knowing my language skills. Many asked me the secret of knowing so many languages. I just smiled and avoided the answer. Well, this new language skill has also earned a sweet reward for me – a nice smooch from a Spanish beauty Jennifer.  Well you know it happens..

When everyone was surprised to see my newly acquired language skills I decided to visit the amazon. This tour was only opportunity for me to explore the unseen.

When we were about to travel the tour guide told us specifically to wear full sleeve shirt because there are a lot of harmful insects. But the sweltering heat in Amazon was making our lives miserable. We have started in full sleeve but soon I have removed my shirt and wore the Indiblogger Tee that I have got in a blogger’s meet.

We were four in the trip – Me, Cathy (French), Dianna (Greek) and Odumbe (our guide from Amazon).

We were determined to stay awake the whole night and especially when a French and Greek beauty was around there was no question of sleeping for us. I was confident that even if we didn’t have  Odumbe with us we could have successfully completed the tour as I had my super power mobile with me.

–          Πρόκειται για μια ρομαντική βραδιά .. (this is a romantic night) Dianna said

–          Oh yes and with you around it is even more romantic Dianna. (Ω ναι, και μαζί σας γύρω από αυτό είναι ακόμη πιο ρομαντικό Dianna.)

She became shy with this. In the wilderness of Amazon our eyes locked together until my mobile signalled approaching danger. The alert decoded by my mobile analyzed the signals received from birds and monkeys around to show that there is a leopard approaching us. Mobile also gave us the next steps to follow.

–          Stay calm, don’t make noise make the fire more intense.  The alert said.

Odumbe too followed the same. He knows the jungle like his own palms. He was attacked by leopards and crocs earlier.

–          Seu celular é perfeito (your mobile is perfect) Odumbe said.

–          Obrigado (thank you)

–          Que faites-vous les gars parler? (What are you guys talking?) Cathy asked in French..

–          Oh nothing Cathy..Odumbe is just appreciated my mobile’s power. (Oh rien de Cathy .. Odumbe est juste apprécié le pouvoir de mon portable)

I really felt great when I said that. I was the proud owner of the mobile that can save me from anything. This mobile also brings new friends to me. Earns accolades for me and at time pecks from girls.

That night was eventful. Cathy was too sexy, she was trying to get close to me. I didn’t understand initially but the mobile hinted me about her mental intentions. Well..I didn;t let the chance go. I can only tell you that her lips were really juicy..she is a great kisser too.

Next day we left for our base location Rio. Cathy had to go to Sao Paulo. My mobile signalled – “time to forget her”..

Probably my mobile needs the softer feelings that separates human being from a machine like the mobile. I did not want to leave her but probably our destiny had something else written for us.

We exchanged our numbers, addresses and emails. But I know this French beauty will again fade away from my memory soon.

Probably I will again get busy with some Spanish or Latino beauty as I travel around the globe. In any case whoever comes in my life, I know all these is possible only because I have a great mobile that enables me to visit any country, visit any wild land and win hearts that others can’t do.