Magical ride with a royal touch

For a long time I have been longing to see the land of royal families of India. Rajasthan. The reason this state attracts tourists from all over the globe the same reason it attracted me for years. But I could never get a chance to visit the state.

Suddenly an opportunity came to me like magic. It was during a Dusserah time when I got one week leave from my work. Nowadays even my leisure is governed by my work and family’s convenience.

Rajasthan had always been very costly for the average middle class Indians. The land that has attracted maximum foreign tourists over the years has always been a place of desire to many Indians including me and my parents. So I was convinced about the right time to travel to Rajasthan I have quickly chalked down a plan and booked the air tickets fast.

When I searched the internet for booking air ticket, I found a lot of sites giving different offers. It was so difficult. Finally I came across the website A website that gives me the best rates available online after comparing prices from different websites.


I had to choose the best option suiting my requirement and it was so easy. The website gives best possible rates of flights and I have chosen the Jet Airways option.  Since my parents will travel from Kolkata by Train I had to book tickets only for me and I got the best deal there.

After flight tickets my need was to book car for hire for all ten days. I searched the website and they have a section for car hire as well. –


One an average the car came with a price tag of Rs 2000 per day. It was ok for me and I did not want to explore other options.

Since we need to travel to a lot of places in every city in Rajasthan I have no other option but to have a car at my disposal. Since the booking was for ten days I got some discount on overall package.

Then my challenge was to book hotels in different cities. My plan was to visit Jaipur, Ajmer, Chittaurgarh, Udaipur and Jodhpur. So it was critical for me to book hotels there as my understanding was that it would be very costly.

To my surprise the first hotel I booked in Jaipur was Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur that came up with an amazing price tag of just Rs. 13, 141 per night for two rooms.


I knew that Jaipur hotels will be costly so I booked a place with a good rating from the travelers. I have also opted only for three nights and planned the fourth day for sight seeing In Jaipur but get a transfer to my next destination Ajmer. My night stay plan was at Ajmer. Hotel Regal came a price tag of Rs. 2417 only.  By this time the website had become my friend as I started seeing a great value of getting easy discounts for every booking I make through this website. At Regal I got the best deal from MakeMytrip –


I had to have a stopover at Chittaurgarh as well as there are a lot of places to be seen. My parents are old so I had no option but to choose a hotel there. Also I wanted to avoid one more night stay at Udaipur which is costlier compared to Chittaur. The price was very comfortable 2600 per night –


Hotel Dev Nivas had good rating as I found good value for my money by booking there.

Rajasthan has many things to offer. The royal palaces spread across the state offers unique value for all travelers but all of them come with a higher price tag. Udaipur too is no exception. Since I needed two rooms I could not go for a highly rated hotel here. I have chosen a simple hotel called Mewar Inn as that was within my budget.


Udaipur has so many thing to offer us I could not still reduce my stay there from three days. But it is worth staying. The magical monuments of Udaipur and the city market gave us enough solace and reason to stay longer there. Skycanner had really been useful for me in selecting the right choice of hotel and the best deal at that city.

My last destination Jodhpur was another costly destination. I have chosen Hem Guest House near Mehrangarh fort. I heard a lot about the fort and wanted to stay lose by. Apart from the cost being a major factor for choosing the same –


Overall my ten days tour plan with all major sightseeing completed came to around One Lakh Rupees –


What I liked about this experience of website and its easy search feature is that it could give me some amazing discounts in booking my entire itinerary.

To experience any new destination to the fullest it is imperative that we make a great cost effective plan that can help us in enjoying the destination as well as acquire great value from the experience of life.




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