Fragrance on the move

In my quest of finding the awesome fragrance that moves me I have started looking for that around me. First thing was to travel around my house and inside my house to find that fragrance that moves me.

I wake up in the morning and get that awesome smell that tickles my taste buds. This is the same fragrance that awakens me in the morning and I long for this smell that creates hunger in me. I went to the kitchen and I saw my mother cooking the awesome dish “Gajar ka Halwa’. …ummmmm yammie indeed. I name this fragrance as “the fragrance of a mother’s skills”.

I can’t have a grub without my mother completing her morning puja. She will offer the halwa to the god first and then it will be given to us. My mom asks me to get some flowers from my backyard. I visit the garden that brings the awesome fragrance of those blossoming flowers. Those Lilies, Champa, Magnolia, Rajnigandha brings heaven closer to our home. I feel as if I am in the Garden of Eden. I go around plucking flowers for my mom for her puja offerings. I call this fragrance as ‘The smell of heaven’.

Now Ria wakes up. She is the sweetheart of our home, my beloved daughter who wants to join us to the temple. She wants to be a part of our fun. She comes and jumps into my lap. A drowsy Ria hugs me tight. Her kiss in the morning brings the heavenly feelings. Her fragrance of the baby is the awesome signature fragrance of a baby. I term it as “the fragrance of innocence”. Though this fragrance is not very easy to find nowadays and it can only be found in our homes and do not need to travel anywhere.

Before we go to the temple to offer our puja we need to have bath and wear clean clothes. We open the almirah to get clean clothes. The fragrance of new clothes and cleaned ones bring new freshness to our lives. The fragrance of naphthalene mixed with various clothes brings the ‘fragrance of newness’ to us.

We wear fresh clothes and bring those flowers and other offerings to my mom. We now go to the nearby temple to offer puja. The fragrant candles, agarbattis and Chandan on the temple along with myriad other heavenly fragrances create an awesome environment. In a word this brings god near us. I call it the “the fragrance of the almighty”. We offer our prayers and puja and come back home for breakfast.

After the breakfast with my family I go to the nearby library for my studies. Take my daughter Ria along with me so that she gets the habit of reading. This is the time to make our daughter study and study myself. The fragrance of new books brings the awesome flavour of collective and shared knowledge of the universe. Ria gets more enthusiastic about studies. She smells the books every time she is given one. This is the awesome “fragrance of knowledge” for us.

Thus in my daily public life as I travel to different places around as I get such awesome unforgettable experience called fragrance. Many of these bring heaven closure to us. We like all of these fragrances and think these can be truly universal.

But before I conclude I wanted to share one more awesome fragrance that is universally liked by all. That is the fragrance of newly printed currency notes as it is withdrawn from ATMs or received as salary. The fragrance is liked not because of its smell but because it also brings the much needed feeling of security in us. It is “the fragrance of security” to us.


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