Add Zest to my life

Life is short, make full use of it.

Every day our life is becoming shorter so we should try to take more out of it. In the words of Munnabhai..Double mazaa lene ka..

This awesome experience that is called zest, the awesomeness in life that is called zest, the feeling of love and belongingness called zest, the feeling of self actualization that is called zest spruces up my life. There are many ingredients to zest up my life and here are a few.

# Zest Factor 1 – Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Be it physical beauty or that of nature. The number 1 zest factor in my life is my child. She is the one who brings zest in my life every day. Her smile brings me sunshine even in a cloudy day, her immature words bring me zest of amazement, her playful nature brings me joy, her little peck gives me world of happiness. She is my daughter, she is my queen she is my heart. My number one reason to live on and explore more. I explore new world as she hugs me when I come back home from office or gives me a good night kiss. The whole world becomes beautiful, the mundane and age old house becomes the most scenic resort of the world.

#Zest Factor 2 – Life is beautiful because we have innovation in life. Every innovation brings new life to me. Every innovation gives me more reason to live on, every innovation creates a new dimension of life to me every day. Thus my innovations keep me going, keeps my life on. My zest factor #2 is my blog or articles. Today I have five blogs on different genres, one of which is international. These blogs and challenging articles creates new world of recognition for me.  All my articles are about exploring different facets of human development and human rights. These articles help many sufferers internationally thus giving me one more reason to live on. This adds up zest in my life to live for others who needs help. My blog brings that zest to me.

#Zest Factor 3It is all about creating new excitement over small things. It’s all about having fun in difficult situations, it’s all about taking up all challenges with a big smile, it is all about feeling surrounded by friends who will be there to help me when needed. My friends many of whom I don’t even know create this experience for me. They give me support on my blog, provide me necessary guidance when in distress, help me find out solutions to problems of life and bring in necessary excitement to live on. They are my zest factor 3.

#Zest Factor 4The blue sky, Aquamarine sea-line, Deep black forest or dead black sea. All of these create a sense of amazement in me. They create new questions of life and also resolves many queries. The human lives associated with these shows the different facets of life and culture-the diversity of the world that makes each of us unique, unique in our own way. Every day in such natural wilderness bring new experience in my life. Added to this is the presence of my near and dear ones that completes the zest. They all zest up my life in their own way.

#Zest Factor 5 – We can’t love or feel loved in empty stomach. Thus it is very important that our stomach is zested up too. At least for me it is very important. Food, delicious food, variety of food brings the ecstatic feeling in me. In short the right food served with love and care not only satisfies my hunger but also bring much needed zeal to explore more. It provides me more strength to travel, more strength to explore. A good food that satisfies all senses in me, a good food that arouses the feeling of exploring more brings the sense of awesomeness. It completes zest to live on and explore more. I feel complete with these around me.  They zest up my life.




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