My Black Desire

What is the colour of desire? Is it colourful like a rainbow or is it black. I will say it is like a blackhole which attracts more and more material substances and get even bigger in size. Thus I have termed it my black desire.

Black is said to have no colour in it or absence of all colours. Thus desire itself is not colourful, it adds colour as it adds objects to it and become colourful.  Black is thus universal, black is thus desirable, black is thus thought provoking, alluring.

In this way some exclusive objects in black become a part of my desire. They become my black fantasy.

First black item that I want to posses is a black sedan. Car is the symbol of masculinity, women desire men with big and sporty car. They fantasize a man’s personality through his car. The car that is different from others, that prominent in the middle of a bunch of other cars, the car that stands out in crowd. This car will silently speak volume about my personality, my class, my prominence in the society.

Second item that compliments my black desire is a sleek design, rectangle shape black ceramic watch.  The Swatch model is best in this class and it fits my class too. It shows the strata I belong to, it keeps me ahead of time, it keeps me at par with the new generation. The black beauty keeps itself tagged to my wrist – forever.

Third item of my desire is zed black satin executive shirt and fitting trousers. This will keep my upmarket look intact and will give much needed push in the image makeover. I will prefer a black shirt striped in black. This gives more classy look with an impression of premium lifestyle.

A man is known for the gadgets he posses. A classy i-phone 6 that keeps the world with me on the move is my black desire item #4. It goes well with my background, my work and my necessity to be connected with the world always. This gives me the much needed feeling of security and growth as I am connected to my share market, my financial world and I can run business from anywhere in the world. It makes life complete.

The fifth item in my list is not mine. It’s her. Her black satin night dress. She looks nightilicious in this dress. Her skin becomes brighter in this black dress, her cleavage becomes more prominent through this, every part of her well crafted heavenly body becomes luscious to me. One black dress brings many colourful nights in my life and gives me much needed enthusiasm to live on. She becomes my inspiration, the black dress makes her more desirable and brings out her persona more than anything else.


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