A home decor solution for my bed room

Finding a home decor solution for my home is not easy. I have two bed rooms and a living room in my flat. However, I use one of the bed rooms as my study room. Hence, I do not want same decor for all my rooms. In fact same decor will make my flat look dull so I have used vibrant colours for the walls of my rooms and want to decorate the rooms in different ways.

In this article I am going to talk about my master bed room design. My master bed room has two big windows with glass panes. Walls are colored in Orange and Sky Blue. One wardrobe having red sun- mica with ethnic design. I would like to give this room more ethnic look.

I have chosen three items from http://www.makemyhome.com/bestofhomedecor.html?p=1. First item I have chosen is hand painted Rajasthan Peacock wall mount.


 Hand painted Rajasthan Peacock wall mount

This piece will be kept beside my bed to give the room more ethnic look. This will be hosted little higher compared to the level of the bed so as to show the complete beauty of the hand painting work.

To complete the look of this corner I will need suitable show piece to keep on this wall mount. So the second item I have chosen from the same website is an antique looking sand-clock.

Home Decor

 The antique looking sand clock is perfect match for wall mount

The sand clock I have chosen is smart yet having impression of an antique. This will be a perfect combination with the wall mount. The wall mount and the sand – clock combination will make one corner of the room look ethnic.

However, the room decor will not be complete with this. To give the entire room some more ethnic feeling I need fitting glass deco film pattern. The pattern is easily found on the website.


 The glass decor to add to the ethnic look

This is perfect film for my windowpanes. However, to allow ample sunlight in I will only have a thin strip of window (towards the lower part) covered with this film.

There will be additional items required to complete the ethnic design. Fitting curtains and fitting painting and bed linen will complete the decor.



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