Home Decor for my study room

As mentioned in my earlier article I would like to give my study room a more casual look. This is the room where my friends come for evening chit chat and sometimes we play computer games or just open our beer bottles.

This room has one small balcony attached with this and that side is south facing and we get cool breeze from that side. In front of the balcony I have a children’s school. Morning time this room is well lit by sunlight.

My study table is at a corner covering the whole of a wall. All my books are specially arranged on my table. I want to have a casual look for this room and hence the first item that I will need for this room is a bean bag.


The bean bag for relaxing and chit-chat. At times with a beer bottle in hand

The bean bag with this finish will give the room a more casual look. This will also be conducive to my evening adda with friends.

The next item that I will select from the choice needs to be a table clock. I am a cricket fan and hence the best table clock that I can think of from the list is this –


The clock that will remind me of my passion

I will keep this clock just beside my laptop. This will remind me of how much time I waste every day chit chatting with friends or blogging. J

As I mentioned earlier I have a balcony attached to my study room. The balcony is having a glass door. I will use the decorative film on this door for giving the room more casual look –


Film for the glass door of my study room

This will allow sufficient light inside the room as well as create a vibrant feeling for the occupants of the room.



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