Caution! Deadly Synchronization

Univercell Sync

Oh man..this is what happened to me after I visited Unvercell Sync store in Bangalore.

So far I was content with my ordinary phone and ordinary experience, but Indiblogger just gave me an opportunity to experience a synchronized mobile experience with Univercell and that was deadly.

I didn’t want to take her but you know she kept a watchful eye on my movement. So we had to visit the Indira Nagar store together. The store manager Saumya Menon explained the awesome concept Sync.

At Univercell they are just giving us a wholesome experience based on our need. She saw my old phone and asked me my preferences. I wanted to change my phone so told her my passion about music and gaming and asked for her suggestion.

She took me to the music corner. Oh my god, I was amazed to see that they have a corner in the store dedicated to music lovers. The best music phones, music accessories and some memory cards to enhance the inbuilt memory, after all what she says it is not the phone alone that can give me the best music experience, it needs to be a wholesome experience of accessories and enabled mobile that will enrich my experience.

I was suddenly spoilt of choice. Not knowing what to decide. The deadly combination of money, girl friend, brands, experience, awesome accessories and super intelligent sales person bowled me over. I ended up spending a lot of money on buying a lot of items that I never wanted to buy. But the cool choices, great exchange offer, good experience and a personal touch in delivering the much needed information about this technical gadget to a tech nerd played its trick. I had to impress my girlfriend you know..

So I went there for some different experience about a mobile store a new marketing concept and saw the same bowling me over. You can also fall prey to that, have a careful look –

Univercell Sync

Guys, you know what. I actually did not bother to go across the whole store either to the phablet corner or photo shoot corner or gaming corner at all. I was thrilled by the music corner and I knew that my needs were taken care of even without me telling the store manager about it in detail.

The store had a concept of WOW – Walk Out Working, meaning walk out with a working phone. That made them configure my new phone with all accessories. So when I was walking out of the store I knew its functionalities and was too much hooked to it.

Well, to be honest I was not paying attention to my girl friend for some time. You know when you have your much desired brand new gadget with the right combination of accessories and when you experience a completely new way of enjoying your life how can you bother about mundane things in life? After all when you are bored of listening to the same tune of your girl friend, some change is always desired..right.

But that unintentional mistake of not paying enough attention to my second soul costed me dearly. She first told me not to cling to the phone, then she tried snatching it out and then she just pulled, pulled and pulled. I didn’t give up either. After all it is the experience that matters. You can see that from the photos that another man took and posted in the beginning. I was clinging to my new gadget and she didn’t like it..

Guys!! be very careful when you visit a Unvercell Sync store. Never take your girlfriend along. Lest you will also face the same fate as mine..

So you know that now you can be away from your girl friend but not from a Sync store for long.



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