Book Review – Private India

Private India

When it comes to Indian fiction Ashwin Sanghi is second to none. So when I got this opportunity to read his latest creation thanks to Blogadda I was thrilled. Bonus was the thriller king James Patterson and her knowledge and expertise in crime and forensic related stories.

Private India is a part of an international Private series written by James. He has already written books like Private LA, Private Berlin, Private London etc. with other reputed authors. For the Indian part of his series he has collaborated with Ashwin Sanghi. Thanks to them we have got a thriller that keeps the reader engaged in the story till the end.

The story is about a series of murder of unrelated women and the motive behind it. The story is filled with lot of twists and turns and enriches the readers’ minds with forensic knowledge, knowledge of crime scene investigation and gives them ideas on how even a perfect crime can be cracked with logical power and power of scientific knowledge.

Once the investigators suspected someone from their own agency being the culprit as he belonged to a particular tribe that was considered as a tribe prone to committing crime. The story revolved around murder of unrelated women an underworld don and a Godman. While investigating the crimes the Private staff realized that India was facing a greater danger that not only could destroy the organization but also could lead to destruction of the entire city of Mumbai.

I have always been interested in crime related stories and stories that gave me more knowledge about different scientific aspects of resolving a crime. Hence this book kept me engaged as this knowledge of crime investigation and explanation of forensic science to resolve murders, gave me much needed ingredients to wait for their next thrillers.The detailed explanation of how DNA test is done using hair sample shows the knowledge of the authors.

This book was really value adding to me and I will give them a rating of 4 out of five for this awesome experience.

[I am thankful to Blogadda and Ashwin Sanghi for sending an autographed book free of cost to me for this review.]