Pampering myself with Quickr

Like every year this Diwali came with some surprise to me. This Diwali brought a lot of gifts, recognition, fun and love from people around me. In addition Quickr and Blogadda gave me the golden opportunity of buying anything worth Rs. 5000 and to get that reimbursed from Quickr. Earlier many a times I tried selling different products on Quickr but never tried to buy anything. So this time I was excited to have a different experience,

This was a thrilling offer especially when Quickr sells mostly used items and Rs 5000 worth articles mean a lot for many buyers. The offer for me was to buy anything of my choice from the website and blog about my experience in detail and then get the money reimbursed.

So I decided to login to the website using their URL  At the first step it asked me about my city-

Quickr City Selection

I found that there are almost all known cities to choose from. Since this is a C2C website this brings in the flexibility for sellers to meet directly and negotiate their deals.

First thing that attracted me was user friendly and refreshing navigation of the website –

Quickr Easy nagitation

I tried the translated versions of their website as well. I was amazed to see the near correctness of their language translations, even though some of the terms were not translated. For example, words like Mobiles and Tablets, Community and Events were not translated. But I think it is better not to translate these words as these are known by their English terms more than the vernacular terms and that seemed justified to me.  Only I felt if these could be written in those languages that could make things easier for the users.

The nice little chat icon on the top right hand corner is aesthetically designed and serves the important purpose of getting instant online help from the website support. I was imagining how useful the website will be for someone like my parents who would need help even while browsing on this site. However, for me these features were not required and I have directly gone for logging in to the website.

For a first time user the website asks for mobile number for alerts and the category of customer (Individual / business). It makes life easier for the first time users as asking too many information for registration may put them off.


Since my login ID was already created, I had to sign in using my credentials. The sign in option was pretty straightforward. The website asked my email and password already registered with Quickr. I felt a provision of logging in using my Facebook or Twitter credentials would have been better. May be this is an enhancement opportunity for the website.

The first login screen took me to my dashboard. The design of their dashboard is really cool. It gave me the detail of all my previous ads and all necessary features to manage my ads –

Quickr Dashboard

I was not sure why my previous ads were not displayed. Probably this feature do not capture the expired ads. Since my objective of login was to buy products for myself for this Diwali, I moved on.

Their homepage had a bouquet of products listed in an easily identifiable manner. It was easy to choose the product of services of my choice.

Quickr Menu

What I liked most in this changed menu design was its easy comprehensibility for a normal user. The icons were designed in such a manner that anyone could identify each product easily. I felt that would make decision making easier for any user and his/her navigation challenges will be reduced.

Out of the bouquet of product ranges on sell I was amazed to find two categories, 1. Matrimonial and 2. Community and 3. Events and Services. I was under the impression that Quickr was a website to sell used items and was never aware that there was an option of charity through this site.

I didn’t have any product to purchase for myself so I thought of purchasing a service and see the experience. I have selected parlour and salon as I wanted spa services to pamper myself this Diwali –


I have selected the link for Salons to find out the best salons in the city.

I found the right spa in no time –

Soul Ecstasy

There were a lot of options but I had choose a professional one where I could expect best services. Spa soul ecstasy in Banswadi, Bangalore seemed to be an ideal choice.

Soul Ecstasy

Image – Justdial

The spa ambience, interior and services were good. I will keep them as an average spa as I felt that the rooms were very small and the bathing facility modern but tiny. It was little difficult to take bath as it was made at one corner of the room and was very tiny.

Soul Ecstasy Spa

image –

I took their signature services and additional two services worth 7800 over two days but had to pay in advance. But it was okay for me to experience the ecstasy and pamper myself with the awesome gift given by Quickr.

For me finding the correct spa and getting the service was easy as I got their phone number on the website and called them up. I have called some other spas in nearby places before selecting them. I found them to be on cheaper side in terms of cost, but felt the spa was not a complete spa as I missed Jacuzzi and sauna very much. I hope they will soon come up with better variety of spa with Jacuzzi and Sauna for people like us.


Overall, I found that as a C2C website Quickr is a great concept as it enables buyers and sellers to meet and do business where both side wins. I felt if the website brings some rating option for buyers and sellers based on each transaction, then it will be helpful for everyone.

Also I felt that there are very less number of products and services listed on the website. The team needs to look into this and expand their areas so that more people are benefited from this business format.


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