10 healthy sanitation tips for your home

Swachh India

Charity begins at home and the dream of Swachh India can be fulfilled only if we develop a swachh home. I follow these basic sanitation tips at home to have a swachh home–

  1. Have a toilet – It is sad to note that in India around 626 million people defecate in the open. This is not only leading to safety issues but this is also leading us to enormous environmental pollution issue, leading to death of people by water borne diseases. In my home I have two toilets so that we can take care of emergency situation when one is under maintenance. Have at least one immediately if you have none.
  2. Clean the toilet with disinfectant – I keep my toilets clean with disinfectant at least once every week. I have some disinfectant tablets in the toilets and those keep the toilets clean with every flush. Using an unclean toilet is can bring more health hazards than using none. Use of a hard brush to remove the dirt is important.
  3. Purify air – I use air purifiers for home and for my toilets to keep the breathing air fresh. It creates good mood for the inhabitants. A stinking ambience can create mood swings and irritation. In absence of air purifiers, Eucalyptus oil can also be used.
  4. Mop the floors daily – Cleaning my house daily keeps me healthy. Only dusting is not enough, it needs thorough mopping with water and sanitizer.
  5. Keep shoes outside – We keep our shoes outside home and clean our feet before entering the home. This prevents outside dirt coming in. If there are little children within two years of age, this gives extra protection to them and prohibit them to unnecessary put the shoes in their mouth. This can give extra care in sanitation.
  6. Cover mouth while Sneezing or coughing – There are some small practices that were taught to us from childhood. This is one of them. Help preventing spreading of germs to others and spread illness.
  7. Keep adequate dustbins – Before even imagining cleanliness having adequate dustbins and designated waste area is important. We segregate waste into recyclable and non-recyclable waste and that helps municipal authorities in waste disposal.
  8. No smoking – We are safe, as there is no smoker in our family. Keeps the air clean and healthy. If any smoker comes in, they are allowed to smoke only in balcony that leads to open road.
  9. Use clean water – Water is the main source of our diseases. Use of clean potable water keeps us healthy. We clean our overhead tanks regularly to keep the flowing water clean.
  10. Wash clothes regularly – I wash my clothes and bed linen at regular interval. This habit keeps them clean and keeps me tidy. Neatly cleaned and ironed clothes add to my personality and keep me stylish, too. One of my healthy habits helps me to keep me stylish too.

These small steps keep my house clean and give us healthy lives.

Keeping the greater vision of having a Swachh Bharat in mind, we can extend some of these habits to a larger society to have a Swachh India.

For example, the first step towards achieving Swachh India is to have the following –

  1. Have enough public toilets – Having enough public toilets will ensure that people do not urinate in the open. Currently people are forced to defecate and urinate in the open because of lack of public toilets.
  2. Have enough dustbins – To keep our surroundings clean, we need to have dustbins at designated places. Only if we have enough dustbins people will use them and keep the environment clean. Many a times people are forced to litter their surroundings as there are not enough dustbins in our cities.
  3. Cover your mouth while sneezing in public – Sneezing and coughing are two main reasons of spreading virus. By practicing this in public we can protect India from spreading of disease. Good sanitization practice for healthy India.
  4. No public smoking – Smoking in public places kill others by passive smoking. Even though a law banning smoking in public is already passed, it is still not obeyed in many parts of the country. We need to raise our voice whenever we see this law being flouted.
  5. Segregate waste – segregating recyclable and non- recyclable waste and recycling waste we can effectively manage our waste disposal and that can give us a healthy and clean India.

In short, any big change happens in small steps. We as citizens of India need to take those baby steps and then extend them at greater social levels so that we can achieve greater impact at national level and achieve a Swachh India.

In one such initiative NDTV India has taken up an initiative of Cleanathon on 14th December. More details of this are available on http://swachhindia.ndtv.com/.


This post is written for Banega Swachh India Campaign by NDTV India


अब मिलेगा स्वच्छ भारत, क्यूंकि अबमोंटूबोलेगा

Swachh Bharat or clean India is Modiji’s dream campaign. He has taken up this campaign from the very beginning of his tenure. However, he is not saying this for the first time. He had been following this in his state and already made Gandhinagar a model clean and green city that can be seen as pioneer for other Indian cities in terms of cleanliness. Recently when I visited Gandhinagar, I was staying in a hotel there. The city is so much clean that I felt like leaving my family in our hotel room, take a cycle from someone and go out on a city tour. Living in Indian cities had been a terrible experience for me. None of the cities I lived in, was as clean and green as I have seen Gandhinagar in my recent visit. Modi is the right person to start Clean India campaign.

The way Modiji had cleaned the environment in Gandhinagar, will he do the same to Indian society as well. There are a lot of people to talk about environmental cleanliness but there is hardly anyone to talk about social cleanliness that is required in India and hence this article. #AbMontuBolega क्यूंकि social cleanliness has become the first priority in today’s India and that is yet to grab anybody’s attention.

I am talking about the business around rape cases in India. The social hysteresis created every now and then in India about rape and how false and frivolous cases are filed under these sections of IPC to teach a lesson or two to others.

For example, take the sensational Badaun rape case, which had brought India global flak. In fact, immediately after that incident India Today ran a campaign asking every Indian to remember the Badaun Mango tree whenever they ate a mango in their life –

India Today - Badaun

In this case the local doctors have certified this as rape simply because they found the girls’ menstrual blood on their clothes. But they have not bothered to conclude their findings with appropriate forensic evidences like evidence of force, presence of semen traces, presence of other dna etc.

Because media had reported this incident in a bog way and created a situation so that every Indian needs to be ashamed of a crime that never happened based on some lies of the relatives of the girls found hanging. India as a nation was shamed in the name of rape.

…and today this case is revealed in totality. I am presenting the report of Amar Ujala, a Hindi news paper as the prominent English dailies in India did not cover the CBI story properly –

Amar Ujala - Badaun

Similarly we have seen how Bangalore was rocked sometime back in a child rape case in a school. Some innocent men were harassed because the police were given wrong information. Taking advantage of this sensitive situation another person wanted to extort a school authority in Bangalore by alleging that one of their staffer had raped his child, but he was soon to be caught (see the video on NDTV) –

These incidents show us that the mental dirt in our minds have increased so much that the environmental cleaning will not be enough for us to sustain in the long run. For having a Swachh Bharat we need to have our moral cleanliness in place.

It is important that we realize the importance of each crime to its correct seriousness and not create unnecessary hype around any crime. For instance, if we look at Indian rape statistics, we will know that most of such rape cases are filed in failed relationships. However even though approximately 75% rape cases are found to be false, we still create such a huge propaganda around rape that it becomes point of discussion everywhere. The problem is this kind of discussion create tremendous misandry in the system, men hate other men because they get worried about safety of their near and dear ones, women start hating other men too. All of these happen without enough knowledge about the inside stories of fake rape cases.

For me, a clean India is a corruption free India. This is not governmental corruption but our inner corruption. This is because when we live in a fake world, create falsehood and live in that we are always worried about getting caught. This brings great social menace that needs to be addressed first.

Now Strepsils India has brought a campaign on their Facebook and Twitter pages. This campaign also has its own page named #AbMontuBolega (http://www.abmontubolega.com/) that speaks about raising awareness about these fifteen social menace that we need to raise our voice against –

  1. Public Littering
  2. Public Smoking
  3. Sexual Abuse
  4. Child Labour
  5. Corruption
  6. Disobeying traffic rules
  7. Foeticide
  8. Dowry abuse
  9. Felling of trees
  10. Animal abuse
  11. Domestic Abuse irrespective of the gender of the person
  12. Superstitious rituals
  13. Disrespecting Homosexuality
  14. Gender inequality
  15. Complexion Obsession

I already have my thoughts on most of the above issues and I have linked them with the topic. I am sure this campaign will bring in positive change in India to create a true #SwachhBharat or Clean India.


A new dawn in Indian aviation sector

Indian airline sector has been observing tremendous growth in recent times. Industry studies show that that the growth will be phenomenal in coming years as well. If we look at the growth in number of pax between 2001-2011 and forecast the same growth in next ten years, we will be able to understand this pattern better –

CAPA Forecast

The above forecast by CAPA, India shows the potential of India’s aviation sector. There are many other studies that show India as a global giant in terms number of airline pax in the years to come.

This forecast by CAPA India shows the Indian market position vis-a-vis global market –

Global Aviation Market

CAPA forecast also shows that post 2020 India’s domestic travel will grow by 50 million pax every year. That is almost equivalent to Delhi or Mumbai airport’s present traffic.

So we understand that the key factors for Indian aviation sector are to scale operations to such a level so that the sector can handle this enormous growth in air travel.

By the typical nature of aviation industry, we know that Indian aviation industry is very cost sensitive. To operate in a cost sensitive market any company would need to make their ground staff so efficient that their aircrafts spend minimum time on ground and use minimum time in airports. That will lead to their effective utilization and less expenditure.

With increasing air-traffic in India another important factor in Indian aviation sector would be to control increased air traffic. If we consider massive size of this nation and consider the increased air-traffic we will realize how this sector needs to be controlled in the days to come.

The solution of both the issues of high usage of aircrafts and lower aircraft ground time and effective management of airborne fleet. Since the traffic increase will be from main cities how airliners maintain the fleet in these big metro cities will make a difference. Operating too many flights may not be a feasible solution to this problem as in that case the airport authority will not be able to manage the traffic properly. Also the passenger travel increases during start of weekend and at the end of weekends. Keeping all these factors in mind operating too many flights seems to be an unfeasible solution.

In this context the only way airliners can succeed in the business is by operating bigger size flights so that each flight can accommodate more passengers in them.

Airbus A380 is a double deck, four engine and a wide body aircraft. It is so far world’s largest passenger airliner. It can reach a top speed of 1020 Km p hour and can travel upto 15,700 Km at a stretch.

Lufthansa A380

The original configuration of A 380 aircrafts carried 555 passengers in a three class configuration and 853 passengers in economy category. The passengers were divided in two decks spanning over 470 Sq Meters or 5,100 SFT. The upper deck carries lesser number of passengers compared to the main deck.

There is one challenge in operating these aircrafts in India. The airports need to be compatible to handle such aircrafts as the two deck structure creates different set of business and operating challenges for both the airliner and the airport authority.

Earlier there was a restriction in flying this kind of jumbo planes in India and the Civil Aviation ministry had recently relaxed the clauses regarding the type of aircraft. Currently there is is restriction on the destinations from which the airliners can fly into India. But by introducing this new airbus in India that will reduce cost per passenger Km a main factor that can improve sales for this industry.

In India currently only four airports viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore can handle A 380s. Other important airports like Kolkata, Chennai and Kochi too need to improve their infrastructure to handle such jumbos. Currently these airports do not have two storied aerobridges. Kolkata being the gateway to Eastern India is an important airport and already airlines like Singapore Airlines expressed their willingness to introduce A 380 in that segment. But even after recent facelift of the airport the airport still lacks this facility.

Lufthansa A 380 flying

Currently only two airline companies operate A380 in India, Lufthansa being one of them. Recently in a grand opening of their operation in India Lufthansa started operating in Delhi –

Lufthansa Delhi opening

They have recently started operating these jumbos from Frankfurt, one of the busiest airports in Europe. This move to enter the Indian market will surely help the airliner offer economy seats to international passengers and thus grow their business. This will also help the passengers travelling as they will get seats at much cheaper rates compared to the mini aircrafts. In short, this decision of flying jumbos in India will be a win-win situation for all concerned. This will surely bring a new dawn in Indian aviation industry. I wish all the very best to #LufthansaA380.


Men’s grooming – a well groomed face

I asked my Bengali friend who is a die-hard fan of Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore to identify this person –

Rabindranath Early age

He failed and so did I wonder what value does this person has if his life long fans could not recognize him. Then I showed my friend this image and said the above person is one among these –

Rabindranath Tagore

He again chose the wrong legend. Unless I told him the first person I showed him was indeed his favourite poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Today none of these legends needs an introduction –

All legends

Their beard had become their identity. If Rabindranath without a beard is difficult to recognize, so is anybody else in the above group. Their beard adds to their personality. Their beard makes them uniquely identifiable.

So men need to understand the concept of a well groomed face. A simple search in internet gave me many different styles of beard possible –

All beards


None of legends mentioned before had the styles depicted above. They had their unique style and that made them unique. For these legends and for many other men with beard a well groomed beard makes the difference every day. This is a sign of masculinity men has to play with to experiment with their looks and hence they need to use this to their advantage.

People with beard know that it is not easy to maintain them.

So if you love to keep beard, you still need to work harder to keep them intact, in shape and well groomed. A beard can become a part of your personality when you maintain it well and thus a beard is not measured in length but measured in time like one month beard, yeard or year old beard, or holy grail beard (the maximum beard you can grow genetically.

No matter what you decide to do, you need shave off appropriate portions of your beard to keep the style and this could lead your beard to be itchy. This happens because when we shave, we create small spears at the tip of the hair follicle. Each such spear grow in length and start itching.

To avoid this itchy feeling apply some moisturizer like a beard oil.

Growing a yeard or a holy grail beard is very difficult. To maintain them you need to keep them untouched till the last month of your term or there is a chance of trimming in excess and losing the desired style.

Also while keeping a beard it is recommended that one should wash one’s beard between one to three times every week and apply beard oil every day. This keeps the bread fresh and soft. Also one need to give it a proper thought before trimming one’s beard, else there is a chance of trimming more and losing the style.

If one is washing one’s beard, one needs to use blow dryer to dry the same. Use of a beard balm when the beard is wet is recommended before drying. This will keep the look of the beard well kept and tidy.

A well groomed face is what we all want to have. Especially in today’s corporate world when we have minimum time to spend on these and also we need to keep ourselves tidy and clean, it is indeed a challenge for us to keep a stylish beard. Especially for me going through all the pain to maintain my beard was painful. Thus I decided to shave the entire beard off.

In my early college days I used to keep moustache but when I joined the corporate world I have decided to shave off my moustache. Because trimming my moustache was really time consuming and in the daily morning rush hour I used to trim my moustache wrongly and ended up looking funny. I felt a neat and clean face with the mild smell of my after shave lotion not only keeps me fresh but also make others think that I am younger than my real age.

Recently I tried growing my moustache again as a part of Movember movement. As the rule says the men supporting the cause of men’s health should start with a clean shaven face on November 1, and grow moustache for the whole month. When I started keeping moustache, my actual age came out in the open. Those grey hairs started becoming visible and women around me started asking questions. Even though my moustache was the talk of the town and everybody was curious to know the reason I kept moustache. I enjoyed the life changing experience. People were curious and so they knew the reason. That is one time I tried experimenting with my look in recent times.

Keeping the difficulty of a well groomed face with a well kept beard in mind, I thus chose to keep my face clean in normal times. Tell me your story of shaving and let everyone know that as a man #WillYouShave or you will sport a trendy beardy look.

Share your pics and story with trendsetting well groomed face and let the other men know what grooming of facial hair really means and how that can change their lives. If you are one of my blogger friend who writes an article on this, please let me know your blogpost link and promote the same on this article in the comment section. So hurry up, write your entry and promote your blogpost here.


* The images are not mine and are linked to the source

All Coins

Five Rupees

  1. 5 Rupee normal – two varieties. (1998, 1999)
  2. 5 Rupees, Big dia, 1998
  3. 5 Rupees with big font, copper, 2009
  4. 5 Rupees with small font, Nickel + Copper, 2011
  5. 5 Rupees, Mahatma Basaveswara, Steel (Sale)
  6. 5 Rupees, Mahatma Basaveswara, Nickel + Copper
  7. 5 Rupees, Indian Council of Medical Research, Centenary, 2011
  8. 5 Rupees, Dr Rajendra Prasad, 125 Birth centenary, 2009
  9. 5 Rupees, Big, Jawarhal Nahru, 1989
  10. 5 Rupees, Big, Indira Gandhi, 1984
  11. 5 Rupees, Civil Aviation, 100 years, 2011
  12. 5 Rupees, K Kamaraj, 1985
  13. 5 Rupees, ONGC 50 Years Celebration, 2009
  14. 5 Rupees, Reserve Bank of India, Platinum Jubilee, 2010
  15. 5 Rupees, Rabindranath Tagore, 150th Birth Anniversary, with star, 2011
  16. 5 Rupees, Rabindranath Tagore, 150th Birth Anniversary, without star, 2011
  17. 5 Rupees, Mother Teresa, Birth Centenary, 2010
  18. 5 Rupees, Mother’s Health is Child’s Health, 1996
  19. 5 Rupees, Bhagavan Mahaveer 2800th Janm Kalyanak, 2001
  20. 5 Rupees, Lal Bahadur Shastri Birth Centenary, Big Font, 2004,
  21. 5 Rupees, Lal Bahadur Shastri Birth Centenary, Small font, 2004
  22. 5 Rupees, Saint Alphonsa Birth Centenary, Copper, 2009
  23. 5 Rupees, 60 Years of Commonwealth, 2009 (Sale)
  24. 5 Rupees, Dadabhai Naoraji
  25. 5 Rupees, Food and agriculture, 19965 Rupees,
  26. 5 Rupees, State Bank of India 2006
  27. 5 Rupees, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Birth Centenary, 2006
  28. 5 Rupees, Jagat Guru Sree Narayana Gurudev, (Sale)
  29. 5 Rupees, Comptroller and Auditor General of India, 2010
  30. 5 Rupees, 60 years of India govt. mint, 2012
  31. 5 Rupees, Indian council of Medical Research, Centenary Year, 2011 (Sale)
  32. 5 Rupees, 60 Years of the Indian Parliament, 2011
  33. 5 Rupees, C Subramaniam Birth Centenary, 2010
  34. 5 Rupees, 50th Anniversary of United Nations, 1995
  35. 5 Rupees, Chanakya, Income Tax, 150 yrs of Building India, 2010
  36. 5 Rupees, Normal Steel, 2007
  37. 5 Rupees, Vaishno Devi Shrine Board
  38. 5 Rupees, ILO, World of Work
  39. 5 Rupees, Perarigana Anna Centenary

Two Rupees

  1. Reserve Bank of India – Platinum Jubilee, 2010
  2. Globalizing Indian Agriculture, Agriexpo, 1995
  3. Sant Tukaram, 2002
  4. National Integration, Complete Round, Hendecagonal and mixed. (3 variety) 1990’s
  5. World Tamil Conference, Sant Thiruvalluvar, 1995
  6. Two Rupees, steel, Plus sign
  7. Worl Food Day, Bio Diversity, 1993
  8. Sri Aurobindo, Life is yoga, 1998
  9. Deshbondhu Chittaranjan Das, 1998
  10. Louis Braile, 2009
  11. Sardar Ballavbhai Patel, 1996
  12. Supreme Curt of India, 2000
  13. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Centenary, 1997 (sale)
  14. IX Asian Games Delhi, 1982
  15. World Food Day, Water for Life, 1994 (Sale)
  16. Small Family, Happy Family, 1993
  17. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Centenary, 2001
  18. XIX Commonwealth Games, Delhi, 2010
  19. Lal Bahadur Shastri, Big Font, 2010
  20. Chhatrapati Shivaji, 1999
  21. Two Rupees Steel, Normal varieties

One Rupee

  1. Tourism Year, 1991
  2. International Youth Year, 1995
  3. Food for the Future, 1996
  4. Quit India Movement, Golden Jubilee
  5. Jawarhar Lal Nehru Centenary, 1989
  6. One rupee steel, ,normal
  7. One Rupee Steel, normal small
  8. Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, 1991
  9. One Rupee Big, 1978
  10. Cellular Jail, 1997
  11. International Year of the Family, 1994
  12. Sant Dayaneshwar, 1994
  13. Rajiv Gandhi, 1991
  14. Rainfed Farming, 1988
  15. 15 years of ICDS
  16. One Rupee Normal, Nickel, 1989
  17. B R Ambedkar,
  18. One Rupee, Steel, With Dot
  19. One Rupee, Steel, Without Dot
  20. Food and Nutrition, 1992
  21. Food and Enviornment, 1992
  22. 89th International Parliamentary Conference, 1993
  23. Reserve Bank of India, Platinum Jubilee
  24. One Rupee, Steel, One cross with four dots
  25. Care for the Girl Child, 2010
  26. Small Farmers, 1987
  27. India Post 150 year, 2004
  28. Jaya Prakash Narayanan Centenary, 2002

Rhymed Memories

When I start thinking of good old childhood days and the events that changed my life for good was my learning alphabets and numbers. These two mega events in my life had made what I am today.

Life was never all that rosy for me in my childhood. Being from a middle class Bengali family and being a student of a Bengali medium school, the learning of English alphabets and numbers was always a big challenge for me. I had a very colourful book that my brother studied too to learn alphabets. It showed one common object corresponding to each alphabet so that we could associate each alphabet with objects very easily. But we were never overwhelmed by too many choices for each alphabet like modern day kids have. For me A was always an Apple the fruit and not Apple the i-Phone 6 and B was always a Ball and not a Bear or Beer.

I remember I had a book of nursery rhymes that only depicted these in words, no one ever enacted them for me except my teacher in school.

But today’s kids learn these alphabets in a better way today. They have a You Tube channel that caters to their needs of learning alphabets easily and in a way that is fun and engaging –

Another strong memory associated with my life is the learning of the numbers. This is another milestone in my life that changed my life for good.

Compared to learning the alphabets the task of learning numerals was easy for me. Today, I understand that the reason was I could associate with those numerals all the time of a day. My mother in her small little pep talks used to always give me new lessons on numbers. Very often my brothers tried to cheat me by stealing my toys and then making me count. I used to cry initially but later realized that crying was never a solution, I had to outsmart them by counting them and proving that they were the cheats and they would get royal scolding by my mother if they did not return my toys. Good enough reason for them to comply immediately.

But this learning was painful. Not very fun and I learnt counting the hard way, in fact very hard way compared to what today’s kids experience.  –

My childhood was over before the ever engaging rhyme CDs and DVDs came into existence. I will say I was rather unlucky in that way. Because today with channels like Kids Hut existing, kids have a fun way of learning their lessons of life. I wish we had this kind of videos existing in our times as well.


The Lucky 6 – a new concept in gaming

I have never liked or played any of the online and video games. Forget about playing mobile games. I always felt that even though all these games could make positive impact in our lives in many ways, I also felt these games would make me lazy but when I came to know about Fat Cat game Lucky 6 I was thrilled by the concept and tried to give it a try.

I downloaded the app from their link – http://fatcatgaming.com/ for my android mobile and tried installing the same on my phone. Well, initially I faced a lot of hardships to install the app but with the help of one of my brothers I could successfully do it. I wish I were a regular gamer and kept pace with the changing online world and accepted few of those Farmville or Candy Crush requests.

The success of online games depends on involvement of more and more players and thus the Farm Ville concept of social gaming was a big hit. But the world had already gone mobile today. We see young-stars hooked onto their mobile phones in all public places. On one hand I feel these games make us loners but on the other hand I also feel these games can be effective pastime and add value in our lives in different ways while we are alone in a public place. At least we will have our mind doing gym whenever we are free.

I am not a gaming expert but I liked the concept of this game. In short a gamer is supposed to choose six brands of their preference every day, and if those six brands stocks perform the best for that day, the gamer wins a jackpot.

The prizes are cool too. It varies from large cash prizes to luxury holidays. Needless to mention I was not lucky but I hope I will be lucky one day.

Being a business graduate I decided to understand the business model and review the same.

Like many modern businesses this business too is based on a crowdfunding model. The business house is sure of success because as they say there is huge potential for the following reasons –

  • People in traditional lottery system is decreasing or shying away. Especially the young generation.
  • Most of the players in traditional lottery system are aged.
  • Since the chances of winning jackpot are slim, many traditional lottery players are going away from the traditional lottery platform because of jackpot fatigue.
  • To target younger players, the company needed to tap the modern hi-tech world or the mobile world.

So we find that as a business strategy the company is on the right path to tap the youngstars and to tap the mobile user market. This enables the company to grow social and really faster. With the number of smartphone users increasing and the nerds like me decreasing worldwide the business model had strong enough potential to succeed.

As a launch strategy the company had rightly chosen India as the first nation to launch the game. India has the largest number of young population in the world and Indian smart-phone user segment is growing at a very fast pace. Since online gaming is more social today the phone based game being easy to share with others and being played while on the move.

This business also has streamlined revenue model and revenue realization is almost immediate. It also has potential of revenue multiplication which will surely be the game changer for the business house. This game is introducing gambling in a different format which may be disliked by many. But it is related to stock market and knowledge if business models of the real brands that gives us some comfort and creates some value for the shareholders. For that matter even share trading is one kind of gambling.

I was rather pleased to see their strategies to mitigate their weakness and threats. Only one threat that I still find that the company had not factored in is banning lotteries in the countries like India or regulating lotteries in some way. I see a big threat to the company if that happens. It will be good if the company chalks out a strategy to mitigate this risk at the earliest.