Rhymed Memories

When I start thinking of good old childhood days and the events that changed my life for good was my learning alphabets and numbers. These two mega events in my life had made what I am today.

Life was never all that rosy for me in my childhood. Being from a middle class Bengali family and being a student of a Bengali medium school, the learning of English alphabets and numbers was always a big challenge for me. I had a very colourful book that my brother studied too to learn alphabets. It showed one common object corresponding to each alphabet so that we could associate each alphabet with objects very easily. But we were never overwhelmed by too many choices for each alphabet like modern day kids have. For me A was always an Apple the fruit and not Apple the i-Phone 6 and B was always a Ball and not a Bear or Beer.

I remember I had a book of nursery rhymes that only depicted these in words, no one ever enacted them for me except my teacher in school.

But today’s kids learn these alphabets in a better way today. They have a You Tube channel that caters to their needs of learning alphabets easily and in a way that is fun and engaging –

Another strong memory associated with my life is the learning of the numbers. This is another milestone in my life that changed my life for good.

Compared to learning the alphabets the task of learning numerals was easy for me. Today, I understand that the reason was I could associate with those numerals all the time of a day. My mother in her small little pep talks used to always give me new lessons on numbers. Very often my brothers tried to cheat me by stealing my toys and then making me count. I used to cry initially but later realized that crying was never a solution, I had to outsmart them by counting them and proving that they were the cheats and they would get royal scolding by my mother if they did not return my toys. Good enough reason for them to comply immediately.

But this learning was painful. Not very fun and I learnt counting the hard way, in fact very hard way compared to what today’s kids experience.  –

My childhood was over before the ever engaging rhyme CDs and DVDs came into existence. I will say I was rather unlucky in that way. Because today with channels like Kids Hut existing, kids have a fun way of learning their lessons of life. I wish we had this kind of videos existing in our times as well.



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