The Lucky 6 – a new concept in gaming

I have never liked or played any of the online and video games. Forget about playing mobile games. I always felt that even though all these games could make positive impact in our lives in many ways, I also felt these games would make me lazy but when I came to know about Fat Cat game Lucky 6 I was thrilled by the concept and tried to give it a try.

I downloaded the app from their link – for my android mobile and tried installing the same on my phone. Well, initially I faced a lot of hardships to install the app but with the help of one of my brothers I could successfully do it. I wish I were a regular gamer and kept pace with the changing online world and accepted few of those Farmville or Candy Crush requests.

The success of online games depends on involvement of more and more players and thus the Farm Ville concept of social gaming was a big hit. But the world had already gone mobile today. We see young-stars hooked onto their mobile phones in all public places. On one hand I feel these games make us loners but on the other hand I also feel these games can be effective pastime and add value in our lives in different ways while we are alone in a public place. At least we will have our mind doing gym whenever we are free.

I am not a gaming expert but I liked the concept of this game. In short a gamer is supposed to choose six brands of their preference every day, and if those six brands stocks perform the best for that day, the gamer wins a jackpot.

The prizes are cool too. It varies from large cash prizes to luxury holidays. Needless to mention I was not lucky but I hope I will be lucky one day.

Being a business graduate I decided to understand the business model and review the same.

Like many modern businesses this business too is based on a crowdfunding model. The business house is sure of success because as they say there is huge potential for the following reasons –

  • People in traditional lottery system is decreasing or shying away. Especially the young generation.
  • Most of the players in traditional lottery system are aged.
  • Since the chances of winning jackpot are slim, many traditional lottery players are going away from the traditional lottery platform because of jackpot fatigue.
  • To target younger players, the company needed to tap the modern hi-tech world or the mobile world.

So we find that as a business strategy the company is on the right path to tap the youngstars and to tap the mobile user market. This enables the company to grow social and really faster. With the number of smartphone users increasing and the nerds like me decreasing worldwide the business model had strong enough potential to succeed.

As a launch strategy the company had rightly chosen India as the first nation to launch the game. India has the largest number of young population in the world and Indian smart-phone user segment is growing at a very fast pace. Since online gaming is more social today the phone based game being easy to share with others and being played while on the move.

This business also has streamlined revenue model and revenue realization is almost immediate. It also has potential of revenue multiplication which will surely be the game changer for the business house. This game is introducing gambling in a different format which may be disliked by many. But it is related to stock market and knowledge if business models of the real brands that gives us some comfort and creates some value for the shareholders. For that matter even share trading is one kind of gambling.

I was rather pleased to see their strategies to mitigate their weakness and threats. Only one threat that I still find that the company had not factored in is banning lotteries in the countries like India or regulating lotteries in some way. I see a big threat to the company if that happens. It will be good if the company chalks out a strategy to mitigate this risk at the earliest.



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