Men’s grooming – a well groomed face

I asked my Bengali friend who is a die-hard fan of Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore to identify this person –

Rabindranath Early age

He failed and so did I wonder what value does this person has if his life long fans could not recognize him. Then I showed my friend this image and said the above person is one among these –

Rabindranath Tagore

He again chose the wrong legend. Unless I told him the first person I showed him was indeed his favourite poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Today none of these legends needs an introduction –

All legends

Their beard had become their identity. If Rabindranath without a beard is difficult to recognize, so is anybody else in the above group. Their beard adds to their personality. Their beard makes them uniquely identifiable.

So men need to understand the concept of a well groomed face. A simple search in internet gave me many different styles of beard possible –

All beards

None of legends mentioned before had the styles depicted above. They had their unique style and that made them unique. For these legends and for many other men with beard a well groomed beard makes the difference every day. This is a sign of masculinity men has to play with to experiment with their looks and hence they need to use this to their advantage.

People with beard know that it is not easy to maintain them.

So if you love to keep beard, you still need to work harder to keep them intact, in shape and well groomed. A beard can become a part of your personality when you maintain it well and thus a beard is not measured in length but measured in time like one month beard, yeard or year old beard, or holy grail beard (the maximum beard you can grow genetically.

No matter what you decide to do, you need shave off appropriate portions of your beard to keep the style and this could lead your beard to be itchy. This happens because when we shave, we create small spears at the tip of the hair follicle. Each such spear grow in length and start itching.

To avoid this itchy feeling apply some moisturizer like a beard oil.

Growing a yeard or a holy grail beard is very difficult. To maintain them you need to keep them untouched till the last month of your term or there is a chance of trimming in excess and losing the desired style.

Also while keeping a beard it is recommended that one should wash one’s beard between one to three times every week and apply beard oil every day. This keeps the bread fresh and soft. Also one need to give it a proper thought before trimming one’s beard, else there is a chance of trimming more and losing the style.

If one is washing one’s beard, one needs to use blow dryer to dry the same. Use of a beard balm when the beard is wet is recommended before drying. This will keep the look of the beard well kept and tidy.

A well groomed face is what we all want to have. Especially in today’s corporate world when we have minimum time to spend on these and also we need to keep ourselves tidy and clean, it is indeed a challenge for us to keep a stylish beard. Especially for me going through all the pain to maintain my beard was painful. Thus I decided to shave the entire beard off.

In my early college days I used to keep moustache but when I joined the corporate world I have decided to shave off my moustache. Because trimming my moustache was really time consuming and in the daily morning rush hour I used to trim my moustache wrongly and ended up looking funny. I felt a neat and clean face with the mild smell of my after shave lotion not only keeps me fresh but also make others think that I am younger than my real age.

Recently I tried growing my moustache again as a part of Movember movement. As the rule says the men supporting the cause of men’s health should start with a clean shaven face on November 1, and grow moustache for the whole month. When I started keeping moustache, my actual age came out in the open. Those grey hairs started becoming visible and women around me started asking questions. Even though my moustache was the talk of the town and everybody was curious to know the reason I kept moustache. I enjoyed the life changing experience. People were curious and so they knew the reason. That is one time I tried experimenting with my look in recent times.

Keeping the difficulty of a well groomed face with a well kept beard in mind, I thus chose to keep my face clean in normal times. Tell me your story of shaving and let everyone know that as a man #WillYouShave or you will sport a trendy beardy look.

Share your pics and story with trendsetting well groomed face and let the other men know what grooming of facial hair really means and how that can change their lives. If you are one of my blogger friend who writes an article on this, please let me know your blogpost link and promote the same on this article in the comment section. So hurry up, write your entry and promote your blogpost here.


* The images are not mine and are linked to the source


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