अब मिलेगा स्वच्छ भारत, क्यूंकि अबमोंटूबोलेगा

Swachh Bharat or clean India is Modiji’s dream campaign. He has taken up this campaign from the very beginning of his tenure. However, he is not saying this for the first time. He had been following this in his state and already made Gandhinagar a model clean and green city that can be seen as pioneer for other Indian cities in terms of cleanliness. Recently when I visited Gandhinagar, I was staying in a hotel there. The city is so much clean that I felt like leaving my family in our hotel room, take a cycle from someone and go out on a city tour. Living in Indian cities had been a terrible experience for me. None of the cities I lived in, was as clean and green as I have seen Gandhinagar in my recent visit. Modi is the right person to start Clean India campaign.

The way Modiji had cleaned the environment in Gandhinagar, will he do the same to Indian society as well. There are a lot of people to talk about environmental cleanliness but there is hardly anyone to talk about social cleanliness that is required in India and hence this article. #AbMontuBolega क्यूंकि social cleanliness has become the first priority in today’s India and that is yet to grab anybody’s attention.

I am talking about the business around rape cases in India. The social hysteresis created every now and then in India about rape and how false and frivolous cases are filed under these sections of IPC to teach a lesson or two to others.

For example, take the sensational Badaun rape case, which had brought India global flak. In fact, immediately after that incident India Today ran a campaign asking every Indian to remember the Badaun Mango tree whenever they ate a mango in their life –

India Today - Badaun

In this case the local doctors have certified this as rape simply because they found the girls’ menstrual blood on their clothes. But they have not bothered to conclude their findings with appropriate forensic evidences like evidence of force, presence of semen traces, presence of other dna etc.

Because media had reported this incident in a bog way and created a situation so that every Indian needs to be ashamed of a crime that never happened based on some lies of the relatives of the girls found hanging. India as a nation was shamed in the name of rape.

…and today this case is revealed in totality. I am presenting the report of Amar Ujala, a Hindi news paper as the prominent English dailies in India did not cover the CBI story properly –

Amar Ujala - Badaun

Similarly we have seen how Bangalore was rocked sometime back in a child rape case in a school. Some innocent men were harassed because the police were given wrong information. Taking advantage of this sensitive situation another person wanted to extort a school authority in Bangalore by alleging that one of their staffer had raped his child, but he was soon to be caught (see the video on NDTV) –

These incidents show us that the mental dirt in our minds have increased so much that the environmental cleaning will not be enough for us to sustain in the long run. For having a Swachh Bharat we need to have our moral cleanliness in place.

It is important that we realize the importance of each crime to its correct seriousness and not create unnecessary hype around any crime. For instance, if we look at Indian rape statistics, we will know that most of such rape cases are filed in failed relationships. However even though approximately 75% rape cases are found to be false, we still create such a huge propaganda around rape that it becomes point of discussion everywhere. The problem is this kind of discussion create tremendous misandry in the system, men hate other men because they get worried about safety of their near and dear ones, women start hating other men too. All of these happen without enough knowledge about the inside stories of fake rape cases.

For me, a clean India is a corruption free India. This is not governmental corruption but our inner corruption. This is because when we live in a fake world, create falsehood and live in that we are always worried about getting caught. This brings great social menace that needs to be addressed first.

Now Strepsils India has brought a campaign on their Facebook and Twitter pages. This campaign also has its own page named #AbMontuBolega (http://www.abmontubolega.com/) that speaks about raising awareness about these fifteen social menace that we need to raise our voice against –

  1. Public Littering
  2. Public Smoking
  3. Sexual Abuse
  4. Child Labour
  5. Corruption
  6. Disobeying traffic rules
  7. Foeticide
  8. Dowry abuse
  9. Felling of trees
  10. Animal abuse
  11. Domestic Abuse irrespective of the gender of the person
  12. Superstitious rituals
  13. Disrespecting Homosexuality
  14. Gender inequality
  15. Complexion Obsession

I already have my thoughts on most of the above issues and I have linked them with the topic. I am sure this campaign will bring in positive change in India to create a true #SwachhBharat or Clean India.



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