10 healthy sanitation tips for your home

Swachh India

Charity begins at home and the dream of Swachh India can be fulfilled only if we develop a swachh home. I follow these basic sanitation tips at home to have a swachh home–

  1. Have a toilet – It is sad to note that in India around 626 million people defecate in the open. This is not only leading to safety issues but this is also leading us to enormous environmental pollution issue, leading to death of people by water borne diseases. In my home I have two toilets so that we can take care of emergency situation when one is under maintenance. Have at least one immediately if you have none.
  2. Clean the toilet with disinfectant – I keep my toilets clean with disinfectant at least once every week. I have some disinfectant tablets in the toilets and those keep the toilets clean with every flush. Using an unclean toilet is can bring more health hazards than using none. Use of a hard brush to remove the dirt is important.
  3. Purify air – I use air purifiers for home and for my toilets to keep the breathing air fresh. It creates good mood for the inhabitants. A stinking ambience can create mood swings and irritation. In absence of air purifiers, Eucalyptus oil can also be used.
  4. Mop the floors daily – Cleaning my house daily keeps me healthy. Only dusting is not enough, it needs thorough mopping with water and sanitizer.
  5. Keep shoes outside – We keep our shoes outside home and clean our feet before entering the home. This prevents outside dirt coming in. If there are little children within two years of age, this gives extra protection to them and prohibit them to unnecessary put the shoes in their mouth. This can give extra care in sanitation.
  6. Cover mouth while Sneezing or coughing – There are some small practices that were taught to us from childhood. This is one of them. Help preventing spreading of germs to others and spread illness.
  7. Keep adequate dustbins – Before even imagining cleanliness having adequate dustbins and designated waste area is important. We segregate waste into recyclable and non-recyclable waste and that helps municipal authorities in waste disposal.
  8. No smoking – We are safe, as there is no smoker in our family. Keeps the air clean and healthy. If any smoker comes in, they are allowed to smoke only in balcony that leads to open road.
  9. Use clean water – Water is the main source of our diseases. Use of clean potable water keeps us healthy. We clean our overhead tanks regularly to keep the flowing water clean.
  10. Wash clothes regularly – I wash my clothes and bed linen at regular interval. This habit keeps them clean and keeps me tidy. Neatly cleaned and ironed clothes add to my personality and keep me stylish, too. One of my healthy habits helps me to keep me stylish too.

These small steps keep my house clean and give us healthy lives.

Keeping the greater vision of having a Swachh Bharat in mind, we can extend some of these habits to a larger society to have a Swachh India.

For example, the first step towards achieving Swachh India is to have the following –

  1. Have enough public toilets – Having enough public toilets will ensure that people do not urinate in the open. Currently people are forced to defecate and urinate in the open because of lack of public toilets.
  2. Have enough dustbins – To keep our surroundings clean, we need to have dustbins at designated places. Only if we have enough dustbins people will use them and keep the environment clean. Many a times people are forced to litter their surroundings as there are not enough dustbins in our cities.
  3. Cover your mouth while sneezing in public – Sneezing and coughing are two main reasons of spreading virus. By practicing this in public we can protect India from spreading of disease. Good sanitization practice for healthy India.
  4. No public smoking – Smoking in public places kill others by passive smoking. Even though a law banning smoking in public is already passed, it is still not obeyed in many parts of the country. We need to raise our voice whenever we see this law being flouted.
  5. Segregate waste – segregating recyclable and non- recyclable waste and recycling waste we can effectively manage our waste disposal and that can give us a healthy and clean India.

In short, any big change happens in small steps. We as citizens of India need to take those baby steps and then extend them at greater social levels so that we can achieve greater impact at national level and achieve a Swachh India.

In one such initiative NDTV India has taken up an initiative of Cleanathon on 14th December. More details of this are available on http://swachhindia.ndtv.com/.


This post is written for Banega Swachh India Campaign by NDTV India


2 thoughts on “10 healthy sanitation tips for your home”

  1. Great post! I’m always trying to clean my house and make sure that it’s properly sanitized! I haven’t ever thought about moping the floors daily, but I’ll be sure to get on that! Do you recommend using a specific type of cleaner? I have generic soap, but I’m not sure if that will do the job. It seems like you have some valuable recommendations here!


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