Innocence Killed


Every time I see those gory images, my eyes moisten!

Every time I read the horror story my heart breaks!!

Taliban or whoever you are –

Did you really kill innocent children?

Those children didn’t do any harm to you, did they?

You said, Pak army had long been killing your children!

Even if that is true, then why didn’t you protest earlier?

Like you have released the image of assassins

Why didn’t you release those images of your dead children ever?

Why didn’t you warn Pakistan of the consequences earlier as you have done now?

You have tried to justify your act!

You said, children are innocent and pure and they deserved better future

…and Inteqal is only a new beginning!!

You claimed, those children will be happy in heaven

…and you have made them reach there safely!!

Who gave you the authority to decide on their death?

Who gave you the task of making them happy?

They were here only for one life

They were here to enjoy the good qualities of life.

When you can’t give one life, how can you decide one’s death?

If your children were ever killed by the Pak army

I denounce that act as well!!

Because, in this game of war!

Only innocence is killed!!


*My message to the terrorists who kill children


Spoilt for choice

Indiblogger has Airbnb brought a unique opportunity to the bloggers to explore the world using airbnb and at the same time earn through their unique services. Airbnb bring us this unique couchsurfing opportunity.

We were asked to create a wishlist of five most interesting places I would like to visit from the Airbnb website. But when I logged in to their site I found all places very interesting and I felt like exploring all of them. Even after being very critical about the destinations I could not stop before I have added 25 places around the world to my wish list. I could have done more but it was late at night and I was tired imagining the thrill of going to those destinations without actually setting out immediately. Yes, Airbnb is so attractive.

However, listing down five unique places out of my wish list of 25 destinations is really tough task for me. I will still try to list down top five places that I would like visit below –

  1. Adventure in the snow – Igloo night

When I look out for a travel I look for amazing experience and not just mediocre one. Today the choice of any destination is decided by the facilities it offers. Thanks to internet and thanks to websites like Airbnb travellers are spoilt of choice. Many a times we can’t decide what to choose and what will be best because we have so many choices for us that we find it very difficult to choose one over another.

I have seen many offering Igloo night on the site but the one in Kuthai, Tirol, Austria attracted me the most. Reasons are many –

1. It’s beautiful locale

Igloo 12. It’s awesome interior –

Igloo 23. It’s aesthetic sleep quality

Igloo 34. It’s amazing outdoor activities

Igloo 4

Even though the above pictures speak thousand words and anybody can see for oneself the quality this place has to offer. Since this is located amidst the breathtaking mountains of Kuthai ski resort it is central to many activities like – snow hike, descend on sleds, Husky workshop, traditional Tyrolean curling and much more. Truly speaking I have no idea what the last two activities are and I would like to explore them when I am in Igloo hut. I find this place ideal for travel of small family of four to six people.

2. Coming second is the Sea-Shell house – Casa Caracol

The reason I had to choose this place is I felt that it is second to none in terms of aesthetics. Holidaying for me is to get a different experience, an experience that I will not get otherwise and this place brings that awesome experience to me.

To start with the house has its awesome design that can attract anyone’s attention even at a first glance –

Seashells 2

Its surroundings are very other reason to choose this place over others. When we see the sea overlaying its borders we imagine only of an amazing vacation in this house with our family and friends. –

Seashells 1

Then comes the interior of the house which is aesthetically designed and each artwork kept their speaks for their value –

Seashells 3

Coming to the sleep quality it has to offer we get mesmerized when we unique designed sofa, window curtains or other artwork. Sleep here is sure to be a lifetime experience for anyone –

Seashells 4

The unique design of the bathrrom and the fittings used there speaks volume about our bathing quality and attracts the travellers to experience the facility at least once in their lifetime.

Seashells 5

Last but not the least is an experienced and sensitive host Michelle who is from the background of five star hotels. This speaks volume about the quality services we can expect from this facility. It is also to be noted that this place held number 1 position on Tripadvisor and that speaks volume about what we can expect there. Only a passionate traveller and enthusiast host can ensure that world class services to us. This place being uniquely designed holds keen attraction from nearby residents and sudden gaze of intruders makes the inhabitants feel like celebrity at times. This is yet another reason for me to be at sea shell house.

3. Cabin in Redwood Giants

I always like to be close to the nature. Nature itself brings so many challenges and solutions that it becomes a great pleasure when I play with nature. Cabin in redwood giants in Mendocino, CA brings that awesomeness to us.

The reason I have chosen this place in my wish list is due to the opportunity to stay closure to the nature. –

Cabin in Redwood giants

The closeness to the beautiful blue ocean and a clean sea beach is a plus to the amazing experience this place has to offer. –

Cabin in Redwood giants 2 Cabin in Redwood giants 1

Naturally when we are close to the forest and sea there is no dearth of outdoor activity there and this is a sure shot reason for me to include this in my wish list.

4. Casananda-jungle home in Platanillo, Costa Rica

This place feature in my list as this has abundant nature and ample scope of outdoor activities. Morning times of the day here can be enjoyed with other tropical flowers, animals and birds.

Jungle Home - Costa Rica1

This place being close to nature it offers amazing relaxation at all times –

Jungle Home - Costa Rica 4

Being closure to nature it offers relaxation to our body and mind through different activities –

Jungle Home - Costa Rica 3 Jungle Home - Costa Rica

The beautiful dusks and amazing dawns brings those moments of smile in our heart that creates everlasting happiness in our minds.

Last but not the least the sea surfing and other adventure sports brings an extra edge in terms of celebrating our vacation to the fullest –

Jungle Home - Costa Rica 2

5. URCA Amazing Loft, Rio

Living at a pace with an amazing view of a ever youth city is my dream. Vibrant RIo thus makes a place in my list –

URCA Amazing Loft, Rio2

Not only in terms of offering the best view of the Rio city this place is located far from cities more dangerous areas of Rio city –

URCA Amazing Loft, Rio

The night view of the city is also awesome from this place –

URCA Amazing Loft, Rio1

Other than the crime Rio has many more positive things to offer. Security guards of this place screen people 24 hours before they let anybody in and that is the reason this place is still safe for outsiders. If I ever get to go there, I would love to stay in Rio and celebrate my vacation there.

For me, my wish list is never near complete with these five places. As I see the places listed on Airbnb website, I feel like visiting everywhere. I can make my vacation enjoyable anywhere I travel. No matter what the place has to offer if I find value in the same I will, if I see the place having unique values proposition I will definitely choose that location. I am sure that as long as I with Airbnb I do not have any problem in finding these awesome places.

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Disclaimer – All images in this post is taken from Airbnb website