Innocence Killed


Every time I see those gory images, my eyes moisten!

Every time I read the horror story my heart breaks!!

Taliban or whoever you are –

Did you really kill innocent children?

Those children didn’t do any harm to you, did they?

You said, Pak army had long been killing your children!

Even if that is true, then why didn’t you protest earlier?

Like you have released the image of assassins

Why didn’t you release those images of your dead children ever?

Why didn’t you warn Pakistan of the consequences earlier as you have done now?

You have tried to justify your act!

You said, children are innocent and pure and they deserved better future

…and Inteqal is only a new beginning!!

You claimed, those children will be happy in heaven

…and you have made them reach there safely!!

Who gave you the authority to decide on their death?

Who gave you the task of making them happy?

They were here only for one life

They were here to enjoy the good qualities of life.

When you can’t give one life, how can you decide one’s death?

If your children were ever killed by the Pak army

I denounce that act as well!!

Because, in this game of war!

Only innocence is killed!!


*My message to the terrorists who kill children


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