Quickr Chat Nxt – now selling becomes easier

I came to know that C2C portal Quickr’s ( http://www.quikr.com/) chat facility has improved. In this new improved facility the website is giving us ability to track down all out conversations anonymously. I have earlier used their messaging facility but not the chat so am still not sure whether these features were there previously and if yes then what is the difference in Chat Nxt.

Since I was looking for a new experience, I thought of trying it out myself. I was trying to find out the coin sellers in Bangalore as I wanted to improve my collection. I found one seller selling his antique coin and decided to ping him online through Quickr chat –

Chat Nxt

After sending the query I knew that the person will reply once he is online so I went searching for some other product.

Turn on – One – Image upload

There is another unique feature in this chat that is a good add on to my chat. It is the addition of images of my products. One simple camera icon displayed at the bottom right corner of the chat window helps us upload images of the products we sell –

Chat Nxt with camera icon

The camera icon however only opens the images stored in my laptop

I felt there is a need to allow its users to upload images from Facebook, Picasa, Instagram or other account. Such facility is very critical when we try to chat from a device that does not have the required image. I am sure Quickr management will think about t.

Once my message was sent I have started waiting for the reply as I knew this chat takes time as both buyer and seller are not online at the same time.

One more point I have observed, the camera icon is not coming at the initial stage of chatting. Only after sending one message, the icon appears. I am not sure why this feature has such a constraint. I will ideally feel it is better to have the image sharing icon from the beginning of the chat message.

Turn on – Two – Reply in leisure

I feel this feature of chatting is unique in a way as this gives the seller and buyers to keep their privacy while they sell their personal belongings.

But chatting compared to calling on someone’s mobile is not a very lucrative option for me. But when the time availability for both the persons at same point in time is a question then chatting becomes convenient. In my experience of selling online I have found that many a times prospective buyers call me at odd hours or when I a busy. But this chat facility gives me the flexibility to decide on a deal. Since this activity can be taken at my own leisure I am happy using this facility.

This facility helps me to filter spam mails or interactions and save precious time. Earlier I used to send mails to my prospective buyer for selling my products, today chat has given me the facility to be more interactive in my dealings with others. This also helps both parties in seeking and giving out more information about the product.

Turn on: Three – Chat History

Now accessing chat history and retrieving any previous chat information has become very easy.

All these chat messages are easily accessible in My Chats NXT section

My Chat NXT

In case of follow up with any seller or buyer, it is easy when one has all the chats listed like this.

In short, this chat facility from www.quickr.com  will relieve a lot of pain from every online buyer or seller. I am happy that Quickr is looking into our convenience and making their portal more user friendly.


*All images from Quickr


New innovations from Asus will spoil me for choice

The new innovations from Asus will spoil me for choice. There are two awesome innovations I have come across and both have blown my mind off.

The first innovation is Asus All-in-one PC ET2040

This is a space saving desktop with following features –

  1. Built-in UPS that can have power backup for one hour
  2. Very fast and responsive processor
  3. Space saving design
  4. Innovative gesture control
  5. Complete connectivity with more efficient and expandable features

The sleek design and space saving feature of this gadget attracted me most.

Asus PC ET 2040

Source and more information on Asus PC ET2040

Backup Power

Now there is no tension of power outage and accidental unplugging by children. The data in PC can be still secured and not lost due to sudden power outage. The in-built battery feature is a new innovation in PC market that will make many geeks like me craving for this device.

Faster and Responsive

With Intel Pentium processor this PC makes working with video and images smooth. High definition videos can be edited very fast and 3-D games with high graphics will be more engaging.

Gesture Control

When I first saw this feature, I could not believe in my eyes. You can actually control this PC remotely without any remote control. Well, that is surely too much to ask for in a PC, but Asus has made it possible now.

Connectivity and Expandable feature

This PC has 3 USB 3.0 and 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 HDMI Output, 1 Audio jet, 1 RJ-45 point, 3-in-1 Card Reader for extensibility of the monitor and get a bigger screen that will make life easier for editing videos, pictures or while making presentations.   Also the USB 3.0 ports will help the user charge their mobile devices faster.

The second innovation that I came across is Asus Eee Book X205TA

This laptop from Asus comes with a following new innovations and features.

  1. Optimized battery life for all day computing (The company claims that the battery can give 12 hour web browsing / 13 Hour of music playing / 11 Hour of Video playing
  2. Compact and lightweight. Less that 1 KG weight of the laptop will definitely be easy for us to carry them over to places
  3. 1 Year licence for Microsoft 365
  4. 36% larger touchpad
  5. Quad core processor for smooth multitasking performance
  6. Ultra thin design (only 1.75 cm)
  7. Four colour options (Red, Blue, Golden and White)

Asus Eebook X205

Source and more information on Eee Book X 205 TA

The laptop specifications are

  • Intel Quad core processor
  • 4 cm HD glare
  • Intel Gen 7 Graphics
  • 2 GB DDR3 1600 RAM
  • 32 GB EMMC

My need and fulfilment

People say marketers create need in us. So a need that was nonexistent until yesterday, became a dying need today. Thanks to Asus, now I desire the PC that can be controlled for a distance using hand gesture.  As I am a blogger I definitely need a laptop for keeping my blog alive while on the go. When I came to know about such awesome innovations by Asus, now I want both of these. Oh god!! I am spoilt for choice by Asus.


The litterbug

The litterbug
Image linked to source

She spits on the street, she litters the wall!

She can spit on your face on your FB wall!!

The waste from her house is thrown on the street!

So that flies can have their daily treat!!

Children learn these as they see this everyday!

They litter the places as they are told – Daag Acche Hain!!

Some people litter, some just observe!

As if this is the world we all deserve!!

Throwing empty cans or the banana skin out-

Is a regular habit on our travel or whenever we go out!!

Highways and railway tracks are great litter bins!

The litter lies there and no one ever cleans!!

All these habits are well known to all!

That is why we need a Swachh Bharat call!!

Do not throw litter to any place you like!

Keep your place clean, else flies will strike!!

The litter that you throw will come to haunt you!

(But) then you can’t take back the litter that you threw!!

I wrote the above poem and sent that a friend of mine who was a litterbug. She wouldn’t agree that she was a litterbug and needed to amend her ways. Well I was decent enough to give her a good reason not to continue the way she behaved, but she wouldn’t budge.

She tried to defend her act by saying in India there are not enough dustbins so no one can keep from throwing their waste on streets. Moreover, she argued that if trash cans are kept in every street corner then this littering problem will go away.

So I have not said anything and kept mum. I hoped that she would learn the hard way someday and will stop littering around.

One day, we both were going to a market to shop for something. It was her birthday shopping and she was dressed to kill. The dress was given by her boyfriend who was not paying much attention to her. So she planned to teach him good lesson on her birthday by wearing his dress, and making him jealous by roaming around with me as a fake new boyfriend. She promised me good treat in a Chinese restaurant in return of my favour.

I always liked treats from women. After all why should we men pay always for women? Let us have some fun too.

I am always a fast walker and she is bit slower. The fact that I tend to walk faster even when a woman is with me, kept me single throughout. Probably that was a blessing in disguise as I never bothered to gift any dress to any one and then wonder if she had gone with someone else.

Her boyfriend had a shop in an area where there was a big shopping mall too. They never went to that shopping mall together as many of his friends would have caught them there. But she used to go there alone or with her family members.

But that day she decided to take me. We set the rules too, we will be close only when her boy friend’s shop arrives. Else we will keep distance. As a habit I was walking bit faster, little ahead of her. There was a turn after which the shop was situated within a distance of 100 meters. Our agreement was we will get closer after we walk 50 m farther from the turn. That was the distance maximum which he could see from his shop.

So I crossed the turn and walked ahead and heard a sound of something falling from above and my friend shouting at the top of her voice. When I turned back I saw her favourite dress all splashed with dirt and mud thrown from above. Probably they were sprucing up the garden in their balcony.

Embarrassed with the sudden downpour of love from the heaven, she ran towards her home quickly.

I immediately realized, she will never ever throw garbage from her balcony or litter everywhere.


BOLT up, man

I am a very forgetful man. This nature of mine is a blessing in disguise. This helps me forget my painful past. However, life doesn’t tolerate such forgetfulness always. My boss reminds me that I need to do better in terms of remembering things. My friends joke about my memory often. They jokingly say that, I don’t drive a car because I may forget to pull the right gear or may be to apply the brake in time.

Saddened by the life’s cruel gifts, I had once decided to live smarter and overcome all my handicap. I had resorted to smart innovations. One such innovator friend gave me a simple idea that could help me remember things. He gave me a wrist band and asked me to wear the same to remember my goal for one day –

Wrist band

He suggested that when I wear this band, I will remember my goals for the day and once those were accomplished I could turn the band upside down to the other brighter side to have a feeling of my achievement. I was worried, that it would work properly though.

My memory, however is only one reason that so far prohibited me from driving a car. There are other reasons for me as well.

I am always restless, I am always in search of peace of mind. My anxious mind is never makes me feel safe for driving. I had tried yoga and meditation to calm down my mind and concentrate. Well, technology came to my rescue finally.

I came to know about a smart yoga mat that could guide me to my perfect yoga routine –

Concentration is another key element of driving and I have been trying hard to improve my concentration to start driving cars. Meditation was another way to develop better concentration.

But yoga started exhausting me and making my work difficult. I realized that the sleep I was losing to get up early for yoga was the reason for my physical and mental exhaustion. This was leading me to further frustration. Hence I recognized that I needed to sleep well to rejuvenate my body, mind and soul. One option was to go to bed early. But my neighbours used to sleep late and wake up early making it extremely difficult for me to have quality sleep.

Solution came through a set of smart earplugs that could eliminate outside noise and help me sleep even in a noisy place–

Once I could control my mind, have peace of mind and could overcome my forgetful nature to gain confidence in driving, I realized that driving in busy streets without proper entertainment would suck. Good music boosts up my energy. But I am very moody and do not like one type of music for a long time. I felt it was difficult for me to control the tracks or audio volume while driving. So, I have found another smart solution in a handglove that could control the audio system for me –

I was thrilled to see how I could probably gather different gadgets to overcome my difficulties. I gradually felt more confident on taking up a car. But investing in so many different products available outside India was difficult for me.

I was also concerned about road safety issues. Indian roads are better known for everyone breaking traffic rules and that posed a serious threat to my driving.

After exploring all these, I came to know that a solution to my problem exists today as the Tata group is set to launch their new car in a premium hatchback category. I came to know about five amazing features of this car that could resolve my issues –

  1. Auto door lock whenever the speed reaches > 10 KM / hr – This feature enables the car door to be locked whenever the car reaches a speed of 10 km per hour. My tension of carrying children and forgetting to lock the doors properly was over when I came to know about this feature. I felt that even if I forgot my car would remember to lock the doors when needed. It was a great relief for me to find that the makers had indeed taken care of the safety of forgetful people like me.
  2. Corner stability control – If I ever drive this car and lose control while driving, this system designed by BOSCH will control the car and its stability. One of the reasons for high accidents in India is our vehicles losing control while turning in busy city road. This feature will ensure safety for the novice drivers like me. I felt it would help reducing bad issues of my lack of concentration.
  3. Advanced voice command recognition enabled infotainment system – This car comes with a HARMAN infotainment system that can recognize voice and can operate through smart devices. It’s 8 speakers give stereophonic experience to the occupants of the car. Since this is voice controlled my tension of frequently changing the soundtracks and losing concentration on driving was gone –

  1. Door unlock and Fuel cut off during impact – This car automatically unlocks its doors and cuts off its fuel supply to the engine on any impact thus making it safer. Another reason to have peace of mind while driving this.
  2. Turbocharged petrol engine with Multi-drive experience – Last but a very important feature of this car is that it is fitted with a turbo charged petrol engine with driving in three different modes – Sports, Eco and City. Sports mode gives more power to the engine and help it reach a top speed, the Eco mode makes it run in most fuel efficient way and the city mode gives the normal city traffic experience.

I felt like this car was made keeping my requirements in mind.  To all those who are feeling like buying a new car, I will say that if I feel at ease to drive this one, then the BOLT will definitely change your car experience. I will say –

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BOLT up man


Relocating to Bangalore Quickr

So are you planning to Bangalore? Now your logistics and other relocation related issues can be handled easily by one website, Quickr.com.

The only reason this website come to my mind regarding relocating to any city within India is this website gives us a comprehensive solution to our relocation needs. To experience the same all you need to do is to create a login to the website using a very simple login process.

Quickr Login Screen

Once the location is selected then you can explore the services or offerings of that location through a simple yet attractively designed pictorial menu –

Quickr Menu

The best feature of this menu is even technically retarded people like my father can easily handle this without any problem. Since you are planning to relocate to Bangalore the first service you will look for is a logistics service provider to transport your goods from your current city of residence to Bangalore. As a Bangalorean I will recommend using bangalore.quikr.com because this site gives you more options of movers and packers than any other city. A quick glance at the logistics service provider listing for Bangalore city will tell you that you will be exploited for choice and hence will get a good bargain.

Quickr Bangalore Logistic Companies

Filter optionsPlease also note different filter options available to you on the left hand side of the screen to refine your search. This refinement of search results will enable you to find out the correct solution for you.

Once you identify your logistics service provider and become tension free from shifting your luggage to Bangalore, you may need to look for an accommodation in the city. Unless you have a confirmed accommodation from your new company (if you are shifting for a new job) or from your new college (for a college education), you need to finalize your accommodation before you come to Bangalore.

Quickr is again here to help you. The real estate section of the website will not only show you options for houses available on rent but if you wish to purchase any flat or house this can also give you options. Moreover, you will be able to find your desired flatmates through this site if you wish. Once you shift to Bangalore you may go for purchasing land through this website too.

Quickr Real Estate in Bangalore

Once you land up in Bangalore you will need a lot of other services. Being in a new city you may not be able to find them out easily. But Quickr solution will help you easily find these services too.

You will find the list exhaustive and you can choose any of the services listed on the page. Recently I wanted to pamper myself and thus searched for Spas in Bangalore. –

If you are coming to Bangalore in search of jobs or education Quickr will help you do the same as well. Their Education and Learning section and Jobs sections are well equipped to find you a solution for your need. Once you get a good job you may opt for buying other electronic appliances on this website.

Once you achieve all these and have sufficient means to survive in this new city you may as well choose a bride from this site and get settled. Well, you have options without marriage too. ;P


* Images from Quickr site

When I had pimples

Teenage is the time when one thinks big. I was not an exception too. The sudden growth in size, a broken voice, hair in some intricate parts of the body, a thin line of moustache are all the characteristics that told me loudly that I was reaching adulthood. The girls seemed most beautiful during that time, many of them had taken my dreams away or have become my dreams forever. The first crush and a new way to look at life all came together. But it was not at all rosy. Alongwith all these good factors came the nightmare of pimples.

It was depressing

It was terrible. I used to pray everyday…”Oh my god, please make me big enough to get rid of those.” But it felt as if I was not growing fast enough. They kept coming, coming and coming.. I tried many different remedies but nothing was permanent. When they appeared, the face used to look bad, when they were gone, they used to leave permanent marks on the face reminding me everyday that how many golden opportunities I had missed. How many girls just went away or turned a blind eye to me because I had them. I wished those girls didn’t meet me on those fateful days, but then my god was not very happy with me. Those pimples ruined my teenage. The golden age that gave me first feelings of a grown up man also shrunk me to a toddler as they appeared. I used to hate my life and that was real identity crisis for me.

Fourteen to Eighteen was the age when they created havoc in my life. These were my school leaving years and a few years into the college. When those golden years have gone by, I was left remembering about the days and the chances I missed.

I wished I had long hair or I wore scurf or were smart enough to handle the situation. I was not that lucky. My friends used to tell me that I were committing some sin and the pimples were the outcome. It was so frustrating.

Covered my face with both hands
I used to cover my face with both palms

I used to occupy the last row covering my face with both palms so that no one notices my pimples. I was having low confidence and became a permanent introvert. Some of my friends could carry over the situation well. They were bold, they were straightforward and they succeeded. Since I became timid and calm person no one used to bother me much. That was a saving grace for me. At least I was spared. But that was damaging for my entire life. Slowly I accepted that timid and uneventful lifestyle. My parents were happy because they had a good son, my friends were happy as I was not a competition for them but I was not happy because I knew I was losing opportunities in life.

The thought of pimples occupied most of my mind. My social life degraded, so was my educational life and later I realized that my introvert nature thus developed ruined my career prospects, too. In fact I grew up as an unconfident guy who was scared to meet people.  That had impacted my professional life as well.

It was not that I did not knew at that time that neem or haldi  are good for face cleansing, but I did not have the time to make paste of them and use that. Moreover, such household remedy for beauty solution was to be used by girls only and not the boys. So gradually I stopped thinking about them.

Garnier Pure ActiveNow I came to know that Garnier has come up with a solution to this problem. Their Pure Active Neem Face Wash battles with pimples and removes them completely. I wish I had these in my teens when I needed them the most.


Source of the images – 1, 2, 3

I’ve got blogging skills, my theme is only a part of it

I Got Skills
By running five different blogs for last two years I have acquired skill of selecting a theme that suits my brand’s message. For me my blogs are my brands and I am proud of them.

Initially when I started my human rights blog, It was just another website under wordpress. Even though my followers always praised my insightful articles on my blogs, I had a lot of rejections before I could zero down on my present blog themes.

For my human rights blog, http://themalefactor.com/ initially I used to use The Monster theme, but when my readers complained about the same, I had to change the theme to The Columnist but I felt though this theme could generate very good traffic for me it had its own shortcomings. So recently when I tried to change it to some exciting theme I came across two exciting themes, Twenty Fifteen and Motif. 

Both themes are equally attractive and gives my readers exciting reading experience. The font size in both themes are good to the eyes. Menu is clearly distributed and visible.The human rights blog is more serious in nature and I only have mostly serious crime related articles in that. All my research on crime, legal issues and social issue analysis is shown on that blog and hence I have chosen a combination of two serious images to depict the brand value of the blog.

The personal blog (“Timepass”, where this article is being published) deals with my hobbies and personal stuff. These articles generally don’t bother others that much. hence I have chosen to have a casual design for this. Even though I still feel this blog design can be made more exciting and I need to work on the same.

My readers many a times told me that I have got skills in blogging and analysis. And as a part of my blogging exercise I have acquired skills of choosing themes as well and currently I am in the lookout of perfecting the same.

So I request my readers to visit the following blogs of mine

1. The Male Factor

2. Timepass

and let me know how do they think I need to improve on my theme based on the subject I deal with in each blog.

Many thanks for visiting my blog and being in touch. Do drop your blog url and I will pay you a visit soon. Let’s build our own community.

This January – a new journey with a new identity

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

New Skin

Ice, Water, Steam

This article is written in response to six different blogging prompts and combining all of them into one. I consider this as a new challenge to my creativity and enjoy writing in such a manner. The challenges combined in this article are –

  1. First challenge from Indiblogger is to describe my definition of a good girl.
  2. Second challenge is given on WordPress daily prompt for Jan 1, New Skin that asks me to imagine if I am a member of a completely different species or gender, who would I choose to be and how would I spend my new year.
  3. Third challenge is from Blogadda to write about what I think when I see “January, Jeans and Journey”.
  4. The fourth challenge is the weekly blogging prompt of WordPress for the week of 30 Dec, 2014 that asks us to write about – “What does it mean to be the same thing in different forms
  5. The fifth  challenge is again from WordPress daily prompt of 2nd Jan that asks me to pen down what change big or small I would like my blog to make in the world.
  6. Thus I divulge my new year resolution as asked in a blogging prompt by Blogrelease

To begin with let me clarify that I am an advocate for men’s rights and I run a separate blog on men’s rights. Hence, defining the behaviour of a good girl is my priority. I believe in living by example and hence the New Skin prompt allows me to imagine myself as one such good girl and how would she ideally behave in today’s India. Thus I narrate my journey of life as a good girl this January. I will include my views on girls’ dresses including wearing jeans as that had been the focus of discussion in India. Ideally I consider that good qualities for human beings can’t be different based on gender and hence I describe “What does it mean to be the same thing in different forms” and eventually I come to conclusion of how I dream of changing the world and eliminating gender differences through my blog.

As I mentioned earlier that I consider that good qualities of life are not gender dependant. Hence, if I consider myself as a good person I should continue to be like the same unless there is a reason for me to find a better and wiser way to live. So if in this new year I wear a new skin of a good girl, I will still be a Men’s Rights Advocate or MRA. I will live as an example to everyone, as I live today. The bad qualities that I hate in anyone are their habit of lying in straight face, making small problems look big, blaming men for everything that is bad, claiming women as victims even when they are the culprits (remember recent Rohtak case?), not demanding punishment for women criminals etc. Needless to say that if I wear a new skin of a woman this year, I will never indulge in these activities and will continue to be an MRA like the way I am today. I will continue to be a travel freak as I am and will continue to wear jeans wherever I find it apt.

Regarding my dressing as a woman I would like elaborate more as this is a very controversial topic in India.  I believe that not every person look equally good in all dresses. Not every woman look good in saree or salwar or any other modern outfit. This applies to men as well. Also dressing sense is very important for any person. For example, those tank tops or halter tops are not suitable for all occasions, especially not in India. In the name of showing me modern, if I were a woman I would have never wore those things in all places. A sense of place, event and time is very important and hence I would still not show off private parts in public in the name of empowerment and equality. Modern feminist demand of going topless as equality sucks and I will always shun that even as a woman. As an Indian I believe women look best in sarees and it is possible to wear these in a very sexy way.

I understand that a woman’s sexuality is stronger than that of a man as is evident by their ability to hold on their urges longer showing their tenacity in sexual matters. Men are sexually weaker (the proverb “men are stronger sex” emerged due to their physical strength and not for their sexual endurance) and hence I will not try to lure men unnecessarily by wearing revealing clothes everywhere. Even though many will complain that I am being chauvinistic here, but the point that men get sexually attracted to women on visual cues can never be ignored by anyone. Since in India, most of the people are not that literate, I will not expect them to behave well at all paces, I will never try to take a chance of luring those men even as a girl.

So my journey with a new identity (if at all) will be simple yet elegant. I will not need grace marks for equality, I will not need special legal provisions or special benefits like reservation everywhere to be empowered. In fact, I will be ready for equality in true sense and that is what I consider the characteristics of a good girl. It is nothing but being the same persona in different forms. The journey of my life will not be drastically changed except the fact that probably I will have more women friends and they will accept my views more openly.

Through my blog I intend to bring in true gender equality in this world. Even though my first target to change will be India but my blog’s impact will be for the entire globe.

I have dedicated my other blog http://www.themalefactor.com for this purpose and I have been successful in raising some pertinent discussion points regarding equality. If I suddenly get a new identify as a woman, I will continue to live up to the same standards and thus my new year resolution is to work for gender parity in the society.