This January – a new journey with a new identity

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

New Skin

Ice, Water, Steam

This article is written in response to six different blogging prompts and combining all of them into one. I consider this as a new challenge to my creativity and enjoy writing in such a manner. The challenges combined in this article are –

  1. First challenge from Indiblogger is to describe my definition of a good girl.
  2. Second challenge is given on WordPress daily prompt for Jan 1, New Skin that asks me to imagine if I am a member of a completely different species or gender, who would I choose to be and how would I spend my new year.
  3. Third challenge is from Blogadda to write about what I think when I see “January, Jeans and Journey”.
  4. The fourth challenge is the weekly blogging prompt of WordPress for the week of 30 Dec, 2014 that asks us to write about – “What does it mean to be the same thing in different forms
  5. The fifth  challenge is again from WordPress daily prompt of 2nd Jan that asks me to pen down what change big or small I would like my blog to make in the world.
  6. Thus I divulge my new year resolution as asked in a blogging prompt by Blogrelease

To begin with let me clarify that I am an advocate for men’s rights and I run a separate blog on men’s rights. Hence, defining the behaviour of a good girl is my priority. I believe in living by example and hence the New Skin prompt allows me to imagine myself as one such good girl and how would she ideally behave in today’s India. Thus I narrate my journey of life as a good girl this January. I will include my views on girls’ dresses including wearing jeans as that had been the focus of discussion in India. Ideally I consider that good qualities for human beings can’t be different based on gender and hence I describe “What does it mean to be the same thing in different forms” and eventually I come to conclusion of how I dream of changing the world and eliminating gender differences through my blog.

As I mentioned earlier that I consider that good qualities of life are not gender dependant. Hence, if I consider myself as a good person I should continue to be like the same unless there is a reason for me to find a better and wiser way to live. So if in this new year I wear a new skin of a good girl, I will still be a Men’s Rights Advocate or MRA. I will live as an example to everyone, as I live today. The bad qualities that I hate in anyone are their habit of lying in straight face, making small problems look big, blaming men for everything that is bad, claiming women as victims even when they are the culprits (remember recent Rohtak case?), not demanding punishment for women criminals etc. Needless to say that if I wear a new skin of a woman this year, I will never indulge in these activities and will continue to be an MRA like the way I am today. I will continue to be a travel freak as I am and will continue to wear jeans wherever I find it apt.

Regarding my dressing as a woman I would like elaborate more as this is a very controversial topic in India.  I believe that not every person look equally good in all dresses. Not every woman look good in saree or salwar or any other modern outfit. This applies to men as well. Also dressing sense is very important for any person. For example, those tank tops or halter tops are not suitable for all occasions, especially not in India. In the name of showing me modern, if I were a woman I would have never wore those things in all places. A sense of place, event and time is very important and hence I would still not show off private parts in public in the name of empowerment and equality. Modern feminist demand of going topless as equality sucks and I will always shun that even as a woman. As an Indian I believe women look best in sarees and it is possible to wear these in a very sexy way.

I understand that a woman’s sexuality is stronger than that of a man as is evident by their ability to hold on their urges longer showing their tenacity in sexual matters. Men are sexually weaker (the proverb “men are stronger sex” emerged due to their physical strength and not for their sexual endurance) and hence I will not try to lure men unnecessarily by wearing revealing clothes everywhere. Even though many will complain that I am being chauvinistic here, but the point that men get sexually attracted to women on visual cues can never be ignored by anyone. Since in India, most of the people are not that literate, I will not expect them to behave well at all paces, I will never try to take a chance of luring those men even as a girl.

So my journey with a new identity (if at all) will be simple yet elegant. I will not need grace marks for equality, I will not need special legal provisions or special benefits like reservation everywhere to be empowered. In fact, I will be ready for equality in true sense and that is what I consider the characteristics of a good girl. It is nothing but being the same persona in different forms. The journey of my life will not be drastically changed except the fact that probably I will have more women friends and they will accept my views more openly.

Through my blog I intend to bring in true gender equality in this world. Even though my first target to change will be India but my blog’s impact will be for the entire globe.

I have dedicated my other blog for this purpose and I have been successful in raising some pertinent discussion points regarding equality. If I suddenly get a new identify as a woman, I will continue to live up to the same standards and thus my new year resolution is to work for gender parity in the society.



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