I’ve got blogging skills, my theme is only a part of it

I Got Skills
By running five different blogs for last two years I have acquired skill of selecting a theme that suits my brand’s message. For me my blogs are my brands and I am proud of them.

Initially when I started my human rights blog, It was just another website under wordpress. Even though my followers always praised my insightful articles on my blogs, I had a lot of rejections before I could zero down on my present blog themes.

For my human rights blog, http://themalefactor.com/ initially I used to use The Monster theme, but when my readers complained about the same, I had to change the theme to The Columnist but I felt though this theme could generate very good traffic for me it had its own shortcomings. So recently when I tried to change it to some exciting theme I came across two exciting themes, Twenty Fifteen and Motif. 

Both themes are equally attractive and gives my readers exciting reading experience. The font size in both themes are good to the eyes. Menu is clearly distributed and visible.The human rights blog is more serious in nature and I only have mostly serious crime related articles in that. All my research on crime, legal issues and social issue analysis is shown on that blog and hence I have chosen a combination of two serious images to depict the brand value of the blog.

The personal blog (“Timepass”, where this article is being published) deals with my hobbies and personal stuff. These articles generally don’t bother others that much. hence I have chosen to have a casual design for this. Even though I still feel this blog design can be made more exciting and I need to work on the same.

My readers many a times told me that I have got skills in blogging and analysis. And as a part of my blogging exercise I have acquired skills of choosing themes as well and currently I am in the lookout of perfecting the same.

So I request my readers to visit the following blogs of mine

1. The Male Factor

2. Timepass

and let me know how do they think I need to improve on my theme based on the subject I deal with in each blog.

Many thanks for visiting my blog and being in touch. Do drop your blog url and I will pay you a visit soon. Let’s build our own community.


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