When I had pimples

Teenage is the time when one thinks big. I was not an exception too. The sudden growth in size, a broken voice, hair in some intricate parts of the body, a thin line of moustache are all the characteristics that told me loudly that I was reaching adulthood. The girls seemed most beautiful during that time, many of them had taken my dreams away or have become my dreams forever. The first crush and a new way to look at life all came together. But it was not at all rosy. Alongwith all these good factors came the nightmare of pimples.

It was depressing

It was terrible. I used to pray everyday…”Oh my god, please make me big enough to get rid of those.” But it felt as if I was not growing fast enough. They kept coming, coming and coming.. I tried many different remedies but nothing was permanent. When they appeared, the face used to look bad, when they were gone, they used to leave permanent marks on the face reminding me everyday that how many golden opportunities I had missed. How many girls just went away or turned a blind eye to me because I had them. I wished those girls didn’t meet me on those fateful days, but then my god was not very happy with me. Those pimples ruined my teenage. The golden age that gave me first feelings of a grown up man also shrunk me to a toddler as they appeared. I used to hate my life and that was real identity crisis for me.

Fourteen to Eighteen was the age when they created havoc in my life. These were my school leaving years and a few years into the college. When those golden years have gone by, I was left remembering about the days and the chances I missed.

I wished I had long hair or I wore scurf or were smart enough to handle the situation. I was not that lucky. My friends used to tell me that I were committing some sin and the pimples were the outcome. It was so frustrating.

Covered my face with both hands
I used to cover my face with both palms

I used to occupy the last row covering my face with both palms so that no one notices my pimples. I was having low confidence and became a permanent introvert. Some of my friends could carry over the situation well. They were bold, they were straightforward and they succeeded. Since I became timid and calm person no one used to bother me much. That was a saving grace for me. At least I was spared. But that was damaging for my entire life. Slowly I accepted that timid and uneventful lifestyle. My parents were happy because they had a good son, my friends were happy as I was not a competition for them but I was not happy because I knew I was losing opportunities in life.

The thought of pimples occupied most of my mind. My social life degraded, so was my educational life and later I realized that my introvert nature thus developed ruined my career prospects, too. In fact I grew up as an unconfident guy who was scared to meet people.  That had impacted my professional life as well.

It was not that I did not knew at that time that neem or haldi  are good for face cleansing, but I did not have the time to make paste of them and use that. Moreover, such household remedy for beauty solution was to be used by girls only and not the boys. So gradually I stopped thinking about them.

Garnier Pure ActiveNow I came to know that Garnier has come up with a solution to this problem. Their Pure Active Neem Face Wash battles with pimples and removes them completely. I wish I had these in my teens when I needed them the most.


Source of the images – 1, 2, 3


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