Relocating to Bangalore Quickr

So are you planning to Bangalore? Now your logistics and other relocation related issues can be handled easily by one website,

The only reason this website come to my mind regarding relocating to any city within India is this website gives us a comprehensive solution to our relocation needs. To experience the same all you need to do is to create a login to the website using a very simple login process.

Quickr Login Screen

Once the location is selected then you can explore the services or offerings of that location through a simple yet attractively designed pictorial menu –

Quickr Menu

The best feature of this menu is even technically retarded people like my father can easily handle this without any problem. Since you are planning to relocate to Bangalore the first service you will look for is a logistics service provider to transport your goods from your current city of residence to Bangalore. As a Bangalorean I will recommend using because this site gives you more options of movers and packers than any other city. A quick glance at the logistics service provider listing for Bangalore city will tell you that you will be exploited for choice and hence will get a good bargain.

Quickr Bangalore Logistic Companies

Filter optionsPlease also note different filter options available to you on the left hand side of the screen to refine your search. This refinement of search results will enable you to find out the correct solution for you.

Once you identify your logistics service provider and become tension free from shifting your luggage to Bangalore, you may need to look for an accommodation in the city. Unless you have a confirmed accommodation from your new company (if you are shifting for a new job) or from your new college (for a college education), you need to finalize your accommodation before you come to Bangalore.

Quickr is again here to help you. The real estate section of the website will not only show you options for houses available on rent but if you wish to purchase any flat or house this can also give you options. Moreover, you will be able to find your desired flatmates through this site if you wish. Once you shift to Bangalore you may go for purchasing land through this website too.

Quickr Real Estate in Bangalore

Once you land up in Bangalore you will need a lot of other services. Being in a new city you may not be able to find them out easily. But Quickr solution will help you easily find these services too.

You will find the list exhaustive and you can choose any of the services listed on the page. Recently I wanted to pamper myself and thus searched for Spas in Bangalore. –

If you are coming to Bangalore in search of jobs or education Quickr will help you do the same as well. Their Education and Learning section and Jobs sections are well equipped to find you a solution for your need. Once you get a good job you may opt for buying other electronic appliances on this website.

Once you achieve all these and have sufficient means to survive in this new city you may as well choose a bride from this site and get settled. Well, you have options without marriage too. ;P


* Images from Quickr site


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