BOLT up, man

I am a very forgetful man. This nature of mine is a blessing in disguise. This helps me forget my painful past. However, life doesn’t tolerate such forgetfulness always. My boss reminds me that I need to do better in terms of remembering things. My friends joke about my memory often. They jokingly say that, I don’t drive a car because I may forget to pull the right gear or may be to apply the brake in time.

Saddened by the life’s cruel gifts, I had once decided to live smarter and overcome all my handicap. I had resorted to smart innovations. One such innovator friend gave me a simple idea that could help me remember things. He gave me a wrist band and asked me to wear the same to remember my goal for one day –

Wrist band

He suggested that when I wear this band, I will remember my goals for the day and once those were accomplished I could turn the band upside down to the other brighter side to have a feeling of my achievement. I was worried, that it would work properly though.

My memory, however is only one reason that so far prohibited me from driving a car. There are other reasons for me as well.

I am always restless, I am always in search of peace of mind. My anxious mind is never makes me feel safe for driving. I had tried yoga and meditation to calm down my mind and concentrate. Well, technology came to my rescue finally.

I came to know about a smart yoga mat that could guide me to my perfect yoga routine –

Concentration is another key element of driving and I have been trying hard to improve my concentration to start driving cars. Meditation was another way to develop better concentration.

But yoga started exhausting me and making my work difficult. I realized that the sleep I was losing to get up early for yoga was the reason for my physical and mental exhaustion. This was leading me to further frustration. Hence I recognized that I needed to sleep well to rejuvenate my body, mind and soul. One option was to go to bed early. But my neighbours used to sleep late and wake up early making it extremely difficult for me to have quality sleep.

Solution came through a set of smart earplugs that could eliminate outside noise and help me sleep even in a noisy place–

Once I could control my mind, have peace of mind and could overcome my forgetful nature to gain confidence in driving, I realized that driving in busy streets without proper entertainment would suck. Good music boosts up my energy. But I am very moody and do not like one type of music for a long time. I felt it was difficult for me to control the tracks or audio volume while driving. So, I have found another smart solution in a handglove that could control the audio system for me –

I was thrilled to see how I could probably gather different gadgets to overcome my difficulties. I gradually felt more confident on taking up a car. But investing in so many different products available outside India was difficult for me.

I was also concerned about road safety issues. Indian roads are better known for everyone breaking traffic rules and that posed a serious threat to my driving.

After exploring all these, I came to know that a solution to my problem exists today as the Tata group is set to launch their new car in a premium hatchback category. I came to know about five amazing features of this car that could resolve my issues –

  1. Auto door lock whenever the speed reaches > 10 KM / hr – This feature enables the car door to be locked whenever the car reaches a speed of 10 km per hour. My tension of carrying children and forgetting to lock the doors properly was over when I came to know about this feature. I felt that even if I forgot my car would remember to lock the doors when needed. It was a great relief for me to find that the makers had indeed taken care of the safety of forgetful people like me.
  2. Corner stability control – If I ever drive this car and lose control while driving, this system designed by BOSCH will control the car and its stability. One of the reasons for high accidents in India is our vehicles losing control while turning in busy city road. This feature will ensure safety for the novice drivers like me. I felt it would help reducing bad issues of my lack of concentration.
  3. Advanced voice command recognition enabled infotainment system – This car comes with a HARMAN infotainment system that can recognize voice and can operate through smart devices. It’s 8 speakers give stereophonic experience to the occupants of the car. Since this is voice controlled my tension of frequently changing the soundtracks and losing concentration on driving was gone –

  1. Door unlock and Fuel cut off during impact – This car automatically unlocks its doors and cuts off its fuel supply to the engine on any impact thus making it safer. Another reason to have peace of mind while driving this.
  2. Turbocharged petrol engine with Multi-drive experience – Last but a very important feature of this car is that it is fitted with a turbo charged petrol engine with driving in three different modes – Sports, Eco and City. Sports mode gives more power to the engine and help it reach a top speed, the Eco mode makes it run in most fuel efficient way and the city mode gives the normal city traffic experience.

I felt like this car was made keeping my requirements in mind.  To all those who are feeling like buying a new car, I will say that if I feel at ease to drive this one, then the BOLT will definitely change your car experience. I will say –

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BOLT up man



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