The litterbug

The litterbug
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She spits on the street, she litters the wall!

She can spit on your face on your FB wall!!

The waste from her house is thrown on the street!

So that flies can have their daily treat!!

Children learn these as they see this everyday!

They litter the places as they are told – Daag Acche Hain!!

Some people litter, some just observe!

As if this is the world we all deserve!!

Throwing empty cans or the banana skin out-

Is a regular habit on our travel or whenever we go out!!

Highways and railway tracks are great litter bins!

The litter lies there and no one ever cleans!!

All these habits are well known to all!

That is why we need a Swachh Bharat call!!

Do not throw litter to any place you like!

Keep your place clean, else flies will strike!!

The litter that you throw will come to haunt you!

(But) then you can’t take back the litter that you threw!!

I wrote the above poem and sent that a friend of mine who was a litterbug. She wouldn’t agree that she was a litterbug and needed to amend her ways. Well I was decent enough to give her a good reason not to continue the way she behaved, but she wouldn’t budge.

She tried to defend her act by saying in India there are not enough dustbins so no one can keep from throwing their waste on streets. Moreover, she argued that if trash cans are kept in every street corner then this littering problem will go away.

So I have not said anything and kept mum. I hoped that she would learn the hard way someday and will stop littering around.

One day, we both were going to a market to shop for something. It was her birthday shopping and she was dressed to kill. The dress was given by her boyfriend who was not paying much attention to her. So she planned to teach him good lesson on her birthday by wearing his dress, and making him jealous by roaming around with me as a fake new boyfriend. She promised me good treat in a Chinese restaurant in return of my favour.

I always liked treats from women. After all why should we men pay always for women? Let us have some fun too.

I am always a fast walker and she is bit slower. The fact that I tend to walk faster even when a woman is with me, kept me single throughout. Probably that was a blessing in disguise as I never bothered to gift any dress to any one and then wonder if she had gone with someone else.

Her boyfriend had a shop in an area where there was a big shopping mall too. They never went to that shopping mall together as many of his friends would have caught them there. But she used to go there alone or with her family members.

But that day she decided to take me. We set the rules too, we will be close only when her boy friend’s shop arrives. Else we will keep distance. As a habit I was walking bit faster, little ahead of her. There was a turn after which the shop was situated within a distance of 100 meters. Our agreement was we will get closer after we walk 50 m farther from the turn. That was the distance maximum which he could see from his shop.

So I crossed the turn and walked ahead and heard a sound of something falling from above and my friend shouting at the top of her voice. When I turned back I saw her favourite dress all splashed with dirt and mud thrown from above. Probably they were sprucing up the garden in their balcony.

Embarrassed with the sudden downpour of love from the heaven, she ran towards her home quickly.

I immediately realized, she will never ever throw garbage from her balcony or litter everywhere.



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