New innovations from Asus will spoil me for choice

The new innovations from Asus will spoil me for choice. There are two awesome innovations I have come across and both have blown my mind off.

The first innovation is Asus All-in-one PC ET2040

This is a space saving desktop with following features –

  1. Built-in UPS that can have power backup for one hour
  2. Very fast and responsive processor
  3. Space saving design
  4. Innovative gesture control
  5. Complete connectivity with more efficient and expandable features

The sleek design and space saving feature of this gadget attracted me most.

Asus PC ET 2040

Source and more information on Asus PC ET2040

Backup Power

Now there is no tension of power outage and accidental unplugging by children. The data in PC can be still secured and not lost due to sudden power outage. The in-built battery feature is a new innovation in PC market that will make many geeks like me craving for this device.

Faster and Responsive

With Intel Pentium processor this PC makes working with video and images smooth. High definition videos can be edited very fast and 3-D games with high graphics will be more engaging.

Gesture Control

When I first saw this feature, I could not believe in my eyes. You can actually control this PC remotely without any remote control. Well, that is surely too much to ask for in a PC, but Asus has made it possible now.

Connectivity and Expandable feature

This PC has 3 USB 3.0 and 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 HDMI Output, 1 Audio jet, 1 RJ-45 point, 3-in-1 Card Reader for extensibility of the monitor and get a bigger screen that will make life easier for editing videos, pictures or while making presentations.   Also the USB 3.0 ports will help the user charge their mobile devices faster.

The second innovation that I came across is Asus Eee Book X205TA

This laptop from Asus comes with a following new innovations and features.

  1. Optimized battery life for all day computing (The company claims that the battery can give 12 hour web browsing / 13 Hour of music playing / 11 Hour of Video playing
  2. Compact and lightweight. Less that 1 KG weight of the laptop will definitely be easy for us to carry them over to places
  3. 1 Year licence for Microsoft 365
  4. 36% larger touchpad
  5. Quad core processor for smooth multitasking performance
  6. Ultra thin design (only 1.75 cm)
  7. Four colour options (Red, Blue, Golden and White)

Asus Eebook X205

Source and more information on Eee Book X 205 TA

The laptop specifications are

  • Intel Quad core processor
  • 4 cm HD glare
  • Intel Gen 7 Graphics
  • 2 GB DDR3 1600 RAM
  • 32 GB EMMC

My need and fulfilment

People say marketers create need in us. So a need that was nonexistent until yesterday, became a dying need today. Thanks to Asus, now I desire the PC that can be controlled for a distance using hand gesture.  As I am a blogger I definitely need a laptop for keeping my blog alive while on the go. When I came to know about such awesome innovations by Asus, now I want both of these. Oh god!! I am spoilt for choice by Asus.



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