Quickr Chat Nxt – now selling becomes easier

I came to know that C2C portal Quickr’s ( http://www.quikr.com/) chat facility has improved. In this new improved facility the website is giving us ability to track down all out conversations anonymously. I have earlier used their messaging facility but not the chat so am still not sure whether these features were there previously and if yes then what is the difference in Chat Nxt.

Since I was looking for a new experience, I thought of trying it out myself. I was trying to find out the coin sellers in Bangalore as I wanted to improve my collection. I found one seller selling his antique coin and decided to ping him online through Quickr chat –

Chat Nxt

After sending the query I knew that the person will reply once he is online so I went searching for some other product.

Turn on – One – Image upload

There is another unique feature in this chat that is a good add on to my chat. It is the addition of images of my products. One simple camera icon displayed at the bottom right corner of the chat window helps us upload images of the products we sell –

Chat Nxt with camera icon

The camera icon however only opens the images stored in my laptop

I felt there is a need to allow its users to upload images from Facebook, Picasa, Instagram or other account. Such facility is very critical when we try to chat from a device that does not have the required image. I am sure Quickr management will think about t.

Once my message was sent I have started waiting for the reply as I knew this chat takes time as both buyer and seller are not online at the same time.

One more point I have observed, the camera icon is not coming at the initial stage of chatting. Only after sending one message, the icon appears. I am not sure why this feature has such a constraint. I will ideally feel it is better to have the image sharing icon from the beginning of the chat message.

Turn on – Two – Reply in leisure

I feel this feature of chatting is unique in a way as this gives the seller and buyers to keep their privacy while they sell their personal belongings.

But chatting compared to calling on someone’s mobile is not a very lucrative option for me. But when the time availability for both the persons at same point in time is a question then chatting becomes convenient. In my experience of selling online I have found that many a times prospective buyers call me at odd hours or when I a busy. But this chat facility gives me the flexibility to decide on a deal. Since this activity can be taken at my own leisure I am happy using this facility.

This facility helps me to filter spam mails or interactions and save precious time. Earlier I used to send mails to my prospective buyer for selling my products, today chat has given me the facility to be more interactive in my dealings with others. This also helps both parties in seeking and giving out more information about the product.

Turn on: Three – Chat History

Now accessing chat history and retrieving any previous chat information has become very easy.

All these chat messages are easily accessible in My Chats NXT section

My Chat NXT

In case of follow up with any seller or buyer, it is easy when one has all the chats listed like this.

In short, this chat facility from www.quickr.com  will relieve a lot of pain from every online buyer or seller. I am happy that Quickr is looking into our convenience and making their portal more user friendly.


*All images from Quickr


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