Teaching self reliance – my mother’s way

I have come across a commercial of HDFC life.

This ad shows the contribution of positive role models in our lives. The role models who teach us how to live for future actually show us a way to win our daily battle of life. These role models may be from our personal life or from our social life.

When I saw this ad I remembered the positive role model from my family who taught me some basic lessons in life that has enabled me to live alone after so many years. She is no one else but my mom who taught me some basic lessons during my school days.

She believed that anyone needs to have some basic skills to live. So she taught me to cook rotis and some other Bengali staple food that will help me cook my own food when I live alone. I didn’t understand the importance of these skills but I was happy to help my mother at that tender age. My mother taught me to make other Bengali delicacies like Pithe.

Pithe is a Bengali delicacy that modern Bengali families can not cook in their homes and they are deprived of the taste for their life. Only some families that have their food from outside restaurants enjoy this delicacy nowadays. This dish needs some extensive preparation and for one days dinner a preparation of the entire day is needed. Because of this extensive preparation needs no modern family prepares these at home. I am one of those few fortunate people who can prepare this at home with the help of another person. I do not venture to prepare this alone because there is no fun in enjoying one’s food alone.

My cooking skills helped me in my personal life to a great extent.

When I was in Hyderabad far away from my home town Kolkata I have undergone divorce. Suddenly I became alone in my life. But I had the habit of cooking some food even after marriage as I used to believe in helping my wife in household chores. I did understand that women need help from their husbands in household chores. That also helped me to be in touch with my cooking skills learnt long back in childhood.

Since I was working in shifts it was easy for me to cook my meal during my stay at home and I was saved the pain of eating outside food and thus falling sick. This was really a great saving for my wallet too. My mother stopped worrying about me because she knew I was enabled to cook my food and eat a healthy diet.

At times when I used to think of eating some exclusive Bengali delicacies I have always resorted to internet and my mother. Even today I call up my mother when I want to cook anything special. She helps me over phone. I really don’t care where I land up in my life. I always have some skill to help me feed myself. Today, I am not afraid to travel to other countries as I know that even if I can’t eat their food, I will always be able to cook my own food and feed myself.

I really want to say, I love you mom for teaching me the basic cooking skills. It really helps. And I feel all boys should learn this in their childhood so that they stop depending on outside food at a later part in their lives.



Better car with Quickr NXT

Exchanging our cars for a better one has become easier with Quickr Chat NXT. I will do this in three simple steps –

1. Login and select the Car section

Quickr has made it really simply for us. We just need login to their website and we are given easy menu options to choose from. The user friendly design of the menu makes it possible for us to choose our option from.

Quickr menu

Once we open the menu the options of cars are listed in an easily identifiable manner –

Cars and Bikes

For me, first important step is to do a good market survey and select the car that is best suitable for me. There are so many cars listed on Quickr I first need to do good research before I zero in on a particular brand or made.

This market survey will enable me to understand whether anything is available in the market of my choice and within my budget.

2. Post an ad to exchange car

In next step I will post an photo an ad of my car with exchange price that I have decided after market survey. My ad will be listed among other ads like this –

Post car ad on Quickr

There are two options for posting an ad. Either premium or non premium. I will post a non premium ad and will give it to my luck as I am also going to explore different others’ posts. Since Quickr has introduced new Chat facility and prospective buyers can send chat messages to us and we can reply in leisure I will depend on that facility for the buyers to get in touch with me.

3. Search for exchange car ads

After posting my ad and waiting for other buyers to get in touch with me, I will also search for others’ posts for exchange –

Car exchange on Quickr

Since this search option gives me specific car listings for exchange I will have focused results that can help me. Other than this Quickr also have option of recommended buyer specific cars based on our search criteria like brand, make and price.

Cars recommended on Quickr

So these options will give me good chance of selecting the rights car and contacting the prospective buyer / seller through different media. I will prefer chat as that will enable us to contact at our own convenience.

I somehow still prefer my laptop over mobile but it is also important for us to stay connected all the time. So I will download the Quickr mobile app on my smartphone so that I can chat to fix a deal.

I will first understand different details before I proceed. Chat facility enables us to keep the chat history and cross check each features with different sellers. Since all our chat history is saved by the website that gives us flexibility of operation. Otherwise maintaining details in such a manner is difficult in our fast life today.

I am hopeful that I will get the best deal from http://www.quikr.com/ if I select my car this way.


The world recreated

The Human Machine
The Human Machine. Man, woman with child and the junk created by them. Artist unknown

It was a heavenly dream. Heavenly indeed but the burden was heavy. But it was all chosen by the almighty. He came in my dreams and told me that I were so displeased with the present world then let me create my own world and be happy. He promised to help me in this endeavour and I was obliged.

Human being has become rather mechanical today. There is hardly anything human left in us. We have just become as mechanised as robots in our modern lives –

Under the influence of highly mechanised life we are losing the very essence of life and creating junk in the society. The nature and the environment has become polluted like never before and the natural resources are being plundered by a powerful few.

Sun is constantly delivering us energy for sustaining our life and run our highly powered industry. These natural resources including the energy from natural sources were used to our advantage and this was supposed to bring progress for mankind. But only a few of them today control these natural resources and went ahead of others. Those who have been left behind are ready to be caged again, under slavery of consumerism and capitalism.

The Mechanical World
The mechanical world

But the challenge of remaking the world is difficult to accept. When the creator had created us he didn’t intend to create a world full of hatred, crime and nepotism. But we ended up here. Probably this is the reason we need to keep building and rebuilding the world from time to time.

When I recreate the world my primary objective will be to free up the caged human being, to instil confidence in love, relationships and humanity. This will ensure that we live in a better world that is inclusive of all in its development.

First major change I want to do is in the education system. Today’s education has become a political agenda. Political leaders teach their own political ideology through our textbooks while the other parts of the world progresses rapidly. The technology is capable enough to bridge the gap but there is lack of political will. With advent of internet there should be no barrier left in education. A child from a remote Indian village should get the best education that other children in world’s leading education hubs get. Even the teachers and students need not be together at one place. Our classrooms can be as wide as the globe. In my world, the first thing I will achieve is no barrier to education so that no one can control our education which is the foundation of our civilisation.

In my world as I make education a free choice of the individual it will automatically take care of one’s ability to perform in creating resources. In my world it will not be based on job as we see today, but it will based on resource creation so that society as a whole benefits. So the education provided to the children should cater to the need to resource creation. This will be easily achieved as the education system will be as fluid as water. Its ever changing shape and ever enriching global value will enable individuals in being resourceful and worth contributing to the society.

No matter what we do in our life, we all will decompose in nature. So being with nature is of utmost importance no matter what we create. Thus my world will have natural sources of energy and abundant material to tap those natural sources. I read a blog that spoke about innovation like tree leaves having power to create solar energy. But they are already creating our food. If the tree leaves are changed and trees stop creating those awesome tasty fruits for us, we will not even be able to live on earth. I will probably give extra power to tree leaves once they are dried and dead. At least then these leaves will be useful even after their natural death. We will have our houses hatched with these leaves for generating energy. Rainwater harvesting will be a must in my world. Yes, probably I can not think of any alternative to water. So there is no way but to conserve water.

In my world there will be no place for the evil. But how do I eradicate evil? Criminal mind is everywhere and it is existent from immemorial past. Even Maa Durga had to kill Mahisasura and that is symbolic of win of good over evil. So I don’t perceive to create a world without the evil. So I will empower humans with a unique sixth sense that will ensure that they don’t fall prey to the evil easily. Women claim to have this sixth sense and I will just strengthen that sense in good humans. However, at the same time for the people with evil intentions this sense will be paralysed. So they will not get the help of this extra power and hence they will always lose.

I will thus create a world with empowered human beings. Here human beings will be able to save themselves from the evil. Where nature will be conserved automatically and where human beings will be freed up from the shackles of cruelty.

Taking inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore, I want to summarise my world as–

Where the mind is fearless and the head is held high!

Where the knowledge is free and where no barrier is so high

That it can divide the mankind in anyway!!

Where we are true to our words –

And as free as the flying birds!

Where our creativity knows no bounds

And our imagination gets wings to fly away!!

Where the human doesn’t become a machine,

And can retain the human gene,

With his creativity as the only giveaway!!

Where the nature is worshiped

And is valued rather than being whipped;

and the earth becomes our home and we do not need to run away!!

In my world imagination will fly high!

In my world no river will run dry!!

In my world the evil will ever die!

In my world the honest will never cry!!

Oh my Lord! I know you are the creator!

In no way I wanna be your competitor!!

Only if you give me a chance to recreate the world my way!

I will unshackle the life and let it never fade away!!


My befikar life

In the quest of being befikar (unfazed) what can you do? How do you want to lead an unfazed life? IDBI Federal lifesurance tries to find an answer to this. In this video commercial they have shown how a family of three generations have different worries for different age group members but how the insurance takes care of their worries –

For me, an unfazed or befikar or more bindaas life will essentially start with the following –

1. Leave the job – After all who wants to work? We all need to work as we have different needs for us. Even if I don’t show too much of greed, I do need food, clothing and a roof on my head. These are the basic needs of any human life. But in modern day to day life we also have become addicted to so many other things, mobile, electricity, internet, TV..and I have just named a few. More we get more we become addicted to new things. Marketing companies create new needs time and again. They sell more products to us even when we don’t need them. In this world of consumerism it is very difficult to think only about the basic needs and thus we can’t stop working until we die.

But when I think of a befikar life, I only think of getting rid the drudgery of our daily work. Let my everyday be different. To achieve that, first thing I will need is to leave my job that is feeding me today.

2. Eat to my heart’s desire – It is a well known fact that those who earn more actually eat less. Some are forced to eat less, some in order to maintain their health eat less, some others simply don’t have enough appetite. With increasing age we get never ending alert that we need to eat less and eat only certain types of food to avoid ailments. I am a foodie and I love experimenting with food, trying out different things. I pity vegetarians who are missing more than 50% of world’s delicacies. Even by being a non vegetarian I couldn’t so far taste all different delicacies from around the world. I don’t want to restrict my choice any more. I want to eat, eat and eat…oh I am aging and doctors are putting so many restrictions to my eating. But my bindaas life can not have such restrictions. So I need to eat and still not fall sick.

3. Travel far and wide – A befikar life is an amazing life that is envied by all. To complete this cycle I need to travel far and wide and explore this beautiful world before my life comes to an abrupt end. Well, that is inevitable and that is the reason I want to travel to places and explore the world and know other’s culture, heritage and contribution to our mankind. The expenses should not be any constraint.

4. Protest more against malpractices – Safety is a basic need for any human being. Our safety needs can be met only to some extent by the govt. machinery and our alertness. This safety can be divided into two parts. One, medical safety for today and for future and two, physical safety from miscreants. Only when I am befikar about safety I will be able to express my opinion freely or protest against malpractices.My social work will get steam with fulfillment of my safety concerns.

5. Have bindaas creativity displayed – Creativity is in my genes. I am sure most of the other bloggers are creative too. But there are other creative work as well. For example, photography, painting, music, dance, different art form. Today, I have so much inhibitions and time constraint as my creativity may not be valued high in the market. I am forced to do what I am doing today because I want to stay alive and have a decent life. But when I am befikar about life, I will indulge in complete creative work, be it cooking, painting or writing poems.


Bangalore Indi-meet with Asus

I took early leave that day. This time Indiblogger scheduled the meet in the evening at 5:30 pm. We have strict instruction that we should reach there in time. I was little late. Reached after 6:00 pm but that proved to be in time. In fact when I reached there, bloggers were still coming in.

The program started at 6:30 pm with a rock performance. It was good to see Anoop as the host. Initially I thought Indiblogger maestro Renie didn’t come but later someone else showed him. He was taking a step back when Anoop was taking control of the centre stage.

As soon as the performance started we were asked to stand up and cheer the band and come closer to the dias. Well it was part of the cheering up the crowd. Little bit of other warm ups tuned the audience to the tempo of the meet. The tempo was set in a very high note.

After the initial warm up Asus Project manager David Chu told us about the two main products Asus was running marketing campaign for, the Asus Eee book and all in one PC ET2040. Before going to the meet we were asked to write about the Asus products in another contest and while writing for that contest I became very interested in both new innovations from Asus. It was indeed a great experience to learn about these products from the company’s Project Manager and PR manager.

Then came a brief blogger interaction session where bloggers were asked to meet other bloggers from the city and collect their personal items. Well, as I didn’t carry anything there I was not sure what to give to other bloggers when we meet. Women were lucky in that aspect as they always carry one bag and always have something or the other to give away.

Things bloggers have collected ranged from Pencil to Spectacles. Someone got a piece of ginger, someone else got handkerchief. When the excitement was building up and when people were interacting other bloggers from the city they did try to collude between themselves in order to get vouchers. For example when one blogger claimed that he had got a mobile, no one believed him. Everyone knew that he had colluded with the other blogger.

After that we were asked to visit the Asus arena where the two products were kept. This gave us first hand exposure to the products. I was very interested to see the hand gesture feature of Asus PC but initially when we were trying we were not successful. Then Asus manager David came and demonstrated the feature to us. Well I must say that they need to improve this feature as I was not that impressed by this.

Their Eeebook was another excitement and I am still wondering how they could manufacture something so light (it is less than one KG).

We were asked to tweet about our experience of Asus arena and this is what I had tweeted –

It was around 9 pm when Anoop came up with another team game for bloggers. He divided all the attendees into five groups and then gave them some topics to perform from bloggers perspective. Our task was to show the importance of blogging in a music video format.

The team was innovative and was quick to write a song on blogging that we performed. Well danced it out somehow.

Around 9:30 we went for dinner. Dinner was simple menu and was delicious. We headed for our homes at 10 pm. I was wondering how would bloggers from outside Banaglore safely reach their destinations? Many of them had to catch cabs to their destinations.

In the end we have taken a group photo of all bloggers.

Overall I felt that the meet was little lengthy. Bloggers introduction was innovative but the overall program was little stretched. Many bloggers who came from outside Bangalore had to take one day off for this meet. I hope next time Indi team organizes such events on weekends.


When social is global is mobile

Ever since social media has gained prominence in our life we have suddenly become global and it happened in each of our life. Our connections increased like never before and we suddenly became exposed to a whole world that follows us every single moment in our life.

Before the advent of social media, when we used to be connected with others over emails I never realized our momentary life will become so important that one day we will be busy sharing every moment of our life on social media rather than getting actually involved with the society. When we look around in a bus station or busy railway station we find that young generation hooked to their mobile phones rather than with each other.

No wonder why this social media has made us increasingly lonely and diverted from the society. Rather than knowing someone at personal level we are busy knowing him through the lenses of social media. It is good in some way as we get 360 degree view (probably, as we get to know about what others think about that person) and can make our decisions better. But in most of such cases when everyone is connected only through online media what is the guarantee that they know the real person in real terms?

The danger lies when we try to form opinion about the other person based on his / her social presence. The real person may turn to be completely different. It is because social media can create hallucination about one person, fake social profiles can create havoc in everyone’s life and we have many examples of that.

Social media today has many merits and demerits. It can create enormous awareness about certain issues, it can also create and spread rumours easily. It has also become easy tool for exploitation of people. A group of people otherwise connected can create false notion about any topic on social media. That is how any blog can go viral easily or a social issue can become overly important to all.

With so much of information flowing in from all quarters our social bonding increases to a level that we couldn’t imagine before. Now the number of persons directly known to us has become less compared to persons known only in the virtual world. And our neighbourhood has just become global. The neighbour next door is no different from a neighbour thousands of miles away. In today’s increasingly social life (?) we don’t meet both in person. We just know each other in social networking sites.

But the requirement today is being mobile and being social at the same time. We have less time out for our social life and hence it is important that we are social at all points in time even when we are travelling.

So it does not matter whether I recognize this change in my surrounding, I will eventually be changed by this changing circumstances. Hence, I have no option but to adhere to changing social norms and be upwardly mobile and globally social.

I am also deeply impacted by this change. Even though I prefer my laptop to login to social networking but that is because I do blogging. For checking other social networks I only use by mobile. It was unthinkable for me even sometime ago but technology has made me more mobile and more acceptable to this new social norm. My mobile helps me connect with all my friends throughout the day. I purposefully switch off my mobile at night to have my piece of peace and stay out of the 24X7 public glare. Even though I can’t omit mobile devices for being social but I promised to myself that I will never become a slave to this globally social madness.


The touch

The aircraft landed at 10 am. Varun hurried towards belt number 6 to collect their luggage. RIni followed him. It had been a long twelve hours journey from Frankfurt with one stopover. They were really tired. More than physical tiredness the couple was busy in a mental game. This was not against each other but against an unseen danger, unforeseen future. Today they realize that a life can change in a moment.

They took one pre-paid AC cab from airport. They wanted to travel to their home peacefully. The driver was a Punjabi who also spoke English. None of them were talking to each other. They were only playing the game. Some abstract calculations about some possible arguments, past incidents, possible punishments etc. Rini’s sister-in-law Namrata had just filed a rape case against her 75 year old father and also accused Rini and Varun as accomplices. Complaint is, when they came to Kolkata in last year’s puja they demanded more dowry from her and on not bringing the money they all raped her. RIni’s brother and her parents are already in jail. Now it is the turn of Varun. He couldn’t stay overseas as in that case a red corner notice would have been issued against him. The court was kind enough to give them time to surrender before the court. Their lawyer suggested to cooperate with the legal proceedings else the court could take stern action against them.

Indian rape laws have really become very stringent now.

The driver asked them which route they wanted him to take to go to Garia. They preferred the route via New Town. Approach towards VIP might be clogged.

They sat in two corners of the cab. The Sedan was spacious enough to leave a good space between them. Even RIni and Varun were not having a blissful marital life. Many a times the couple fought and a few times Rini had threatened to file dowry harassment case against him.

She never realized that the god has very little patience nowadays. As the cab whizzed past the IT parks and upcoming flat complexes in New Town, Rini’s mind was stormed by many little things. She needed someone to stay by her. But by constantly fighting with Varun she had lost his trust completely. She doesn’t know how to face this situation. She is a tough girl, she considers herself equal to Varun but at this time she wants to cry, she wants to cry hiding her face in Varun’s chest. She was playing with her bag’s handle to overcome this discomfort.

Varun was looking outside the window. He was thinking of his job, career and about his family. He never knew everything might turn upside down like this. Sometimes he becomes afraid of RIni as well. He is not able to buy his own flat because Rini threatened to file dowry harassment charges against him. He was initially happy that Rini’s family got such a case at least they would treat him properly. But by dragging him into the mud Namrata had proved women really could do anything to take revenge. His trust on women was completely lost. The more women take advantage of their being women, more they reduce their identity to their genitals. As if they have nothing else to show.

Varun was completely disgusted with the whole episode of dowry harassment, rape charge and the story surrounding it. No evidence, only based on her verbal statement so many people are facing jail term. Senior citizens are dragged to jail for a crime they had never committed. He felt that terrorists get better treatment in India. At least Supreme Court had said that “bail is the norm” while releasing one such terrorist.

When Arnesh Kumar judgement came and SC told police to stop automatic arrest, everyone was happy that Namrata would not be able to send them to jail. But they did not understand that SC did not say anything new. It had just reiterated the legal process that was existing and that should have been followed for so many years but was not followed.

He was angry on RIni more than he was on Namrata. It was because of Rini he was in this situation today. So far Rini had been threatening to file dowry case on him whenever they had fight, now that she got a case on her, Varun was also dragged in. He felt cheated by her entire family.

The cab reached Science City. So far the road was clean, free of traffic. He felt a soft touch on his right palm. It was Rini. She wanted to hold his palm. Thinking it was by mistake he took his hand away. He looked outside again. This area had more traffic and gradually the traffic is increased. A lot of good hospitals came up in this area. The cab was at Ruby hospital crossing. They are trying to rename the crossing as Desun more. Varun saw those huge ads of Desun hospital.

“I am sorry” It was Rini.

Varun knew it was told to him but didn’t feel like responding. Rini never thought twice when she threatened to file such cases on him. He knew that she wanted to dominate him in their relationship, so she had threatened repeatedly. Sometime she had threatened to commit suicide too. Varun was disgusted with her but he was stuck in a bad relationship.

“I said, I am sorry”, RIni said again.

“Sorry for what, RIni”, Varun tried to keep calm and pretend as if it was normal for him.

“That you are undergoing this because of me”

“So what do I do? Is there any way out?” Varun was irritated this time. He knew her sorry was only for a few minutes or may be a few days or till this situation lasted.

She went into silence again. She didn’t know how to resolve the situation. She felt like crying out loud. She felt like shouting at the top of her voice and let the world know that she threatened Varun many a times with these cases as she wanted to control him. She didn’t like him growing in his career, she didn’t like him being so handsome, she didn’t like Varun thinking of anything else other than her. She was exclusively for Varun, so she wanted to be in his focus always. Whenever Varun showed some other traits, she quarreled with him and ultimately she threatened to file dowry case each time. But she always knew deep in her mind that she would never want to lose him, she would never file such cases against him. She only wanted to control him.

To her, threatening to file such cases, was her biggest sense of equality. She wanted to show to the world all the time that she was not inferior to Varun but equal to him. She wanted to force Varun to respect her and she knew that respect comes from fear. So she created a situation of fear in his life. But now she realized this situation of fear had taken Varun away from her. Their sex life deteriorated, their happiness went away and now with such cases filed against her in reality, she was once again let down by another woman. She was once again proved to be less equal to Varun because now she needed his help, his support, she needed to cry. Her eyes got moistened, she desperately tried to control her tears. She couldn’t do any of those she desperately tried to do. She was an empowered lady, how could she seek help from a person she had always tried to show her supremacy in order to prove equality.

Varun looked at her in askance. She was looking outside, probably fighting an intense battle inside. He always wanted his relationship to work. He always believed that there was nothing like a happy relationship. Money can’t buy happiness. Money can’t buy a good relationship. He realized that Rini understood his value in her life. He understood that Rini wanted support in her bad times and probably she wanted to repent for her behaviour so far. He felt that she needed him the most and he just couldn’t turn away from the situation. He slowly put his hand on her left palm and pressed it firmly just to show that he is there for her. He was always there and will always be there for her. She couldn’t stop her this time. She broke down in his arms. She dragged him towards her, held herself tight in his chest and started crying out loud. She was unstoppable.

“Sir, we have reached Garia”; the driver said.

Don’t forget the importance of touch in your busy schedule. Sometime a simple touch can be the wackiest expression for I Love You. You don’t actually need to say those words.


Breaking the law of love – how did I get it right the first time

[Caution – Craziest acts described. Don’t try these without expert help]

Gone are the days when men and women were content with the traditional expressions of love. As the roles have changed and women became more experimental in love matters they have just gone crazier. It was difficult for me to arrest her in her wilderness in a wild manner that defied all traditional ways of love making or proposing to one’s sweetheart.

I have never believed in Valentine’s Day. I always felt that for true lovers any day can be a Valentine’s day.  Also anything done on V-day loses its charm because there is no suspense, there is no unexpected outcome.

So I have chosen a normal time of year when normally Indians will get long weekend or some holidays. It was her birthday, so I have presented her with a smartwatch that could help her in physical workout. She was a freak adventure traveller and conscious about her workout schedule. She had ambition of being a marathon runner one day and I promised that the watch would help her achieve all that. It is needless to mention that she liked the gift presented to her on her birthday.

I chose a three day long weekend and we went out on a long drive from Bangalore. The plan was we will drive down to Coorg and stay in their farm house for one day and will come back. While staying in the farm house we would go out on a trek to nearby places.

It was nice chilly Sunday morning when we both were set out on a trek in Coorg vallies. We reached a deserted place and we felt thirsty. Water that we were carrying was limited and there was only some of it was left. When I took out the bottle I offered both of us knew that only one could drink the left out in the bottle then. I offered it to her. I told I would manage for some time and would drink from a nearby stream.

When we reached near the stream, the stream was bursting in water. As it was rainy season the water was all muddy and dirty. We both felt sad and she was worried that I wanted to drink that water. I could understand that from her expressions. She said –

“No, don’t drink this water Partha, you will surely have diarrhoea”

“No, I will”, I said and added “today I want to tell you something”

“What?” She was worried.

“I love you so much, that even if I drink poison from your hand, I will not die. This is nothing”

She was spellbound.

I smartly went near the stream, smartly took out my water bottle from the bag, filled it with water and drank the whole of it. I stored some water in my bottle for our next course of travel.

She was looking at me with glaring eyes. She couldn’t believe, I would drink the muddy water.

She started shouting “I told you not to drink that water and how could you drink like that? If anything happens to you tomorrow, don’t blame me ever.“  She started walking fast towards their home. She probably thought I would be a corpse soon.

I peacefully followed her and said – “So honey, if nothing happens to me after drinking this water, will you marry me? “

“What nonsense? Don’t be in fools’ paradise, we need to go to doctor fast”.

I firmly refused to go to a doctor until I prove in one day that nothing happened to me even after drinking the muddy water. In the meantime I drank more from that filthy water. She was visibly at her wits end not sure how to react.

Next morning she came running as soon as she woke up. “How are you Partha?” she asked. I was all smiles and playful in my attitude. I told you, you love me and nothing will happen to me. Now accept my proposal without delay, because our love had made it possible.

She still didn’t believe that nothing happened to me. She refused to relent. She told, no we will wait for some more time.

That day had passed and gradually one more day had also passed when we came back to Bangalore. She was shocked that nothing happened to me even within three days. She started believing my theory that our love was so strong that even if anyone of us drink poison from the other, we will not die.

She called me on third day of reaching Bangalore and said – “Honey can we meet?”

“Why what do you want”, I said.

“Nothing, just want to meet”, she said.

We met at the usual location. The moment we met, she hugged me tight without saying a word. But her silence spoke thousand words.

My proposal to her was impromptu, but affected where it needed to strike.


Now I will reveal the secret of my trick only to my readers. What I did to propose her was well planned one that she couldn’t understand. Gifting her a smart watch on the pretext of helping her in workouts, taking her to a long drive to Coorg and then drinking the muddy water from a running wild river was all planned. These were possible because a geeky fellow like me knew some cool tricks to perform those stunts.

Mio smart wrist watches
Image from – http://www.mioglobal.com

The wrist watch that I have gifted to her was from Mioglobal fitted with one app called pplkpr and that app was also loaded on my mobile. I have connected my mobile app with her device. This app had a special feature of recognizing and analyzing emotions of the person wearing the watch and could tell precisely what the person was feeling when she met anyone. That way it was easy for me to know her emotions on the go and when she was interacting with other people around us. Before the long drive I knew I was the only person that made her happy, elated and even a few days of staying away from each other, made her sad. All because the app was giving me the information. Here’s more about the app –

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/116957464]

Also the water bottled I used to fill water and drink was not an ordinary water bottle. It was fitted with a LifeStraw that can filter even the dirtiest water into potable water. Poor African schools are already using this for their children.

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Al image source Lifestraw website

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