Breaking the law of love – how did I get it right the first time

[Caution – Craziest acts described. Don’t try these without expert help]

Gone are the days when men and women were content with the traditional expressions of love. As the roles have changed and women became more experimental in love matters they have just gone crazier. It was difficult for me to arrest her in her wilderness in a wild manner that defied all traditional ways of love making or proposing to one’s sweetheart.

I have never believed in Valentine’s Day. I always felt that for true lovers any day can be a Valentine’s day.  Also anything done on V-day loses its charm because there is no suspense, there is no unexpected outcome.

So I have chosen a normal time of year when normally Indians will get long weekend or some holidays. It was her birthday, so I have presented her with a smartwatch that could help her in physical workout. She was a freak adventure traveller and conscious about her workout schedule. She had ambition of being a marathon runner one day and I promised that the watch would help her achieve all that. It is needless to mention that she liked the gift presented to her on her birthday.

I chose a three day long weekend and we went out on a long drive from Bangalore. The plan was we will drive down to Coorg and stay in their farm house for one day and will come back. While staying in the farm house we would go out on a trek to nearby places.

It was nice chilly Sunday morning when we both were set out on a trek in Coorg vallies. We reached a deserted place and we felt thirsty. Water that we were carrying was limited and there was only some of it was left. When I took out the bottle I offered both of us knew that only one could drink the left out in the bottle then. I offered it to her. I told I would manage for some time and would drink from a nearby stream.

When we reached near the stream, the stream was bursting in water. As it was rainy season the water was all muddy and dirty. We both felt sad and she was worried that I wanted to drink that water. I could understand that from her expressions. She said –

“No, don’t drink this water Partha, you will surely have diarrhoea”

“No, I will”, I said and added “today I want to tell you something”

“What?” She was worried.

“I love you so much, that even if I drink poison from your hand, I will not die. This is nothing”

She was spellbound.

I smartly went near the stream, smartly took out my water bottle from the bag, filled it with water and drank the whole of it. I stored some water in my bottle for our next course of travel.

She was looking at me with glaring eyes. She couldn’t believe, I would drink the muddy water.

She started shouting “I told you not to drink that water and how could you drink like that? If anything happens to you tomorrow, don’t blame me ever.“  She started walking fast towards their home. She probably thought I would be a corpse soon.

I peacefully followed her and said – “So honey, if nothing happens to me after drinking this water, will you marry me? “

“What nonsense? Don’t be in fools’ paradise, we need to go to doctor fast”.

I firmly refused to go to a doctor until I prove in one day that nothing happened to me even after drinking the muddy water. In the meantime I drank more from that filthy water. She was visibly at her wits end not sure how to react.

Next morning she came running as soon as she woke up. “How are you Partha?” she asked. I was all smiles and playful in my attitude. I told you, you love me and nothing will happen to me. Now accept my proposal without delay, because our love had made it possible.

She still didn’t believe that nothing happened to me. She refused to relent. She told, no we will wait for some more time.

That day had passed and gradually one more day had also passed when we came back to Bangalore. She was shocked that nothing happened to me even within three days. She started believing my theory that our love was so strong that even if anyone of us drink poison from the other, we will not die.

She called me on third day of reaching Bangalore and said – “Honey can we meet?”

“Why what do you want”, I said.

“Nothing, just want to meet”, she said.

We met at the usual location. The moment we met, she hugged me tight without saying a word. But her silence spoke thousand words.

My proposal to her was impromptu, but affected where it needed to strike.


Now I will reveal the secret of my trick only to my readers. What I did to propose her was well planned one that she couldn’t understand. Gifting her a smart watch on the pretext of helping her in workouts, taking her to a long drive to Coorg and then drinking the muddy water from a running wild river was all planned. These were possible because a geeky fellow like me knew some cool tricks to perform those stunts.

Mio smart wrist watches
Image from –

The wrist watch that I have gifted to her was from Mioglobal fitted with one app called pplkpr and that app was also loaded on my mobile. I have connected my mobile app with her device. This app had a special feature of recognizing and analyzing emotions of the person wearing the watch and could tell precisely what the person was feeling when she met anyone. That way it was easy for me to know her emotions on the go and when she was interacting with other people around us. Before the long drive I knew I was the only person that made her happy, elated and even a few days of staying away from each other, made her sad. All because the app was giving me the information. Here’s more about the app –


Also the water bottled I used to fill water and drink was not an ordinary water bottle. It was fitted with a LifeStraw that can filter even the dirtiest water into potable water. Poor African schools are already using this for their children.

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Al image source Lifestraw website

The romance and proposal making is redefined today. Try a new and crazy way of proposing to your love. After all at times you do need to show that you care in a different way. I was rewarded for Breaking the Law, what about you? Share your story here.



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